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Selecting a Fitness Trainer Who Understands Your Disability

Interacting with people who don’t understand your disability can be frustrating, to say the least. In the realm of physical fitness, however, it can feel almost hopeless. You want to grow in your journey through greater health, and you want someone to help guide you. But oftentimes, personal trainers aren’t able to see your strengths…

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Physical Therapy for Special Needs

Physical Therapy for Special Needs With the services we provide, we are often asked “what is physical therapy for special needs and how is it different than personal training?  Many special needs clients have both an outside physical therapist and a personal trainer with Special Strong.  We often work in conjunction with therapists to provide…

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Top Special Needs Home Exercises

Top Special Needs Home Exercises Did you know that there are thousands of different exercises for special needs?  Where do you even start?  As a company that has worked with several hundred special needs clients, we have identified some of the top special needs home exercises. Functional exercise – exercises that translate into everyday activities.…

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