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Selecting a Fitness Trainer Who Understands Your Disability

Interacting with people who don’t understand your disability can be frustrating, to say the least. In the realm of physical fitness, however, it can feel almost hopeless. You want to grow in your journey through greater health, and you want someone to help guide you. But oftentimes, personal trainers aren’t able to see your strengths…

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The PROs and CONs of ADHD Medication

In the last few decades, the number of people taking some form of ADHD medication has increased astronomically. This increase is not necessarily an indication that more people have ADHD. It is more the result of better diagnostic skills and increased knowledge about this condition. In many cases, parents and teachers who have no problem…

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Holistic Treatments for ADHD

The phrases “ADHD” and “medication” go hand-in-hand. Usually, the word “medication” is replaced with a particular brand, such as Ritalin or Adderall. After hearing about some of the side effects of the medications, you may be seeking more homeopathic options. Here are some holistic treatments for ADHD: The content is not intended to be a…

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The History of ADHD

If your child’s teachers suggest that your child might have ADHD, your first reaction was probably one of alarm. A million thoughts start running around your mind along with even more questions. You wonder if your child is going to need to take medications. What exactly is the history of ADHD?” After all, aren’t all…

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“Do I Have ADHD or Depression?”: The Surprising Symptom Overlaps

  At surface level, one might not see the similarities between the two mental conditions. Depression, connotedly, makes people less energetic, while ADHD has a connotation of making people “too” energetic. They seem like polar opposites. Yet, with the symptom overlaps, you might be asking yourself, “Do I have ADHD or depression?” The answer could…

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5 Things to Consider Before Taking ADHD Medication

ADD and ADHD are some of the most medicated mental diagnoses in the world and particularly in the United States. Pharmaceutical medications have the advantage of having a doctor monitor their use. However, they also have the danger of having a doctor prescribe them. This is to say that even if the doctor prescribes the…

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How to Improve Listening Skills in Children with ADHD and Autism

ADHD and Autism have many similarities, including fidgeting, impulsiveness, social ineptitude and hyperfocus on only subjects that interest them. The latter symptom can impact a child’s ability to focus on and listen to directions. Here’s how to improve listening skills in children with ADHD and Autism: Make the Message Interactive Sometimes words aren’t enough to…

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6 Vitamins and Minerals That Improve ADD/ADHD

There are several different medications out on the market that is meant to quell the symptoms of ADD and ADHD. But these medications are both expensive and may have severe side effects on children. You may eventually decide that medication is your best option. However, you may be equally surprised to discover there are vitamins…

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Physical Therapy for Special Needs

Physical Therapy for Special Needs With the services we provide, we are often asked “what is physical therapy for special needs and how is it different than personal training?  Many special needs clients have both an outside physical therapist and a personal trainer with Special Strong.  We often work in conjunction with therapists to provide…

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