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Sonia’s passion for helping others started at a young age. She grew up with five other siblings, one of which was diagnosed with LD (learning disability) and a BD (behavioral disability). As a child, it was never easy seeing her older brother struggle with social interaction and severe mood swings, but it is something that she witnessed frequently and learned how to cope and assist with his feelings/emotions.

Growing up Sonia was an active child who loved to play sports and was involved with her schools FCA/SADD program and choir. Through this group, she volunteered at the local Salvation Army and participated in fundraisers for charitable organizations.

In 2014, she started her health and fitness journey while living in Florida. At the time, she was experiencing some hardships and decided to focus her time and energy on something that was positive, so she started running. She found it to be relaxing and therapeutic and soon began to build up her endurance and completed multiple 5, 10, and 15 k races. Soon after, she was introduced to yoga and resistance training and fell in love with other forms of exercise. After several years of adhering to a healthier lifestyle, she recognized the true health benefits that occurred both mentally and physically throughout her fitness journey. She truly believes that positive choices lead to positive outcomes and that God always has a purpose for everyone.

After spending over ten years in the client service/administrative field, she decided to pursue her purpose in training. She holds an NCCA certification through the American Council on Exercise and has multiple certificates in the health and wellness field including: Group Fitness Instructor, Mindful Eating, Metabolic Conditioning, Postural Assessments, Pre and Post Natal Fitness, and Stability and Mobility Training. She has worked at a powerlifting studio, as well as in a box gym setting. She has experience working with individuals aging from 16-75 and with a variety of ailments.

She loves to spend time with her family and her dog Cloud. She also enjoys reading, cooking, hiking, outdoor running, and strength training.