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Notre Dame School of Dallas

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About Notre Dame School of Dallas

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Notre Dame School recognizes that each person is created in the image of God and actively educates students with developmental disabilities. The school also facilitates their integration into society.

For over fifty years this mission statement has guided the Notre Dame School as it has served as a unique educational resource in Dallas. The school is the only school exclusively devoted to educating students with developmental disabilities. The school’s individualized curriculum ensures that each child’s needs are met in a caring and appropriate way.

Notre Dame School was founded in 1963 by the School Sisters of Notre Dame.

Firstly, the School serves students with developmental disabilities ages 6 through 26. Secondly, grouping students according to age, the school teaches them at their particular functioning level within their age group. Additionally, the academic curriculum emphasizes math, science, reading, social studies and language arts. Furthermore, music, PE, computer and religion classes are offered to all students. Moreover, independent living skills, job skills and career exploration are important elements in the upper school. Lastly, Christian values and attitudes are taught in all classes. As appropriate, the school actively involves Catholic students in sacramental preparation.

Notre Dame School of Dallas: Set Up

The student teacher ratio is low (10 students to two teachers) at Notre Dame and all teachers have a college degree as well as experience working with students with special needs. Notre Dame School is very fortunate to have volunteers from the community, including the youth from area Catholic schools, who come on a regular basis to work and interact with the students in their classrooms.

Use positive discipline as a means to teach and encourage students to develop self-control and responsibility. The main program used, “Project Career” is an effective reward system that encourages appropriate behavior as well as teaching basic budgeting skills. The school “pays” students daily for appropriate behavior and fines them for unacceptable behavior.

Notre Dame is a loving and caring campus. One of the unique elements of a Notre Dame education is the opportunities available to form meaningful and lasting friendships. Encourage these friendships and foster independence by offering a wide range of extracurricular activities.

How Notre Dame School of Dallas Got Its Start

The School Sisters of Notre Dame founded Notre Dame School in the fall of 1963.

They started with only 19 students. At that time, there were no classroom programs for students with intellectual disabilities in Dallas.  In 1972 when the school moved to the University of Dallas campus, enrollment had grown to 108 students aged 6 to 12.  In 1973, a vocational component was added to the school programs to serve the needs of older students aged 13 to 21.  Notre Dame moved to its current location in the Uptown area of Dallas in 1989.  This central location has allowed for expansion and offers additional opportunities for vocational training.  The school currently serves over 160 students aged 6 to 26.

A History of The School Sisters of Notre Dame

The congregation of the School Sisters of Notre Dame (SSND) is an international community of religious women. Blessed Theresa Gehardinger founded the order in 1833 in Regensburg, Germany. The School Sisters of Notre Dame are educators to whom education means enabling persons to reach the fullness of their potential as individuals created in God’s image and assisting them to direct their gifts toward building the earth.

The School Sisters of Notre Dame began as educators and continue as educators. Now located throughout the world, SSNDs serve in a variety of ministries, grounded in the concept of transforming the world through education in the broadest sense.

Notre Dame School is a private school for special needs within the diocese of Dallas.

The School Sisters of Notre Dame own the school, and they operate it through a two-tiered board of which the SSNDs serve as trustees.

The Legacy of Notre Dame School of Dallas

Founded on the principles of faith, knowledge, and service, Notre Dame School of Dallas has become a cornerstone in the local educational landscape. The school’s mission revolves around cultivating well-rounded individuals who not only excel academically but also contribute meaningfully to society.

One of the distinctive features of Notre Dame School is its unwavering dedication to personalized education. With small class sizes and a focus on individualized learning, students receive the attention and support needed to reach their full potential. The school’s faculty comprises passionate educators who not only impart knowledge but also instill values that extend beyond the classroom.

Beyond academics, Notre Dame School places a strong emphasis on character development and community engagement. Encourage students to actively participate in a variety of extracurricular activities, service projects, and leadership opportunities. This holistic approach to education ensures that graduates of Notre Dame School not only excel in their chosen fields but also emerge as compassionate and responsible members of society.

The school’s commitment to embracing diversity and fostering an inclusive community is evident in its vibrant student body. Notre Dame School celebrates the unique talents and perspectives of each individual, creating an environment where everyone feels valued and supported.

As the Notre Dame School of Dallas continues to evolve with the changing times, it remains steadfast in its dedication to shaping the leaders of tomorrow. Moreover, with a strong foundation built on tradition, faith, and academic rigor, Notre Dame School continues to inspire excellence in its students. Additionally, it leaves an indelible mark on the educational landscape of Dallas.

Beyond Borders: Notre Dame School of Dallas – Nurturing Global Citizens Through Education

In the vibrant tapestry of Dallas education, Notre Dame School stands as a testament to its commitment to fostering global citizens. Rooted in tradition and propelled by a forward-thinking approach, this esteemed institution goes beyond academic excellence. It instills in its students a deep sense of global awareness and cultural appreciation. Additionally, it fosters a commitment to making a positive impact on the world. The institution prioritizes shaping individuals who are not only academically proficient but also socially conscious global citizens.

Global Perspectives in Education

At Notre Dame School, expose students to a diverse range of perspectives, creating a dynamic learning environment that mirrors the interconnected world they will navigate. International studies, exchange programs, and collaborative projects with students from around the globe are integral components of the curriculum. This not only broadens their horizons but also prepares them to thrive in an increasingly interconnected and globalized society.

Cultivating Cultural Competence

Furthermore, Notre Dame School recognizes the significance of cultural competence and seamlessly integrates cultural education into its fabric. As a result, students not only participate in cultural events but also engage in language studies and celebrate festivals from various traditions. This immersive approach fosters open-mindedness and equips students with the essential skills needed to thrive in a multicultural world.

Service Beyond Borders

A cornerstone of the Notre Dame School experience is its commitment to service. Encourage students to actively participate in international service projects, collaborating with organizations that address global challenges. Additionally, this hands-on approach to service makes a positive impact on communities around the world. It also instills in students a sense of responsibility as global citizens.

Language Learning Excellence

Recognizing the importance of effective communication in a global context, Notre Dame School places a strong emphasis on language education. Students have the opportunity to learn multiple languages, preparing them to engage confidently with people from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Global Alumni Network

Additionally, the Notre Dame School community extends beyond local boundaries. Furthermore, graduates of Notre Dame School form a global alumni network, creating connections that span continents. As a result, the network serves as a valuable resource for career development and mentorship. Moreover, this underscores the school’s prowess in cultivating individuals who excel in diverse fields worldwide.

As Notre Dame School of Dallas continues to shape the future leaders of our interconnected world, its dedication to nurturing global citizens sets it apart. Notre Dame School achieves its mission through a combination of academic rigor, cultural immersion, and a commitment to service. The school actively ensures that students are well-prepared for success in their immediate community. Additionally, it equips them to make a positive impact on a global scale.

Importance of Education in Special Needs

The education of individuals with special needs is a critical aspect of fostering inclusive societies and enabling all individuals to reach their full potential. Educational institutions tailored to special needs, such as the Notre Dame School of Dallas, play a pivotal role in this process. These schools understand the unique challenges faced by students with disabilities and developmental delays and offer specialized programs and resources to address these needs effectively.

Firstly, specialized education for those with special needs offers more than just academic learning; it provides a holistic approach to development. Schools like the Notre Dame School of Dallas are equipped with trained professionals who understand the nuances of disabilities and developmental delays. They employ tailored teaching methods and therapeutic interventions designed to nurture the individual strengths of each student. This personalized education strategy ensures that students not only learn academic subjects but also develop life skills that are crucial for independence and success in society.

Moreover, the importance of education for individuals with special needs extends to social and emotional development. Integrating children with special needs into educational settings where they feel valued and understood promotes a sense of belonging and community. It helps build their self-esteem and social skills, which are essential components of personal development. By providing a supportive and inclusive environment, schools specializing in special needs education create opportunities for students to interact, form friendships, and learn from one another.

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Another critical aspect of special needs education is its role in breaking down barriers and challenging societal stereotypes. Institutions like the Notre Dame School of Dallas showcase the capabilities and achievements of individuals with special needs, emphasizing that they can lead productive and fulfilling lives.

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