Severe Developmental Delay, Support Coordination Agencies

Since starting Special Strong in 2016, my son, Robert, has fewer meltdowns and has developed more endurance for physical activity.  Robert needed an outlet to manage his meltdowns and help with flexibility. He can now endure 55 minutes of physical activity and can finish his entire PE class at school!  Robert’s teachers have told us how much improvement they have seen in his behavior and he is learning to listen and follow directions without my having to be there to ensure that he listens to his instructor. I also got to speak with a nutritionist through this program. She is working with me on helping Robert develop better-eating habits. Since that started, he is more willing to eat greens and drink water! I am so grateful for Special Strong and everything they have done with my family!

Jennifer H. (Robert)

My child loves the boot camp class. He mostly enjoys getting out of the house-the social aspect of working, being around others like him. It is a good mix of balance, cardio, and strength. Surprisingly, my child works hard and doesn’t even whine when things challenge him. I’m very satisfied with the patient, knowledgeable trainers and challenging program.

Christie J. (Erin)

I started working with Special Strong because of my daughter Ashley she is a special need child with Cerebral Palsy. Before Special Strong Ashley was not able to stand for a long period of time and not able to extend her legs. Special Strong has helped my daughter gain flexibility, get stronger and have more independence. Ashley’s core is stronger, and she can stand for longer periods of time while doing activities at the table. She is also able to walk with her walker with more stability, confidence, endurance. Special Strong offers an awesome program for anyone who has special needs or simply wants to improve their health and fitness!

Nora H. (Ashley)

Over the past two years, my son was diagnosed with several medical conditions. He lost so much physically, spiritually, and emotionally. As he began to heal, I knew more could be accomplished. I found a personal trainer and a nutritionist through Special Strong. They have brought life back into my son. Thank you, Special Strong, for giving me my son back.

Karen W. (Josh)

“We were so happy to hear of a special needs bootcamp in our community. Our son is 19 and has autism and absolutely loves the Special Strong staff that leads the 2 classes that he attends. They are amazing and work very hard to ensure that he understands how to do the exercises and that he is following their lead to do them safely. He is learning that exercise can be fun and rewarding and we are very thankful!.”

Kim S. (Heath)