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Top 3 Wheelchair Exercises

Top 3 Wheelchair Exercises

If you use a wheelchair, what are some good wheelchair exercises that you can do at home?  We have found that these 3 five exercises are some of the most beneficial exercises for anyone who uses a wheelchair:

1.) Push: Chest Press (Pectorals)

  • Place the resistance band around the back of your chair and make sure the wheels are locked in place. Hold one end of the band in each hand.  Make sure your palms are facing down and your elbows are flared out to the side directly outside your shoulder.  Using a slow and controlled tempo, press forward using your chest muscle.  Touch the handles together at the top, and slowly bring back both handles to starting position

2.) Pull: Seated Row (back)

  • Place the resistance band around something sturdy like a bedpost or door about waist high. Grab both ends of the band with each hand and move away from the door to create tension.  Slowly pull the resistance band towards your torso, keeping your elbows close to your body.  For maximum benefit, squeeze the shoulder blades together as you pull the band.  Slowly allow your arms to come back to the starting position and repeat.


3.) Tricep Extension (Triceps)

  • Using a resistance band and door anchor, attach both devices to the top of a door. Lift your hands above your head and grab both handles with palms facing out. Move the wheelchair away from the door to create tension in the arms. Take your elbows and bring them in towards your body, making your elbows line up with the level of your shoulders. Slowly push out, making sure your elbows do not flare out. As you push out to full extension, slowly let the cables come back to the starting position and repeat.

There are literally hundreds of different wheelchair exercises that can be done in a wheelchair. Our certified personal trainers would love the opportunity to give you a consultation and show you some of the different exercises that can be done in-home with very affordable equipment. Get started today and give us a call.

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