Special Needs Activities in Plano

When you have children with special needs, it can be difficult to find activities in your community that accommodate your whole family. Some places in Plano are making an effort to include children and adults with special needs.

Here are a few special needs activities in Plano:

1. Adapted Recreation

The City of Plano has a program called Adapted Recreation for children and adults with special needs. There are activities available to children as young as 12 months and adults as old as 60! These activities are fun for the whole family and vary enough to keep everyone’s interest.

Adapted Recreation offers the following activities to people with special needs in Plano:

  • Fitness
  • Fine arts
  • Arts and crafts
  • Learning activities
  • Outings
  • And more!

Activities for children with special needs are designed to not only entertain them but to also improve important skills, such as:

  • Motor skills
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Spacial awareness
  • Body image
  • Self-esteem
  • Confidence

2. Jack Carter Park

In 2017, Plano built a special-needs-friendly playground in Jack Carter Park so that children with special needs could play alongside their able-minded and -bodied peers. A number of attributes make this park special-needs-friendly, namely its accessibility. There are not only wheelchair ramps leading into the park but also up to each piece of equipment. What’s more, is that platforms are lower to the ground to make transitioning in and out of a wheelchair easier.

Other features at this park that make this a great special needs activity include:

  • A swing set children can lay on, rather than sit in
  • Security bars on equipment
  • Sense-stimulating equipment
  • Equipment that inspires learning and development



3. Prestonwood Baptist Church

For parents of children with special needs who are active in their Christian faith, Prestonwood Baptist Church has a special needs ministry that goes beyond Sunday school. While Bible fellowship classes are available to children with special needs on both Sunday mornings and Saturday evenings, they also offer respite for parents on Friday nights from 6:00 to 9:30 p.m. Prestonwood also hosts luncheons and dinners for families with special needs children and hold Wednesday night ministries.

For family-friendly fun that promotes a Christian message, register your child for activities at Prestonwood at the link above.

4. Special Strong

Special Strong is a service that offers personal training and nutrition to children and adults with special needs. Our personal trainers meet our clients at their gym of choice and guide them through workouts that are designed to meet their special needs.

We offer two different classes that you can choose to take at once or separately:

Special Strong Boot Camp

The goal of these boot camps is to help make exercise fun and achievable. Not only are our clients increase their strength and endurance during sessions, but they’re also socializing with others who have special needs. These boot camps also improve self-esteem and confidence! Click the link to register.

If you’re interested in taking your special need child’s fitness to the next level, consider enrolling them in personal training sessions at Special Strong. We have a 7-day FREE trial that enables you to try our service without signing anything in ink.

Special Strong provides fitness and nutrition for special needs children, adolescents, and adults with autism and other disabilities. Through our online training platform, we also provide special needs fitness certification courses for personal trainers and service providers who want to work autism and other disabilities.