The Challenge of Planning a Family Vacation is NOW Easier

Summer is almost here and it’s time to plan for some vacation planning.  But, when a family member has challenges in areas of learning, behavior, or physical challenges, your summer journey can involve extra planning, thought and research.  However, you don’t want your task of meeting those needs to interfere with the enjoyment for the entire family.

Fun for ALL

Many theme parks are updating their policies and resources to better support people with various needs. These accommodations might include better accessibility, providing special services such as sign language interpreters, quiet rooms, and listening devices. Disney, the world’s most popular theme park, is celebrated for being aware of the unique needs of families. The company offers specific care to a variation of needs.   On their website, you can find that they offer exclusive areas for cognitive, visual, mobility, or hearing disabilities, light sensitivities, and service animals, just to name a few.

It’s possible to be a little more creative with kids, but when it comes to teens or adults with specials needs, their craving for summertime fun just might be simpler than you think. Taking a road trip could be a great option.  Visiting places where there is culture, history, and beautiful landscape is a wonderful learning experience for all ages.

Create a Budget

While family vacations provide amazing opportunities for families to bond and make lasting memories, these opportunities do not come without a price. And the goal for many parents and caregivers is to save money without compromising the quality of the trip.  Here are a few tips that will help you and your family save:

  • Check popular websites like Google Flights for airplane deals
  • Check Groupon for deals on hotels, restaurants, etc
  • AirBnB has become a popular site for travelers, especially larger families. (You may get a better deal than staying in a hotel.)
  • Pack plenty of snacks, and plan to cook some of your meals. Eating out a lot will add up. You can use that extra money for enjoying the experiences during your vacation.

The bottom line for planning your trip is to make sure each family member will be comfortable and willing to compromise for the other family member(s) that will need special accommodations.

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