Is Your Special Needs Child Overweight? Low Muscle Tone? Poor Motor Skills?

Gym training improves muscle tone, balance, and endurance

Does your child have Down's Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, or a rare genetic condition? Gym training helps with weight loss, stamina, and socialization.

No credit card required. This no obligation pass gives you access to our grouo classes and private training at any participating Special Strong location.

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Robert came to our gym when he was 15.

At first, Robert was reluctant to exercise. And Robert's mother worried that he wouldn't be able to do the exercises or get along with the other kids at the gym. Despite her reservations, Robert's mother decided to give it a try.

Six months later, what she saw...

...was a child transformed. Not only could Robert do activities he was previously unable to do (including basketball, running, and weightlifting), his mood had noticeably improved. And Robert's mom wasn't the only one who noticed.

Meet Jennifer and Robert:

special needs parent autism fitness

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If Your Special Needs Child Is Overweight, Has Low Muscle Tone, Or Poor Motor Skills…

They can lose weight, build muscle, refine their motor skills, and improve their balance, through fun exercises with friendly trainers

"I've tried so many other therapies, so naturally I was skeptical but I’m so glad I gave it a chance.   Not only did my son, Josh, lose weight and gain muscle, but his confidence sky-rocketed and he was able to get his first-time job as an adult! I’m seeing a new side of my son for the first time in my life." - Karen W.

Watch Lives Get Transformed:


16-year old Jude improving his posture by doing seated low rows with his trainer Daniel


A group of teens practicing socialization with their trainers Daniel & Carolyn


25-year old Josh and his mom sharing her son's story with the world

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Special Strong has worked with over 1000 clients of all ages and levels of ability. 80% of our clients see progress with our program.

We help special needs children and adults with down syndrome, autism, or cerebral palsy who are:

  • Not motivated to exercise
  • Lacking in stamina
  • Get tired easily
  • Have poor motor skills
  • Are overweight or obese
  • Gain more weight each year

Don’t Think Your Child Can Do It? Neither Did They! And Look At Their Children Now…

Training. It’s the only way to explain these results

Our friendly trainers are extensively vetted and trained (scroll down to find out how it works) to work with children who have special needs, autism, cerebral palsy, and rare genetic conditions. Real testimonials from real mothers.

My child loves the group class. He mostly enjoys getting out of the house-the social aspect of working, being around others like him. It is a good mix of balance, cardio, and strength. Surprisingly, my child works hard and doesn’t even whine when things challenge him. I’m very satisfied with the patient, knowledgeable trainers and challenging program.

Christie J. (Erin)

Over the past two years, my son was diagnosed with several medical conditions. He lost so much physically, spiritually, and emotionally. As he began to heal, I knew more could be accomplished. I found a personal trainer and a nutritionist through Special Strong. They have brought life back into my son. Thank you, Special Strong, for giving me my son back.

Karen W. (Josh)

Since starting Special Strong in 2016, my son, Robert, has fewer meltdowns and has developed more endurance for physical activity. Robert needed an outlet to manage his meltdowns and help with flexibility. He can now endure over an hour of physical activity and started playing multiple sports! Robert’s teachers have told us how much improvement they have seen in his behavior and he is learning to listen and follow directions without my having to be there to ensure that he listens to his instructor. I also got to speak with a nutritionist through this program. She helped Robert to develop better-eating habits which resulted in losing over twenty pounds! I am so grateful for Special Strong and everything they have done with my family.

Jennifer H. (Robert)

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Our capable trainers specialize in Down’s syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, and other rare conditions

If a client is having a meltdown, the trainer uses de-escalation techniques (ex. breathing techniques) to calm them down.

If a client shows poor behavior (ex. running away, laying on floor, screaming, kicking/hitting) the trainer kindly yet firmly re-directs the student by patiently insisting with positive reinforcement.

If a client shows good behavior, the trainer uses praise to encourage good behavior.

If a client is attention-seeking (ex. talking, being silly, bothering other students) our trainers will ignore the behavior and kindly yet firmly insist on compliance until the child follows through.

If a child is fixated on sensory stimulation (ex. jumping, rubbing hands, can’t stand still, touching clothes) our trainers help them re-focus by supplying positive reinforcement when the child is NOT doing it.

We help your child WANT to be on their best behavior with “IF, THEN” statements. For example, “Joe, IF you do jumping jacks, THEN I’ll let you have a water break.”

No credit card required. This no obligation pass gives you access to our group classes and private training at any participating Special Strong location.


Improved muscle tone, healthier habits, balance, and endurance. Your child has fun while improving their socialization and health.


Having Fun

Positive reinforcement from our friendly trainers makes exercise fun for your special needs child.


Loves making friends

We create a fun, safe environment for your child to feel included and accepted. As a result, many special needs children experience an uplift in socialization.


Healthier habits

Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore. If your special child’s doctor has recommended exercise, our fun program is an excellent option.


Increased independence

We help special needs children increase their strength, motor skills, and balance which increases independence so they can do more things on their own.


New abilities

Improved muscle tone, balance, and endurance gives your child the ability to perform physical tasks that were previously impossible.


Improves other therapies

Is your child taking horse therapy? Physical therapy? Swim therapy? Art therapy? Increased motor skills and balance improves the efficacy of many other therapies.

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How We Vet Trainers

On Average, Only 1 In 50 Candidates Are Hired

We run intensive background checks, perform reference checks, and have not one, not two, but THREE interviews. We look for their “why” as it relates to working with Special Needs. We look for relevant training experience in the training industry and/or with special needs (such as volunteer experience). We train them with our own nationally accredited certification program for special needs (accredited through NASM, AFFA, ACE, NCTRC, NCSF, and NFPT for Down’s Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and other conditions). Our accredited certification program is mandatory for every trainer and consists of four different courses, each taking about ten hours long to complete. Trainers learn how to communicate with special needs children, build rapport, address meltdowns, and more. Our interview process is rigorous and we only hire 1 in 50 candidates on average. Out of over 1000 clients we’ve worked with, 80% have seen progress with our trainers.


No credit card required. This no obligation pass gives you access to our group classes and private training at any participating Special Strong location.


How does pricing work after the free 7-day pass expires?

Great question!  Since every market is different, we encourage you to call your local Special Strong location to get pricing details.

My child has a rare condition. It’s one in a million! Can you help?

Yes! We’ve helped many children with rare conditions. Even if your child has unique needs, our trainers will work with you to make sure your child feels safe, comfortable and loved.

Will my child get a male or female trainer?

Unfortunately, although we wish we could accommodate, we cannot guarantee a male or female trainer for your child due to the availability of the trainer.

Can my child really do this?

Absolutely. We believe in your child and will give them as much encouragement as needed to thrive in a gym environment. If you still have doubts about your child’s specific situation, take advantage of the no-obligation free 7-day pass.

Can I talk to someone from your team?

Absolutely! After you complete your 7-day pass form, we will promptly reach out to you to answer questions and discuss the next steps.  You can also find our contact information on this page to email or call us directly.

Do you take insurance?

No. For many parents, this is an advantage because our cash prices are competitive to adjusted insurance rates, and there is no set number of limited visits like insurance has.

No credit card required. This no obligation pass gives you access to our group classes and private training at any participating Special Strong location.