What You Get

Many of our clients see benefits like weight loss, increased muscle tone, strength, endurance, balance, and even mood - priceless! And here's how we do it:

  • Our services cost 40% less than the national average
  • We use a science-based model (CBS Model) with brain integration
  • Our company is faith-based while respecting all beliefs and non-affiliations
  • For private training, you get a detailed progress report from our assessments every quarter
  • Our team is expert trained in behavior and communication techniques
  • All of our trainers are NCCA accredited, background checked, and are certified Special Strong Trainers

General Pricing

Boot camps (group environment)

start at $20/class and range from $50-$80/month depending on how often you want to attend

Semi-private training (2-on-1)

starts at $149/month for once a week 30-minute training sessions

Private training (1-on-1)

starts at $299/month for once a week 30-minute sessions.

For private training & nutrition, we have over 20 customized training packages to fit your budget and lifestyle.

Now offering a FREE 7-day pass! Use your FREE 7-day to try out up to two bootcamps (on-site) up to one private 1-1 training session (on-site) and up to one nutrition session (virtual).

Pricing comparison

How does our pricing match up when compared to similar services? We compared our pricing to the different kinds of therapists used by many special needs children & adults.

Private Training

ServiceAvg. PriceSpecial Strong
Specialized Personal Trainer$175/sessionSave $100/session
Physical Therapist$250/sessionSave $175/session
Social Skills Therapist$150/sessionSave $75/session
Occupational Therapist$150/sessionSave $75/session
Behavior Therapist$150/sessionSave $75/session


On average, the cost for a therapist is: $175/session
(not including evaluation fees, gas, tolls or mileage)


We also compared our pricing to dietitians and nutritionists, since we offer a virtual nutrition session which people love.

ServiceAverage PriceSpecial Strong
Feeding Therapy$200/sessionSave $125/session
Registered Dietitian$150/sessionSave $75/session
Certified Nutritionist$100/sessionSave $25/session


On average, the cost for professional health coaching is: $150/session
(not including evaluation fees, gas, tolls or mileage)

Pricing FAQs

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we can split up monthly payments or extend payments out.

Are your services tax-deducible?

In many cases, yes. Speak with your CPA for details.

Do you accept insurance?

We do not accept any type of insurance, but often cost less self-pay services.

Do you offer financial assistance?

Currently, we do not but hope to in the future.