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Resistance Exercises for Persons with Physical Disabilities

Resistance exercises build strength, endurance, and muscle mass, and it also helps you lose weight. Having a physical disability can make exercises more challenging, but certainly not impossible. Here are some different resistance exercises for persons with physical disabilities, brought to you by Special Strong: Resistance Band Exercises for Persons with Physical Disabilities One type…

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Engaging Special Needs Children with Fitness

“Fitness” and “exercise” have basically become synonymous with “not fun.” Even the term “workout” reminds people in its name that it’s hard work. It’s hard enough to get kids to sit and pay attention to singing puppets teaching them the letters of the alphabet. How are you supposed to keep children with special needs entertained…

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How to Exercise With Limited Mobility

If you typed “How to exercise with limited mobility” into your preferred search engine, then you’re probably reading this blog for one of two reasons: You have dealt with limited mobility your entire life, and you have been told (whether explicitly or subliminally) that fitness isn’t for you. You have recently developed limited mobility due…

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The Parkinson’s Global Project – Regeneration Training That Works

The Parkinson’s Global Project – Regeneration Training That Works Parkinson’s disease affects millions of people in the United States with between 50,000 and 60,000 new cases diagnosed every year. It tends to affect men more often than women. Early symptoms are mild, including loss of smell, constipation, small handwriting, and vivid dreams. However, as the…

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The Tiny Talker by Ryan and Brittani Rollen

Special Strong is now giving local businesses a platform to share how their services can make a difference for people with special needs. This device’s name is The Tiny Talker, started by Ryan and Brittani Rollen, the proud parents of Lucas. Tell Us What You Do We are the parents of a special needs son…

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How to Get My Child With Special Needs to Take Vitamins

Getting kids to take vitamins can be tough in general, but getting your child with special needs to take them can be even more of a challenge. That’s because children with special needs may be especially sensitive to taste and textures or especially resistant to trying new things. Here are a few methods you can…

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3 Ways to Build Confidence in Your Special Needs Child

  Childhood is a special time period, one in which it’s vital to build up healthy self-esteem, self-image, and self-confidence. Children with ADD, ADHD or intellectual special needs may be particularly susceptible to self-confidence issues. Part of the issue is that kids with special needs tend to see the world in different ways to “normal”…

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5 Tips for a Gluten-free Diet for Special Needs

5 Tips for a Gluten-free Diet for Special Needs Gluten-free is a big buzz phrase right now. If you walk the grocery store aisles you will likely see dozens, if not hundreds of products labeled “gluten-free”, which as a nutritionist for special needs families, I am happy for the variety and ease in selecting products…

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Is My Special Needs Child Being Bullied?

Is My Special Needs Child Being Bullied? Studies, although limited, have shown the many predictors of bullying involving children with special needs, including autism spectrum disorders. Individuals with disabilities, particularly children are at an increased risk of becoming victims of bullying. “Disability harassment,” is prohibited under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and schools…

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