Sensory Workouts for People with Autism and ADHD

Exercise is a wonderful outlet for those with Autism and ADHD. Not only does general exercise help with hyperactivity, but sensory-specific exercises can also reduce sensory sensitivity. Here are some sensory workouts for people with Autism and ADHD:

Sensory Workout #1: Swinging

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Swinging isn’t just fun for kids! It’s actually a pretty decent ab workout for adults too. What’s more: swinging provides an interesting sensation for those with ADHD or on the Autism spectrum, so it’s a perfect sensory workout. We recommend installing a swing in your backyard or a vestibular swing in your home for easy access.

Sensory Workout #2: Playing Catch

Playing catch is more than just a father-son bonding opportunity. It’s also a great exercise in hand-eye coordination. Rather than sitting around and watching TV, the simple act of throwing and catching a ball can be a small but impactful exercise of motor skills for those with Autism and ADHD.

Sensory Workout #3: Hiking

Hiking is a wonderful sensory experience, regardless of the season or weather. Being in nature brings surprises around every corner and under every branch. Hiking is good cardio, but it can also be good for strength-training, depending on how much climbing is involved. The exercise and the adventure provide a delightful sensory exercise for people with ADHD and Autism.

Sensory Workout #4: Colorful Weightlifting

Lifting weights can seem tedious at first, but over time, you can develop a certain comforting rhythm in the exercise. Using colorful weights (especially those with varying shapes – like using a medicine ball or a kettlebell or barbells) can bring a visual experience to a tactile one. This variant makes this simple exercise a perfect sensory workout for those with ADHD and Autism.

Sensory Workout #5: Jogging with Noise-Canceling Headphones

Jogging is the gentler cousin of running. It allows you to move at your own pace, jump-starting your heart while enabling you to ration your energy for a longer distance. This simple exercise alone has been known to help those on the spectrum and with ADD or ADHD by releasing dopamine and centering the cerebellum. However, adding noise-canceling headphones to the exercise makes it an enticing sensory experience.

Sensory Workout #6: Swimming

Swimming is one of the best exercises you can do. It combines cardio with strength training in a fun, natural way. Just walking around in the pool can give you a healthier heart and mind. The water element, of course, is what makes these experience a sensory workout.

More Sensory Workouts for People with Autism and ADHD

If you want to take your fitness journey to the next level, with a workout routine catered to your unique needs, look no further. Special Strong has a team filled with personal trainers who are knowledgeable about the unique symptoms of Autism and ADHD. We believe that fitness should be accessible to all, and we’re ready to help whenever you are! Sign up for one of our private training sessions or local group classes today.


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