Full Body Workout Video


Get immediate access to our Adaptive Full Body Workout Video!  Led by a certified Special Strong instructor and two special needs clients, this engaging video will expertly guide you step-by-step through an adaptive workout based on our scientific CBSE model. Perfect for all fitness levels, the Adaptive Full Body 10-minute workout can be easily followed at home with minimal equipment. Our expert team only selected the most beneficial exercises, which are performed by our trainers and clients at Special Strong.  Each exercise is self-paced, and designed to safely improve cognitive function, increase strength, confidence, stamina, and flexibility. The Adaptive Full Body Workout can be performed independently by those with special needs, or a parent can join. Watch on your computer, smartphone, or tablet without needing to download any additional software. Equipment needed: weighted bar.

Exercises Include:

• 1-2 Minute Warm-up
• Squat to Overhead Press
• Deadlift to Upright Row to Clean to Overhead Press
• Bicycles
• Hand Planks
• Superman
• 1-minute cool-down