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Special Nutritional Needs for the Elderly

As you age, your body changes. You can move the way you once could, with so much ease, you didn’t even have to think about it. These days, you have to plan an exit route for getting off the floor, should you find yourself on it. Likewise, your body absorbs nutrients differently, so not only…

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Resistance Exercises for Persons with Physical Disabilities

Resistance exercises build strength, endurance, and muscle mass, and it also helps you lose weight. Having a physical disability can make exercises more challenging, but certainly not impossible. Here are some different resistance exercises for persons with physical disabilities, brought to you by Special Strong: Resistance Band Exercises for Persons with Physical Disabilities One type…

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Bedtime Routine Tips for Your Special Needs Child

An eight-year-old child needs about nine to twelve hours of sleep per day, and a four-month-old requires twelve to sixteen hours a day. But whoever coined the phrase “sleeping like a baby” was surely not a parent. Many parents’ concerns center on how and when to put their child to bed each night. Children ages…

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5 Things to Stop Doing to Make Your Special Needs Child Healthier

When it comes to paying attention to our own health, many of us have already developed bad habits. These can range from eating too much junk food to skipping meals. They could be spending too much time watching TV or surfing the web. When you allow this to happen, you might not realize it, but…

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