What Is The Best Franchise To Buy In The USA In The Current Time?

Anyone who’s launching a business is intimidated, especially in our current situation today—in the wake of a pandemic. Starting a business in the middle of a global crisis can be terrifying. The COVID-19 has caused immobilization and has greatly impacted many businesses from all over the world. However, should the current situation stop you from selecting the top franchises to buy in the USA? What is the best franchise to buy in the USA in the current time? And, what are the odds of launching a business right now?


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The truth is, as an entrepreneur, you must be willing to gamble and take risks. If you go to the extremes to test your limit, you’ll be rewarded with endless possibilities. There are tons of opportunities that await in buying a franchise in our current time. Remember, in franchising, the risks are always calculated, and the opportunities abundant, regardless of the situation.


Take advantage of the pivotal time for the workforce. It can be challenging, but it is worth it. Here is a list of the best franchises to buy in USA. You will also learn how each brand managed to resist the recession despite the global pandemic.


How to Find the Best Franchise?

If you want to get into the business industry, buy a franchise! This works best for people who have no prior business experience or still want to keep their day jobs. However, since hundreds of gym franchises are available in the market, how do you find the best franchise for you?

Here are the following steps to keep in mind when it comes to selecting a franchise to buy.

Step 1: Determine the total financial requirements.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the promising financial growth of a franchise business. Before signing a contract, look into the total financial requirement first. The rental deposit is one of the biggest additional expenses that are not often included in the brochures or mentioned on the franchise business’ information page. You must also secure a working capital that allows your business to operate until you can pick up sufficient sales.

Step 2. Define your exit strategy.

Your exit strategy is crucial before choosing a franchise to purchase. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most overlooked factors. For instance, if you’ve decided to franchise a gym, define your exit strategy first. Do you see yourself doing this business in the next five years? Is this franchise something you’d like to pass down to your heir? You must know your exit strategy. Some franchisors do not allow their franchisees to sell the business to others, while some business models that other franchisors offer are not scalable. Determining your exit strategy will help you to reconsider if this is the right franchise business for you.


Step 3. Determine how much involved you can be.

Your involvement in your franchise business can make or break your success. However, some franchisors recognize that others would like to maintain their day jobs and offer an in-house manager. Other franchisees become the full-time manager of the business to ensure success. Think about the days of the week you’re willing to put on some work. Most people prefer working day shifts on the weekdays, eliminating approximately two-thirds of the market’s available franchise opportunities.


Step 4. Do a background check of the management.

Make sure that you are investing your hard-earned money in the right company. That being said, check the integrity and competence of the management. If your franchisor has been involved in scandals or issues that show dishonesty or fraud, you could be their next victim. Talk to other franchise owners from the same brand. How are they treated? Are there any anomalies? Besides that, you might want to buy a franchise from a well-established company. Buying a franchise means you can get expert advice from the original owners in running a business. You can’t do that if the team is composed of rookies and newbies like you.


What are the Top 10 Best Franchises to Buy During the Pandemic?

What is the best franchise to buy in the USA in the current time? We have gathered a list of the best recession-proof franchises you can purchase in the USA during the pandemic. The following brands have proven to be resilient during a recession and increase success rates upon business operations.


1.  Special Strong Gym Franchise

Fitness enthusiasts will be swarming gyms after the quarantine. Rest assured that you’ll have a steady flow of income. By the time the world reopens again, your new gym will be packed with people of all ages. Not only that, many people are still looking for fitness centers during these times to shed off the “Quarantine 15”. More than ever, health and fitness have become a priority to most people who want to be saved from the deadly virus.


Special Strong is one of the top franchises to buy in the USA. They offer adaptive fitness classes for persons with mental and physical disabilities. This low-cost fitness franchise will not require you to open up a brick-and-mortar gym. It is flexible, allowing you to schedule at your own pace while growing your finances quickly. With a minimum royalty fee, you can keep up to 90% of your earnings. In these current times, make the most out of the demand for adaptive training to overcome the virus.


2.  7/11

The implementation of social distancing has demanded most of the citizens to stay at home. Since most of them couldn’t go outside to buy the essentials, 7/11 is strikingly thriving during the pandemic. The brand is known for providing necessities, go-to drinks and coffees, ready-to-eat food, and snacks. Brand recognition has tripled since the pandemic started, proving that this franchise can thrive in a worldwide recession.


With over 71,000 stores worldwide, 7/11 is the answer to the common question: what is the best franchise to buy in the USA in the current time?. The chain invested heavily in their workers’ safety and hygiene to keep the brand operating amid the pandemic. It also helps in keeping the customers safe when they buy or order food through third-party delivery services.


3.  Real Property Management

Many hotel establishments have closed their doors to the public due to the pandemic, so why venture into property management? Well, people nowadays feel safer having their “staycation” in a controlled environment AKA, a rental house. Hence, the demand for rental houses surged dramatically during the pandemic. Even in a post-pandemic situation, you can still expect customers and travelers who will flock from all over the world to celebrate their taste of freedom after being locked up for many months.


Real Property Management is best known for its recession-proof business models by continuously upgrading its comprehensive marketing and advertising. The brand is also known for its undefeatable communication, strict tenant screening, full-service leasing, regular inspections of the establishments, comprehensive accounting, rent collection, and adjustments to the rental rates based on the current state of the market. It was first established in 1986 and began franchising in 2004. As of today, Real Property Management has over 325 units, with 27 of them located outside of the USA.


4.  Subway

Let’s go back to the basic—food. Many fast-food brands have survived and are thriving more than ever throughout the pandemic during our current time. Food is a necessity. Hence, franchising a brand with quick service options and small footprints can provide plenty of solid income opportunities. Moreover, due to the closed dining rooms, fast-food chains have worked with different third-party delivery services to attract more customers. The food sector is undoubtedly a good franchise to purchase in times of pandemic.

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Meet Subway—one of America’s largest private fast-food restaurants and top franchises to buy. It offers submarine sandwiches and salads. The brand has been growing tremendously over recent years. It is also appealing to first-time business owners because of its affordable franchising free. Subway ensures the success of your business by offering regular seminars for interested franchisees. You can also talk to a Subway representative who will guide you step by step into opening your own Subway branch. It’s a good franchise business to invest in our current times due to its high demand—with or without the pandemic that restricts the people’s mobilization.


5.  AdvantaClean Systems

The work-from-home set up in our current times is no longer new to us. People work from the comfort of their homes. Facing the screen all day long can be tiring, and often, they do not have time to clean their homes to prevent the spread of the virus. Because of this setup, home service franchises surged in numbers through the pandemic. Home cleaning services are now essential that most Americans are willing to invest in. It offers a unique opportunity to meet and retain clients from all over the area.


AdvantaClean Systems was first established in 1994. It is best known for its model remediation and topwater restoration services. The brand ensures that its franchisees can grow their business by in-depth marketing and low maintenance cost of the business. Moreover, AdvantaClean Systems has one of the higher customer ratings in the home services industry. They are also known for their partnership with St. Jude that allows them to help their communities. Investing in AdvantaClean Systems is a great opportunity to boost and stabilize your revenue in times of pandemic.


6. Vanguard Cleaning Systems

What is the best franchise to buy in the USA in the current time? Sanitation and deep cleaning are now a priority amid the pandemic. Commercial cleaning services are frenzy, trying to respond to the long queue of business establishments waiting for their cleaning services. Businesses are now required to provide extra sanitation as part of the observation of virus cleanup. If you launch your franchise business today, you can guarantee a stable base of clients waiting for you. Customers will keep coming back for thorough cleaning jobs to help stop the virus’s spread and ensure their own customers’ safety. The commercial cleaning industry is predicted to continue thriving long-term even after the pandemic is over.


The Vanguard Cleaning Systems is widely known for its eco-friendly cleaning jobs. The brand only uses microfiber cloths and high-filtration vacuums with chemical dilution systems to minimize the environment’s effects. They are also the go-to services of many business owners if they want to improve their buildings’ indoor air quality and sanitation. Vanguard has topped the charts for low-cost franchises. With over 1,734 branches worldwide, this brand is a great start-up business if you want to guarantee success and a stable customer base.

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7.  Visiting Angels

The current pandemic has heightened the demand for in-home care providers for our seniors. Given that the seniors are the most vulnerable to the COVID-19, extra care and attention are required. Many families have decided to relocate their senior loved ones from home care facilities to their homes’ comfort for them to be safer. Senior care is now considered a necessity and, undoubtedly, a covid-proof starting business. This feel-good business is easy to start and would make you feel at peace, knowing you are helping other people. It’s a great business startup for people who love spending time with seniors and spend their golden years with dignity while making decent money.


In Visiting Angels, you don’t need prior experience with taking care of the seniors. You just need to be passionate about the job to start your own senior care business. Do you know that an average home senior care franchisee can make up to $1.4 million? This answers the question: what is the best franchise to buy in the USA in the current time? The demand for senior care is palpable, and as an entrepreneur, you should make the most of it. Although it is not the most affordable franchise business on our list, rest assured that you will get your money back and more by starting a senior care business with the Visiting Angels. They will provide everything you need and offer regular seminars to help you run your business smoothly. In less than two months, you can launch a senior care business upon approval.


8.  Two Men and a Truck

During the quarantine, when most people spend their time staying home, a hilarious thing happened. People tend to find ways to amuse themselves while at home and ended up purging their items. The demand for junk removal services heightened at the pandemic peak when most people realized that sustainable and minimal living is the key to a healthier life. This useful and in-demand service is a great investment in our current times. You can easily scale your business as many people are trying to remove as many items from their homes to make it their very own zen.


Two men and a Truck was established in 1985 and started franchising four years later. It is the largest franchised moving company in the USA but in the entire world. The company offers long-distance moving, packing, storage, in-home moving services, and junk removal. This hauling business will do good and thrive during the pandemic as more and more people are starting to purge. The brand has a diverse franchising network, making it easier for you to access and learn the best practices in running this business type.


9.  Great Clips

Have you watched those TikTok videos wherein wives temporarily serve as their barbers to their husbands? Disaster, isn’t it? Hair salons and barbershops were greatly affected during the initial break of the pandemic. However, the demand for personal services never went down. After all, who would want to come out of the quarantine looking like a caveman? Fortunately, stylists and barbers are slowly getting back to work following the safe and health protocols to provide personal services. Customers are also looking for in-home hair cut and styling services that are widely popular online. Even amid the pandemic, their regular spending patterns for their personal selves never ceased, making it a good startup business.

Great Clips has been in the industry since 1982, and the brand just kept on improving with their latest technological innovations. It is undoubtedly one of the best franchises to buy in USA. They offer the most satisfying services to their customers who all want to achieve “that” look. Franchising the brand comes with a 24/7 support from the Great Clips owners themselves. If you’ve always dreamed of managing a salon and offering personal services, now is the best time to franchise Great Clips.


10.  HomeVestors of America

Now that the economy has depleted due to the pandemic, people are reconsidering their lifestyles. You must also be wondering what is the best franchise to buy in the USA when most people are moving places. Most of them have discovered that moving to another place can provide them with great employment opportunities. Hence, the real estate industry is again in demand.


The HomeVestors of America is a Dallas-based is a real estate agency that buys houses in need of repair and then resells it to the market. They have a total unit of 1,102 since they started franchising in 1996. The company is known for its world-class real estate services and wholesale price offers in most of its properties.


What is the Best Gym Franchise to Own?

Pursue your dream by buying a franchise business. The cut-throat competition of the fitness industry can be intimidating. There are hundreds of gym franchises to choose from. How do you know what the best gym franchise is for you? Narrowing down your options to the best, well-established gym franchises is the key. 

Here is a list of the leading gym franchises that are worth checking out.


1.  Special Strong

Special Strong opens its doors to aspiring business owners who are passionate about fitness. It is one of the well-trusted brands when it comes to providing expert adaptive fitness services. This gym franchise is also ideal for short on budget individuals, thanks to its low startup cost. The brand is also affiliated with SBA should you need any help with financing. They offer different level concepts that are best for beginners. If you want to enjoy faster financial growth, an inclusive environment, and make a difference in the special needs population, choose Special Strong.


2.  Planet Fitness

Another gym franchise that promotes an inclusive environment is Planet Fitness. Their trademark phrase is “judge-free zone,” welcoming individuals of all sizes and needs. The brand targets the 80% population who do not have gym memberships by offering affordable rates and easy-to-access facilities. Today, they have nearly 2,000 open locations in the United States and overseas branches. As a franchisee, you can benefit from international brand recognition, constant national exposure, and a stable customer base.


3.  Pure Barre

Pure Barre was first established in 1959. It is one of the oldest and well-established barre studios that you can franchise. Aside from their workout classes, the studio also sells its premium workout clothes as an additional revenue source. As of today, there are over 500 Pure Barre studios in North America. It’s an excellent gym for the franchise if you prioritize credibility and integrity above all.


4.  UFC Gym

The infamous UFC gym is now offering MMA-inspired personal and specialized training. If you are passionate about fusion martial art classes and youth fitness, this is the best gym franchise for you. You can benefit from the constant and massive brand recognition of the UFC gym. Besides that, they also offer a cheaper startup cost to get you started. This proves to be a foolproof business considering the rapid growth of martial arts nowadays.


5.  Jazzercise Inc.

Jazzercise offers one of the best high-intensity, dance-cardio fusion classes popular among the ’80s exercise boom. The classes include pilates, hip hop, yoga, strength training, and kickboxing, attracting many young and middle-aged gym goers from all over the country. Jazzercise has established a legendary status in the world of fitness. As of today, the brand has over 8,9000 franchises all over the United States. Best of all, they offer a low-cost startup. You can get into the business industry without draining your bank. You can take advantage of the low franchise fee and upfront cost with this gym studio.


Final Thoughts

Looking for the best franchise is not easy; you need to make a wise decision. There are a lot of factors you need to consider for you to succeed. Franchises are a great way to earn money while you have another job or just plainly doing business. Just always remember to sum up everything and be wise because you are not just putting up money on it, you are also investing your time.


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Special Strong provides adaptive fitness for children, adolescents, and adults with mental, physical and cognitive challenges. Start your own Special Strong gym franchise today and create a lasting impact on your community.