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The Tiny Talker by Ryan and Brittani Rollen

Special Strong is now giving local businesses a platform to share how their services can make a difference for people with special needs. This device’s name is The Tiny Talker, started by Ryan and Brittani Rollen, the proud parents of Lucas. Tell Us What You Do We are the parents of a special needs son…

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Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis – 5 Things You Should Know

Receiving a cerebral palsy diagnosis can be one of the hardest things to hear. Cerebral palsy is a movement disorder that happens when a child’s brain suffers an injury at or close to birth. While growing up, children with cerebral palsy won’t hit milestones as early as other children. They may have low Apgar scores. This…

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“Do I Have ADHD or Depression?”: The Surprising Symptom Overlaps

  At surface level, one might not see the similarities between the two mental conditions. Depression, connotedly, makes people less energetic, while ADHD has a connotation of making people “too” energetic. They seem like polar opposites. Yet, with the symptom overlaps, you might be asking yourself, “Do I have ADHD or depression?” The answer could…

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4 Foods That Positively Impact Behavior (and 5 Foods to Avoid)

Most of us are fortunate enough to have choices, particularly when it comes to food. When we can technically have cake whenever we want, it’s hard to tell ourselves “no.” It can be even more difficult to tell our kids “no” – especially if they have special needs. You want your children to have everything…

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Physical Therapy for Special Needs

Physical Therapy for Special Needs With the services we provide, we are often asked “what is physical therapy for special needs and how is it different than personal training?  Many special needs clients have both an outside physical therapist and a personal trainer with Special Strong.  We often work in conjunction with therapists to provide…

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Top Special Needs Home Exercises

Top Special Needs Home Exercises Did you know that there are thousands of different exercises for special needs?  Where do you even start?  As a company that has worked with several hundred special needs clients, we have identified some of the top special needs home exercises. Functional exercise – exercises that translate into everyday activities.…

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