Heather studied Kinesiology with an emphasis in motor behavior and a minor in psychology at Texas A&M University. Throughout her education, she was fascinated with the connection of the human body and the brain. She studied many scientific studies that proved exercise has many benefits including stress reduction, increased brain function and much more. She believes that fitness is a combination of stability and control, flexibility, strength, endurance, and power. With a background in both individual and group personal training, as well as competitive gymnastics, she found a passion for working with people to better themselves as a whole through exercise. She strongly believes in the beautiful individuality of each of us and she finds so much joy in creating personalized programs to help each client reach their goals. Whether starting from basic movement or not, progressing slower or faster, making changes large or small, each point of progress should be recognized, celebrated, and built upon. Improvement is the ultimate goal in the gym while having the patience for either the mind or body to catch up in order to maintain balance. When she worked with clients of the special needs population for the first time, Heather saw some of the most meaningful changes in both physical abilities as well as mental and emotional health. Her heart was touched in a very special way! This quickly became her favorite part of training. She loves breaking exercises down in the gym to be applicable and functional in the everyday lives of her clients and their families. Her desire is to improve the lives of all of God’s children.

Heather is married and she enjoys spending quality time with her husband, her dog, Shiloh, and her cat, May-May. She loves going on hikes, improving herself in the gym, tending to her plants, watching her favorite TV shows, and trying out new recipes. She and her husband attend the Carrollton campus of Bent Tree Bible Fellowship. They both love to worship our Lord and Savior and are devoted to studying the Lord’s word daily. Her biggest goal is to spread the light and love of our awesome God through her words, actions, work, and in her daily life.

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