Top 10 Best Autism Sensory Toys for Children with Autism

Discover the Top 10 Best Autism Sensory Toys curated to engage and support children with autism. Uncover a diverse selection of toys designed to enhance sensory experiences, addressing specific needs and preferences. From tactile stimulation to visual engagement, these toys cater to a spectrum of sensory sensitivities, promoting development and relaxation. Explore detailed insights into each toy, making informed choices to enrich playtime for children with autism. Elevate sensory play with these carefully chosen toys, fostering an inclusive and supportive environment that contributes to the well-being and development of children on the autism spectrum. Transform play into a meaningful and sensory-rich experience with these top-rated choices.

When you have a child with autism, the first thing you want to do is make their life as normal as possible. That’s why we wrote this article on the best autism sensory toys. We know that it’s not always easy to find sensory toys that are both affordable and high quality, but we have done our best to include only the best products for your child’s needs.

10 Sensory Toys For Children with Autism

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Here is a list of the best sensory toys you could get for children with Autism:

1. Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners are a great way to get your child’s attention. They help children with autism focus, calm themselves and develop motor skills. Generally, fidget spinners are small toys with two or three arms rotating around the spinner’s center core as they spin. The toy can also be held in one hand while spinning with another hand (or hands).

This activity helps children with autism learn how to concentrate on their surroundings while calming themselves down simultaneously. It also improves their motor skills because they have to keep up with what they’re doing!

2. Sensory Mats

Textured sensory mats could be a good investment if you’re looking for helpful autism sensory toys. Sensory mats are a great way to help children with autism learn about their senses and develop a sense of self. They can be used in many ways, but they’re most often used as a calming tool at home or in the classroom.

Additionally, they’re made from fabric that’s been treated with materials with little or no smell, like rice hulls and wheat bran. These fabrics absorb moisture on your child’s skin so they don’t feel wet when using them (which could potentially cause anxiety).

Sensory mats can also be used as interactive toys! You might want to put one under the table where your child will sit down during mealtime so they have something else to focus on besides eating. If you can invest in an autism sensory room to help calm your child, this would be helpful in the long run. 

3. Rainmaker Toys

Rainmaker Toys are a great way to help kids with sensory needs. They’re easy to use, clean, and can be used in various ways. The calming sounds of the toys help calm your kid when they’re having an autism meltdown. These toys come in several varieties, from balls and slingshots to sand toys that make noise when you shake them up! 

4. Chewing Toys

One of the best autism toys is chewing Toys which are a great way to help your child with sensory issues. Chewing is an activity that can help relieve stress and anxiety, calm the mind, and improve focus and concentration. It can also be used as a communication tool by allowing them to express themselves through their mouth movements or sounds they make while chewing.

5. Moldable Sand, Slime, or Putty

Moldable sand, slime, and putty are great ways to engage children with autism. These materials can make all sorts of shapes and textures that are fun for them to explore. The best part? They’re easy! Here’s how you do it:

Add water until it forms a soft dough that will hold its shape when squeezed. (If you’re making sand from sifted flour or cornstarch, use more water than usual.)

Work the mixture into a flat sheet on waxed paper or parchment paper until it forms an even layer about 1/4 inch thick (you may need to add more flour if your dough is too wet). If necessary, press down hard with another piece of parchment paper so that there aren’t any bubbles in your mixture. 

This will help prevent lumps when working with it as an object instead of just a paste-like substance like Play-Doh would be if left uncooked long enough before getting into playtime mode!

6. Push Bubble Sensory Toy

Push bubbles are a great way for children to get their hands on something tactile and calming. They can also be used as sensory toys for autism, providing the same benefits. 

Push bubbles are made from plastic and come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Some of them include suction cups on their bottom so they can stick onto the floor or table when not used. These push bubbles should be stored away from sharp objects because they may break easily if mishandled.

There are many different kinds of push bubble toys available today, but some popular ones include:

7. Colorful Jellyfish 

This toy has four colors: red, blue, green, yellow-orange pink purple! It’s shaped like a jellyfish, but unlike most other types, these aren’t edible (they don’t taste good). Instead, they have lots of fun sounds, including squeaking noises when squeezed between your fingers while moving around inside your hand/arms/forearms, etc. 

They’re also great for calming overactive toddlers who tend toward frantic behavior during nap time at daycare centers, where parents take turns watching their kids overnight when no one else wants responsibility for doing so!

8. Pin Art

Pin Art is a great toy for children with autism. Children of all ages can use it, and it helps to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The small pins are easy to hold, so they’re perfect for young children who may have difficulty grasping larger toys or objects.

Pin Art allows you to create pictures or patterns by placing the pins on top of each other in different ways. You can also use them to make shapes out of paper (like circles), which will help your child learn how to draw basic shapes while they play with this toy!

9. Tactile Balls

These sensory balls help with focus and concentration and help children with autism calm down when they’re feeling stressed. They can also be used as fidget, stress relievers, and chew toys.

10. Hand-Held Portable Fibre Optics

The Hand-Held Portable Fibre Optics (HPFO) is a portable light that allows you to create your patterns in the air. It’s a great sensory toy for children who have autism because it helps them learn about shapes and colors while also providing an outlet for their creativity.

The HPFO uses fiber optics, thin strands of glass for transmitting light waves through glass fibers. These lenses can be shaped into any shape or size and attached to any surface so that they illuminate objects up close without harming them.

You will need basic knowledge of how these devices work to use this toy effectively. Remember to be patient when working with this device since it takes time for your eyes to adjust once they focus on its light source. However, once everything has been set up correctly, there shouldn’t be any issues getting started!

Autism Sensory Toys: Tips for Choosing a Great Gift

If you’re shopping for autism sensory toys for a child with autism, it’s important to consider their interests. The best gifts will appeal to their senses and interests and help them build skills in areas like sensory processing or language development.

Your child’s age is also an important factor when choosing a gift. Children under age 3 tend to be more receptive toward toys that can be used by themselves or with others with similar developmental stages (such as siblings or other young children). 

As kids get older and mature, they become more independent and less interested in playing with peers—so consider buying something that will last longer than just one season (like games). A sensory swing for autism could also help acclimatize your child if you have space at home.

The final consideration is what toy works best for your child’s sensory needs. Some kids require visual stimulation while others prefer auditory stimulation; some prefer tactile input while others prefer kinesthetic input, etc.

These considerations should help guide you toward finding the perfect toy! It takes a village to raise a child, so when you need a trained professional to help or are looking for “autism therapy near me,” you can check out what we offer at Special Strong.

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How Sensory Toys Help Children With Autism Cope

Sensory toys help children with autism cope with stress. The toys distract, helping autistic kids stay calm and allowing them to focus when they’re in a situation that makes them feel overwhelmed or anxious. Such as going to a new place or meeting people they don’t know (like teachers).

You can use the best sensory toys to calm your child down after an outburst or tantrum. These toys can make a child feel more secure because they have something physical that allows them to touch things without having any negative reaction.

Best Time for Playing with Sensory Toys for Children with Autism

Sensory toys play a pivotal role in the development and well-being of children with autism. These toys are designed to stimulate the senses, helping kids to understand and interact with the world around them more effectively. Knowing the best times to incorporate sensory play can maximize its benefits, making daily routines enjoyable and therapeutic. Here are some optimal moments to introduce sensory toys to children with autism.

  • During Transition Times
  • Before Stressful Situations
  • During Downtime
  • As Part of a Bedtime Routine
  • After an Overwhelming Day
  • Prior to Concentrated Tasks


We hope this guide has given you some ideas for the best autism sensory toys for your child. Remember, there is no right or wrong choice when choosing sensory toys. Finding something that works well with your child’s needs and preferences is the most important thing. 

So if you’re ready to enroll them in a program for kids with special needs or need to find an autism therapist near me, search for our branch nearest you so you can claim your free 7-day pass!

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