Top 5 Franchise Opportunities in Illinois You Can Try in 2021

Explore the thriving business landscape of Illinois with our guide to the “Top 5 Franchise Opportunities in Illinois You Can Try in 2021.” Uncover lucrative ventures and investment prospects across diverse industries, from food and retail to services. Our curated list offers insights into franchise models that align with the dynamic market trends of 2021. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or seeking to expand your investment portfolio, discover opportunities that promise success in the vibrant business environment of Illinois. Maximize your potential for growth and financial success by tapping into these top franchise options, specially selected for their viability and relevance in the current market landscape.

Looking for franchise opportunities in Illinois is a great way to start a business.

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In comparison to starting your own business, a franchise helps you experience independency without breaking the bank with your expenses. It also affords you a glimpse of how a business thrives without all the intricacies entailed when starting your own business from scratch.

Are franchise opportunities in Illinois worth a try?

For first time business owners, franchises work like a charm.

With a franchise, you don’t have to worry about jumping on big business risks. Every business poses a risk, but franchises have very little compared to opening a business right from the ground. The time it takes for franchises to grow is also phenomenal. Take a look at companies like Dunkin’ or KFC. Both are franchises that are known not only in the U.S., but also to other parts of the world.

With that, here are some more reasons why you should consider franchising – especially this time.

Be your own boss

Nothing’s more fulfilling and sweeter than the idea of owning your own business. Right? But that’s just the thing. Owning a franchise will make you your own boss faster than when you’re just starting a business from scratch. Since most franchises are already established, you can start your own business right away without much headache. Sure, there will be risks with opening a franchise. But it’s not as high as when you open up a business start up from the ground.

Experience independence – with guidance.

One of the best things about franchising is you don’t have to start everything else on your own. As a franchise owner, you don’t have to second guess how to run your business successfully. The franchise you’d buy will automatically teach you the ropes of how to run your business. You can expect conferences, meetings and trainings of all sorts to get you and your people equipped for your business. If you’re lucky, you’d get your hands on training manuals and even marketing blueprints.

Even if you have little to no idea on how to run your business, a franchise would be there to guide you all throughout the processes you need to learn to ensure your success.

An established brand

One of the best things about owning a franchise is having access to an established business. When you put up your own startup, you need to consider things like branding and marketing your brand. With a franchise, you already have a brand and a marketing in place. All you have to do is take advantage of that to grow your franchise business. There are plenty of franchise opportunities in Chicago, Illinois that you can start with, like Special Strong.

Easier funding

Did you know that banks are more favorable to offer you a business loan if you’ll open a franchise instead of your own business? Indeed, banks are more franchise-friendly. The fact that you can get funding much faster compared to when you need to open your own business from scratch is one of the best advantages of franchising. Banks are not the only ones who can give you the loan you need for your franchise business. If needed, there are organizations that help new business owners get grants to start their franchise.

There’s little risk

Franchises are less riskier than new businesses. With a startup, you can commit a mistake that could cost you thousands of dollars. Money is the least of your concerns, though. You can lose precious time and energy as well. On the other hand, most franchises have a tried and true business model. Yes, you might still make mistakes. But they’re not as detrimental to your business because you have the support of the franchise management.

Unparalleled support

Perhaps one of the best things that make franchises a great business option is its offer of great support and collaboration to its franchisees. You got a problem? You can ask for help when you need it. When you’re starting a business, it’s hard to ask the right people for advice. It might even feel like you’re all alone doing your business. That’s not the case with franchises. Instead of doing a lot of mistakes with trial and errors, you can easily grow with a franchise thanks to their offer of support when you need it. This built-in support system is just irreplaceable for any type of business.

With all these benefits and more, going for a franchise is definitely a great choice if you want to have a good start with your own business.

Best Franchise Opportunities in Illinois in 2021

Below are some of the best franchise to own in Illinois this year.

Special Strong

Special Strong offers adaptive and inclusive fitness to special populations. This includes people with any kind of physical, mental, or cognitive challenges. It’s a special gym for people with autism spectrum disorder, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and more. They even accommodate people on wheelchairs.

As a gym franchise, Special Strong is a great choice with their advocacy to help keep the special populations healthier through their fitness programs. Special Strong’s motto is to “Make a Difference” and is very affordable with their low-cost offer. They also provide you with full training and support PLUS a turnkey blueprint to ensure your business success.

Learn how much it costs to start a gym franchise.


MaidPro is a home cleaning franchise that allows for “creativity, knowledge and good, ole-fashioned friendliness” among their franchisees. It’s a perfect franchise opportunity if you’re into doing home cleaning services

As a franchise opportunity, MaidPro offers tailored fit support systems to get your business up and running in no time. They also employ a high tech and dynamic tools to run your business like their comprehensive operations software to help with your marketing and advertising. They’re also flexible and has been in business since 1991. To date, MaidPro has 277 franchise units over the U.S. and Canada since they opened up for franchise opportunities in 1997.

Visiting Angels

As a franchise opportunity in Illinois, Visiting Angels is a top choice for offering home care to seniors. The company offers non-medical, private home care duties to seniors all throughout the United States.

The company aims to enhance the quality of life of seniors living in the States and has more than 600 franchisees in the U.S. No industry experience is needed for you to become a franchisee. They’re also one of the most established franchise businesses in the U.S. with national advertisings, monthly and annual conferences and won awards for being a successful franchise business with guaranteed gross revenues of at least $1 million annually.

You can request more information for their franchise business here.


FibreNew’s business motto is simple: restore and fix every rip, scratch, crack, stain, fade or even holes at home.

With regular use, plastic, leather and vinyl are all bound to show some wear and tear along the way. Since 1987, FibreNew now has almost 300 franchisees not just in the U.S. and Canada but also New Zealand, Chile and Mexico.

What’s great about this franchise opportunity is that FibreNew meets clients’ demand with their mobile-based service. They’re not just a company that does simple repairs at home but include commercial markets like medical, automotive, aviation and marine. With such diversity, their services are much needed everywhere!

FibreNew’s ideal partners are those who have a keen eye for color, loves working with their hands and has a strong entrepreneurial spirit.


As franchise businesses should go, WOW 1 DAY PAINTING is pretty much straightforward. The company offers residential and commercial painting that is top-notch. The business formula for WOW 1 DAY PAINTING is very simple. They offer speed without compromising on quality. Their promise of painting homes in a day has been unmatched by competitors since 2011 but they have 30 years of experience to share with their new franchisees.

For WOW 1 DAY PAINTING, their ideal franchise partners would have their “4Hs” qualities of “Happy, Hands-On, Hardworking and Hungry.”

There’s a rigorous training set for 12 weeks, but after that, you can build your business quite quickly since the company has its own call center that books jobs for you 24/7.

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Now that you’ve had your pick of a franchise, let’s take a look at the best cities where you can set up your business in Illinois.

Top 10 Cities to Open Up A Franchise in Illinois

1. Chicago, IL

Chicago stands as a beacon of opportunity for franchise businesses, primarily because it boasts the largest population in the state of Illinois. This vast pool of potential customers makes it an appealing location for entrepreneurs looking to establish or expand their franchise operations. Beyond sheer numbers, Chicago’s economic landscape is one of the most dynamic on the global stage, with a Gross Regional Product (GRP) of an impressive $609 billion, signaling a robust and healthy business environment.

The economic diversity is another key factor that makes it an ideal spot for franchise opportunities in Chicago. The city is a hub for various industries, with a particularly strong presence in health services, manufacturing, and the burgeoning biotech sector. This diversified economy not only provides a stable backdrop for businesses but also offers multiple avenues for franchises to explore and thrive in.

Moreover, Chicago’s status as a home to both national and international enterprises indicates a competitive yet promising market for new franchises. The city’s global connections and business-friendly infrastructure support growth and innovation, making it a top choice for franchise owners who aim to make a mark on both the local and international stage.

Opening a franchise in Chicago offers access to a large and diverse customer base, a thriving economy across multiple sectors, and a vibrant business community that fosters growth and innovation. These factors combined make Chicago not just the most populous city in Illinois but also one of the most promising cities to open up a franchise.

2. Springfield, IL

Next on the list is Illinois’ capital, Springfield. The city is home to America’s 16th president, Abraham Lincoln.

But more than that, the city is one of the best places to put up a business especially if you’re on a budget since Springfield is much affordable compared to other cities in Illinois. The city also benefits from a strong economy and has a pool of talented workers for hire.

3. Naperville, IL

As the fifth largest city in Illinois, Naperville is a stone throw away from Chicago and is very popular with its family-friendly community. The city holds yearly festivals that brings not only families but also entrepreneurs and other businesses in the area. Overall, Naperville made it to the Top 25 of the best cities to start up a small business.

What makes Naperville a good place for business is that the city’s non-profit organizations support newly put up businesses to help with its growth and progress. The city also happens to be one of the most affluent cities in the Midwest which makes it a good place to start a franchise business.

4. Burr Ridge, IL

What makes Burr Ridge a good place to do business is that the city has the second highest median annual income among its residents. As a quiet community, the suburb is well-off enough to keep small businesses running in the area. The city has programs in place to strengthen and ensure economic growth for businesses.

5. Aurora, IL

In 2017, SmartAsset named Aurora as the “Best City for Living the American Dream.” As one of the largest cities in Illinois, Aurora also has an abundant population that makes for its economic mobility. The city is home to the award-winning Paramount Theater and offers plenty of diversity for both businesses and its residents.

6. Joliet, IL

Joliet is Illinois’ third largest city and is home to many businesses in the entertainment and industrial sectors. The city is just 30 miles west of the bustling city of Chicago and is a popular destination among those who wish to visit the notorious Old Joliet Prison and other landmarks like the Hollywood Casino and Rialto Square Theatre.

7. Elgin, IL

Elgin has one of the most diverse population in Illinois with its mix of Asian, Latin and Hispanic Americans. For more than two decades, the city grew itself to become a hub of businesses while at the same time maintaining its historic landmarks and architecture from the Victorian era.

8. Peoria, IL

Located in central Illinois, Peoria is one of the largest cities in the state. The city’s economy has grown over the years with a focus on agriculture, trading and shipping. The city is home to different cultural attractions that bring tourists from all around the states which in turn bring more profit for small businesses.

9. Rockford, IL

Of all the cities in Illinois, Rockford’s economy looks like one of the most diverse on this list. Today, Rockford is home to every kind of businesses in different industries like tourism, healthcare, transportation, automotive and also aerospace. Despite its diverse economy, Rockford is able to maintain its outdoors attraction and is called the “City of Gardens.”

10. Champaign, IL

Champaign’s population may not seem as big as other large cities in Illinois. However, the city is not only one of the best places to put up a franchise business, it’s also one of the most affordable cities in the state. Champaign’s population is quite young, but that makes for a pool of eager and young talents. The city is also home to several Fortune 500 companies that focuses on tech and software.

In 2019, Research Park ranked Champaign as the Top Startup City in the Illinois Silicon Prairie.

So what are you waiting for? With the many benefits of franchising, starting your own would be a good business move this 2021.

Just remember to do your homework first and research about the franchise opportunities in Illinois that you’d like to try for yourself. This way, you can weight the risks and advantages from your choice of a franchise. Also, remember not to hesitate asking questions when you need help. This way, you can get things cleared up and understand the whole process better of starting your own franchise business.

Special Strong provides adaptive fitness for children, adolescents, and adults with mental, physical and cognitive challenges. Start your own Special Strong gym franchise today and create a lasting impact on your community.