Top Rated Nevada Franchise Opportunities 2021

Undoubtedly, franchising is on top of the list when it comes to profitability and business viability. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner in entrepreneurship because franchising is a low-risk line of business. 

You won’t need to build your brand up from scratch, and you will get to take advantage of its benefits. The only thing you need to ensure is choosing the right spot, and your return on investment will shoot up.

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And if you’re looking for franchise opportunities in Nevada, the city has a lot in store for you. 

Along with the best franchises to own in Texas, the two states have the potential to be the next business pool. 

That said, take a look below to know why you should franchise and how to start your journey.

The Countless Benefits of Franchising

Explore the myriad advantages awaiting entrepreneurs in Nevada through franchising opportunities. In “The Countless Benefits of Franchising Opportunities in Nevada,” delve into the dynamic landscape of franchise ownership. Discover the state’s business-friendly environment, support systems, and economic strengths that make it an ideal hub for franchise success. This comprehensive guide unravels the benefits of joining established franchises, navigating regulations, and tapping into a thriving market. Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or a newcomer, seize the countless advantages Nevada offers in the world of franchising. Maximize your potential for success, growth, and profitability by unlocking the opportunities presented in this insightful guide.

Many people from different backgrounds have chosen to venture into franchising because of its various benefits. Here are some of the benefits you can get from starting your franchise:

Established Brand

Since franchises already have an established brand name, you will continually attract customers just from its name. Thus, you won’t need to work twice as hard in marketing and customer acquisition. As customers feel familiar with the services, there is a chance for them to become recurring customers.

This is the reason why franchise ventures are widely successful for many franchisees. It will give you a massive starting push because of the brand’s reputation. It is more so when you pursue a highly popular brand with a significant number of followers. Once you promote the news of your opening, you will already garner interested audiences in your service or product.

Workflow Framework

Especially for beginners, the workflow framework provided by your franchisor can be a great help in managing your business. It will make you more efficient and work more smoothly since the framework has already been tested and has found success.

Most franchisors would provide prior training to your staff to ensure that your workflow is to their standards. It will allow you to understand the nitty-gritty of the business and how the franchise’s system works.

With this training, you will be able to mitigate the business processes during the franchise’s actual running. Thus, you will get more prepared for the unexpected things that may happen. Once you ensure that every person involved in the franchise has enough training, then the business is already set.

Steady Support

The support you will get from your franchisor does not stop after providing your training. To ensure that you’re living up to the brand’s reputation, they will make sure to guide you extensively along the way. The brand usually provides group training along with franchise heads to improve the business system.

Furthermore, the technical aspect of franchise operations is one of the most crucial parts of franchising. When you find yourself having any troubles and issues regarding this, your franchisor will give you prompt help. You also won’t have any problems accessing service providers for this since most franchisors would already provide this.

Low Investment and Low-Risk

The number one problem of entrepreneurs with starting a business is the capital. Even when you have the most outstanding business idea in the world, it won’t come to fruition without enough funds. Furthermore, getting the fund is only a first step; you will have no guarantee that it will generate revenue. That’s why a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs are hesitant to pursue their dreams of starting a business.

The best thing about franchising is it addresses both of these issues. It gives you the opportunity to start your business without needing an immense amount and without risking big. With an already-established brand name, you will not need to invest any more in the standard business expenses.

Instead, you will only have to reach the capital required by the franchisor, which bank loans readily grant. This is due to the fact that banks know that franchising has a measurable rate of success.

Ease of Negotiation

Finally, you will need machines, devices, product supplies, and other essentials to run the franchise. Since there is already a deal between the parent brand and accredited suppliers, you will no longer need to negotiate hard. You will be able to acquire excellent deals on numerous products without hassle. Thus, it’s also a way to boost your ROI and maintain excellent profitability.

Why You Should Consider Franchising in Nevada

As mentioned, along with the best franchises to own in Texas, your next go-to is Nevada. The state offers numerous opportunities for franchising that makes it an appealing location. Here are some of the best franchise opportunities in Nevada:

Easy Business Mitigation

With a seamless and reassuring tax policy, Nevada is a great location to start a business. That’s why it is a hidden gem among other neighbouring business states in the U.S. With more leniency in its policies, you’ll be more at ease in your capital generation. You’ll also have a plethora of bank choices for acquiring loans for your capital.

Moreover, they offer a low tax burden with its modified tax policies, unlike other states. Nevada does not warrant individuals a personal income tax. There are also a lot of investors residing in this state that can help you grow bigger and earn more.

Last but not the least, you won’t be limited when it comes to goods and services transportation in Nevada. With numerous infrastructures for the entrance and exit of products, you can extend access to your services.

Competent Workforce

For any business, it is crucial to hire skilled and competent staff and workers. Doing so would ensure that your business operation remains at the top of its game. With this, Nevada has an excellent range of skilled professionals for your workforce. This is thanks to the state’s top academic institutions that produce a high employment rate year by year.

Various Franchising Opportunities

The chance of failure in franchising in Nevada is low because of its abundance of popular brands. The only thing left for you to do is choose one that best suits your skills, values, and lifestyle. You can take advantage of its multitude of franchising opportunities to push your revenue.

Top Franchises In Nevada

More and more people are turning into franchising as a business venture. Why? It is because you can gain high profits with low risks. The return on investment is also very promising. 

Nevada and Texas are both great places where you can kickstart your career as an entrepreneur. Whether you plan on building your business from scratch or owning a franchise, these two states offer a lot of opportunities. 

Let us take a closer look at the best franchise opportunities in Nevada and Texas, and why you should consider being a franchisee in one of them. 

Special Strong

Since 2016, Special Strong has lived up to their vision of providing accessible and effective fitness programs to every American. Special Strong continues to address both physical and mental health through various programs delivered by their family of franchises. 

In deciding which franchise to go for, Special Strong franchise is an easy choice. It is affordable, convenient, and more importantly, supports health advocacy. 

Once you decide to buy a franchise, Special Strong will give you a business model called a turnkey blueprint. This will guide you all throughout the journey. You don’t have to worry about failing because the company will assist you in all aspects. 

Special Strong Gym Franchise Learn More

You will also experience in-depth training to prepare for the responsibilities as a Special Strong franchisee. Each session will teach you the necessary skills to maintain the business. 

The franchises of Special Strong have a good reputation for performing well. They are growing economically with stellar revenues. Indeed, it is definitely a business to consider. 

To make their services even more accessible, Special Strong will soon expand its operations in the country, including Texas. Without a doubt, it can be one of the best franchises to own in Texas in a few years time. 

If you have more questions about the franchising process, you can visit Special Strong’s website. 

Your CBD Store

Here’s an affordable and all-natural franchise you can try — Your CBD Store. This franchise develops hemp-based products infused with cannabinoids. Their goal is to create herbal supplements that can holistically improve one’s health. 

Your CBD Store also cares for the well-being of your pets. They provide tinctures for your furry companions. These tinctures help lessen their stress and make them feel calm instead. However, it is always best to consult with a veterinarian first before allowing your pets to take Your CBD Store’s health supplements. 

Currently, your CBD Store can be found in 41 states with 500 stores across the country. Your CBD Store is one of the best franchise opportunities in Nevada because it offers several products and partnerships. More importantly, being a franchisee for this company opens a lot of doors in terms of education and experience. 

In case you want to know more about Your CBD Store and their franchising terms, all the necessary information can be found on their website. 

Cruise Planners

Cruise Planners was established in 1994. Five years later, the company has already started its network of franchisees. Their main office is located at Coral Springs, Nevada but they have over 3,000 stores nationwide. 

If you are looking for a franchise that has an esteemed branding and years of experience in the industry, then Cruise Planners is a perfect choice. 

Due to its low cost, Cruise Planners is considered as one of the best franchises to own in Texas. Potential franchisees only need to pay $695 as an initial fee. While the full franchise package costs about $2,500. 

Another enticing aspect of this franchise is their royalty fee; which is only less than 4% of the gross commissions from travel suppliers. 

The duration of franchising is only three years. Once finished, the franchisees have the option to renew their contract. The renewal process is quite easy if they meet the requirements set by Cruise Planners.

Commercial Capital Training Group

Another choice for the best franchise opportunities in Nevada is from Commercial Capital. The company expanded during the pandemic as small companies began emerging during this crisis. The training group provides grants or loans to small companies when they wouldn’t have been able to borrow from the bank.

It is an inexpensive franchise, and the business will provide you with training on managing financial matters. You will also be able to serve investors and companies firsthand. This is one alternative way for individuals who struggle to secure loans.

With the aid of the Commercial Capital Training Group, you will be able to accept about 50 types of loans. You’ll receive at least 1% to 15% of the total amount of the loan. The amount of commission depends on the trading volume and type.

Besides the rate of commissions, you can also receive money from commissions. When you make a profit, you get a payout. If you are willing to close bigger deals or several small deals, the commission would get higher in price. This is indeed also one of the best franchise opportunities in Nevada.

You can learn more about the franchise of the Commercial Capital Training Community by going through their page.

Sylvan Learning Franchise

Like Special Heavy, Sylvan Learning began in 2017, which is pretty recent. The franchise company’s goal is to make education more available to communities.

They will also offer you a business model. Their business model is fascinating because they have taken into account the local owners. They introduced the systems and designs, along with the necessary material and equipment.

Sylvan University is an online learning website where you can buy courses. If you complete and finish a teacher training course, you will get a certificate as an educator. And, there is a course for people who want to franchise their company called Sylvan 101.

This company offers an all-in flat royalty rate of sixteen per cent. This means franchisees or company owners will save money from monthly fees while making them become more competitive. Being assured of maintaining high quality in the future would be easier for both the business and local owner as well.

The company provides franchisees with training and support to achieve success in business. For franchise owners, they also get wireless technology, such as workshops, email and video conferencing. The franchise company is more than an educational company since it offers business and financial help to people.

If you are looking for the franchise opportunities in Nevada, you can visit their website to learn more about Sylvan franchise opportunities.

California Tortilla

California Tortilla is a modernized Mexican restaurant that prides itself in serving high quality authentic Mexican cuisine. They aspire to build an “I can’t wait to come back” holiday. If you are searching for franchise opportunities in Nevada that fulfil their intent and mission, California Tortilla is the perfect franchise venture for you.

This special Mexican restaurant franchise concentrates on giving its customers an enjoyable experience. A certain quality standard is aimed for in food production. California Tortilla uses organic ingredients when preparing their meals, and they only use high-quality ingredients for their dishes. They make use of new chillies and guacamole. Their menu varies according to the preferences of the customers and satisfies them promptly. They are maintaining a strong reputation among their clients because of their straightforward approach.

Their franchise business model emphasises serving customers with high-quality meals and outstanding service. Their economic growth proves that they are having a promising business. Most significant of all is that since 1995, California Tortilla has worked in the industry for a long time. They still have 42 franchised units. If you are ready to franchise California Tortilla, there will be an upfront investment of $378,400 and a 5% royalty fee.


PuroClean has been a reliable cleaning service since 1990. However, they only opened to franchising in 1991. Currently, PuroClean’s headquarters are situated in Tamarac, Nevada. One reason why it is one of the greatest franchise opportunities in Nevada is because of its many cleaning services open for houses and commercial spaces. In addition, it is also a low-cost franchise option. So, it’s also one of the best franchise opportunities in Nevada. 

The cost for acquiring this franchise is currently at $83,805. Its Initial Franchising Fee is set at $55,000 with a royalty fee of 3% to 10% of the total gross receipts. The cumulative cost is inclusive of the following: 

  • Vehicle
  • Vehicle
  • Equipment and Supplies Package
  • Computer System
  • Insurance Premium
  • Office Supplies
  • Utility Deposits and Fees
  • Internet Connection
  • Uniform expenses 
  • Training
  • Laser Printer
  • Insurance Industry Claims Estimating Software
  • Camera

What to anticipate?


  • The training program that is essential for you to undergo would take three weeks. This training teaches about water and fire issues, mould and biohazard solutions, and tidying of carpets and upholstery. The training is held where the franchise will be situated. 
  • PuroClean also offers online learning programs to assist franchisees attaining business success. The training covers a wide range of teachings such as technical, sales, marketing, operations, financial, and other important aspects of the business. 
  • The franchise also has a PuroClean Academy that is the ground for training programs and technical education. This may occur via physical setting or virtually. 

Duties and Limitations

  • For individual franchisees, supervision and facilitation of the business’s everyday activities are required for 8 hours a day. This totals to 40 hours per week wherein they are also tasked to market the business. 
  • If the franchisees are partners or a group, they have to delegate one of them to supervise and facilitate the business daily for 8 hours. This also sums up to 40 hours per week wherein promotion of the business is included. 
  • For franchisees that own more than a single franchise, they should hire a manager to handle the second franchise’s operations. 
  • The selling of Oxi Fresh services are the only things limited to be sold at the franchise location. It is prohibited to sell different products at the franchise location if there is no permission from Oxi Fresh. 

Period of Franchise Length and Franchise Renewal

A maximum of 20 years is given for the franchise length. Renewal for another twenty (20) years would be permitted, provided that franchisees comply with the requirements for franchise renewal. 

Pet Supplies Plus

Retail pet supplies are the main niche of Pet Supplies Plus. They aim to provide all fur parents with anything their pet may need. Besides this, Pet Supplies Plus also offers grooming and washing services. Adoption events are also handled under their company for pets to find new and loving homes. They also offer an online ordering system that can deliver as fast as on the day itself or the next. 

If you are someone who loves animals and wants to pursue a business with high profitability, you may want to look into Pet Supplies Plus. It is one of the best franchise opportunities in Nevada and the best franchises to own in Texas. Pet Supplies Fast also gives assistance to your franchising in several aspects, such as marketing and merchandising. You would be guided every step of the way if you choose to franchise their business. 

Starting a business from nothing can be difficult for people, but if you choose to franchise Pet Supplies Plus, they have your back. You would also not encounter any advertisement stress because Pet Supplies Plus will assist you with that too. Not only do you enjoy your business, but you earn from it too! 

Founded back in 1987, this company allowed franchising by 1990. Currently, there are over 240 franchise branches of Pet Supplies Plus. They also give the training to make sure that your entrance in the industry is smooth sailing. Apart from that, the brand is also recognized as the top pet franchise by Entrepreneur magazine. If you’re convinced in starting with this franchise, you have to have approximately $440,600.000 and prepare for a royalty fee of up to 2% to 3%. 

Elements Massage

Elements Massage business focuses on creating a good relationship with their clients by providing amazing massage services. Its self-care routine is what loops in its client base to return to them every time. They also are well-established in the industry, so acquiring a franchise would be safe. 

Elements Massage has an impressive financial success record. Over the years, they have not failed to heighten sales and garner several franchise branches. Beyond this, they also provide the best massage services which have made them known for their effectiveness in the business. This makes them one of the best franchise opportunities in Nevada. The business also has different client bases, reaching larger scopes like Millennials. Since most people nowadays love investing in self-care, this relaxing industry is highly profitable. 

The business also gives franchisees training and assistance to make sure that they are guided every step of the way. Webinars, video conferences, and newsletters are also provided to franchisees to keep them in the loop. More than a massage business, Elements Massage is a provider of opportunities to people aiming to start their business and gain financial independence. 

This business was founded in 2000, while their franchising was allowed in 2006. During that time, Elements Massage gained franchise branches reaching 243. Elements Massage is one of the best franchise options to own in Texas because it has a low initial investment, estimated to be only $225,350. Meanwhile, their royalty fee is only at 6%.

Pinch a Penny

Pinch a Penny is one of the biggest retail supply franchises in the U.S. in terms of pool service enterprise. As an expert in this field, they ensure that they offer quality pool and spa services to all their clients. Moreover, with a reliable number of Certified Pool Operators, clients can feel assured that they’re getting the best service.

To start a Pinch a Penny franchise, you won’t need to be already skilled with pool maintenance technicalities. The brand offers training for franchisees to prepare them for running the business and to maintain the brand reputation.

If you’re interested in the best franchise opportunities in Nevada, Pinch a Penny is one of your strongest choices. 

The initial capital needed to start a Pinch a Penny franchise ranges around $289,375 to $411,200. It would include everything you need from training, product supplies, vehicles, property, and insurance. Also, you would get charged a recurring 6% royalty charge and 4% advertising charge.

Oxi Fresh

Oxi Fresh is one of the top brands when it comes to upholstery and carpet cleaning services. While they are centred in Colorado, they also offer various franchise opportunities in Nevada. They also offer other ranges of cleaning services, from ancillary to hardwood floor cleaning.

Starting in 2006, Oxi Fresh has been offering franchising services to aspiring entrepreneurs. With now around 400 franchises, this makes them a good choice for starting your franchise venture. As such, it makes them one of the best franchise opportunities in Nevada.

The total investment needed to start your Oxi Fresh franchise is around $45,565. For startups, you would have a capital of approximately $7,550. The initial franchising charge costs $39,900, with a 3-month succeeding $1,185 royalty fee charge. These charges would include everything from training, supplies, equipment, uniforms, working capital, accounting fees, legal fees, insurance deposits, and advertising.

For a more extensive look at the franchising program of Oxi Fresh, here are more details:

Training Program

  • The franchisee is required to attend Oxi Fresh’s initial training programs. In the absence of the franchisee, either the operations manager or an employee can attend the training.
  • Oxi Fresh also requires a two-day commercial/pull system and advanced training programs with a $700 training fee. 
  • The franchisee must attend at least two training programs or seminars (local or international) held by Oxi Fresh.

Limitations and Responsibilities

  • The franchisee can choose to manage the franchise or hire an operations manager directly.
  • The implementation and compliance of the Franchise Agreement is a must. It also includes the obligation of the franchisee and the policy specifics of the License methods. 
  • The purpose of the franchise property is only to put up Oxi Fresh products and services for sale. Selling other unaccredited products at the franchise property is a breach of the Franchise Agreement.

Length and Renewal of Franchise

The initial franchise length in franchising Oxi Fresh lasts up to seven years. So long as you meet the requirements, you may renew your franchise for another seven years.

Top Cities to Franchise in Nevada

Surprisingly, Nevada ranks 3rd as the best state to start a business. The state’s economic growth has been steady over the years. In fact, Nevada is home to several high-profile companies like Apple, Tesla, Google and Amazon to name a few. More than that, the low cost of living, talented pool of skilled workers and tax privileges make it a great place for franchises like Special Strong.

So where in Nevada should you start?

Here’s our Top 10 Cities you should check out:

1. Carson, NV

Carson City is not only the most liveable place in Nevada, but it’s also recognized as the #1 city in America where small businesses thrive. As the state capital, Carson benefits from the state government’s strong economy which is driven most especially by the health industry. Such a perfect place for an adaptive fitness gym like Special Strong, right?

2. Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas turns out to be one of the best cities in Nevada to start a franchise business. The city is more than just a hub of casinos, nightlife and hotels. The city has one of the lowest wage averages which is perfect for more affordable hires for skilled labor and workers. It also doesn’t hurt that the city has a lot of amenities to offer businesses and also families. As “The Entertainment Capital of the World,” Las Vegas gets a steady stream of consumers.

Las Vegas, known for its vibrant economy and diverse population, is emerging as one of the best places to franchise Special Strong. With its unique blend of residents and tourists, the city presents an untapped market ripe for the adaptive fitness industry, making franchise opportunities in Las Vegas particularly promising. The thriving business environment, supported by initiatives like the commercial capital training group franchise, provides a fertile ground for entrepreneurs looking to make a meaningful impact. By tapping into such franchise opportunities Las Vegas has to offer, Special Strong franchisees can leverage the city’s dynamic landscape to build a prosperous business that caters to an underrepresented community, ensuring both financial success and personal fulfillment in a city that thrives on innovation and inclusivity.

3. Arden, NV

Arden, Nevada, might not dazzle with the neon lights or the extravagant casinos that its neighbor Las Vegas is famous for, but it certainly doesn’t fall short when it comes to offering a conducive environment for businesses and franchises alike. This area, often seen as a quieter counterpart to the hustle and bustle of Vegas, presents a unique appeal with its less saturated market yet almost the same potential for customer base and business growth.

For aspiring entrepreneurs looking for a place with Vegas-like opportunities but without the overwhelming competition and cost, Arden emerges as an attractive location. This makes it a promising spot for those looking to venture into new or expanding franchise operations, providing almost the same perks as Vegas but in a setting that allows for potentially easier market penetration and growth.

4. Henderson, NV

Henderson stands proudly as Nevada’s second-largest city, offering a robust economic environment next only to Las Vegas. Known for its high employment rates and supportive local government, Henderson has cultivated a reputation as a nurturing ground for businesses, championing local companies and startups towards remarkable success. The city’s commitment to economic development is evident in its numerous initiatives and resources specifically tailored to assist new ventures, making it an especially appealing location for established franchises.

With this supportive backdrop, franchises in Henderson can look forward to not just surviving but thriving, benefiting from the city’s structured assistance, vibrant local market, and comprehensive resources. Consequently, entrepreneurs considering Henderson for their franchise can expect a welcoming environment where their business has ample opportunity to flourish amidst a community eager for development and innovation.

5. Reno, NV

The City of Reno is popularly known as “America’s Biggest Little City.” The city is known for its excellent amenities, affordable housing and stable economy. Business success in Reno is also fueled by the city government’s active approach to entrepreneurship where they help new businesses expand into the city.

6. Sparks, NV

Sparks is just a few minutes away from the city of Reno. What makes it quite unique is that it’s a suburban complete with the best amenities that you can find in the city. The city’s family-friendly atmosphere makes it a perfect place to attract families and young professionals alike.

7. Mogul, NV

The city of Mogul is a picturesque suburban area that houses families and professionals with high incomes. That said, businesses do well in Mogul and also benefit from the city’s excellent amenities and easy commute to neighbouring cities.

8. Elko, NV

Elko is Nevada’s Wild West with literal cowboys and scenic views. More than that, the city offers low sale taxes, high income per capita and plenty of amenities for its residents and tourists alike. All three are very ideal when combined for a startup business like a franchise.

9. Incline Village, NV

Though not really a city, Incline Village found on the north shore of Lake Tahoe, Nevada is literally a paradise. It’s an expensive paradise, though. But the wealthy community is a good place to start a business with its high income per capita, top of the line amenities and a low crime rate in the area.

10. Boulder City, NV

Boulder City is just 30 minutes away from Las Vegas. But what makes this city remarkable is that it’s home to the iconic Hoover Dam and Lake Mead Recreational Area. Since Boulder City is a sandwich between the populous and wealthy cities of Las Vegas and Henderson, you get a steady stream of people and tourists looking for all kinds of services – including adaptive fitness which you can offer through Special Strong.

Venture into Franchising

Doing business is always a trial and error. You’ll never find a business without any risks and limitations. However, franchising can minimize all these problems without putting a huge financial burden on the franchisee.

Whether you’re an amateur or a tenured entrepreneur, you will reap endless benefits from franchise investment. Everything will already be laid out for you, and the only thing left is to master all the business procedures. Franchising will teach you the value of being an entrepreneur while working with your team and your brand. Most importantly, it will help you serve your community while doing the thing you love.

We hope this article helped you discover the best franchise opportunities in Nevada and take your step towards franchising!

Special Strong provides adaptive fitness for children, adolescents, and adults with mental, physical and cognitive challenges. Start your own Special Strong gym franchise today and create a lasting impact on your community.