Special Needs Jobs in Plano

Not everyone has the patience or the passion to work with individuals with special needs. But the fact that you’re searching for this type of job shows us that you have more skill and drive than many others out there. Below are a few special needs jobs in Plano.

Good luck with your job search!

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Note: If you were hoping to find jobs suited for adults with special needs in this post (and not jobs working with adults with special needs), don’t worry! We’ll write about this soon, and link back to it here when it’s posted.

1. Special Needs Assistant at Prestonwood Baptist Church

Prestonwood Baptist Church is a large baptist church in Plano with over 200 employees and even more members. This church is large enough to house a diverse congregation, including people of differing abilities and special needs. Over time, they came to understand the value of a special needs ministry, so they created one that not only offers Bible fellowship classes but also peer activities for children with special needs (that also serve as a respite for parents).

Prestonwood is hiring a Special Needs Assistant that helps teach bible study classes to special needs children. Not only will this person help organize the lessons, but they’ll also prepare sensory-evoking materials to help make the lessons more palatable. Click here to apply.

2. Instructor (and More!) at My Possibilities

My Possibilities is a continuing education facility for adults with special needs. They recently opened their new campus in Plano and strive for an atmosphere as close to a university as possible. Not only does My Possibilities offer life skills classes, but they also offer vocational training and career exploration classes.

My Possibilities is a large facility, so there are many open opportunities for you to choose from, including:

3. Personal Trainer for Special Needs Clients at Special Strong

Special Strong is a Christian company that works to promote fitness and health literacy within special needs communities. At Special Strong, our personal trainers are certified and love working with individuals with special needs.

Our training program works to target three health areas for children and adults with special needs:

  1. Balance and flexibility through core strength.
  2. Healthier brain function and sensory reception.
  3. Strength and endurance through aerobic conditioning.

If you’re looking for a job that integrates your passion for fitness, special needs, and faith, this is the job for you!

Click here to join the team!

Other Special Needs Jobs Around Plano



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