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Who is Kimberly Gorham

Kimberly Gorham stands at the forefront of the transformative journey at Life Skills Autism Academy. She embodies dedication and passion within the sphere of autism education. With a rich background and deep expertise in the field, she crafts an environment where every individual’s potential is acknowledged and nurtured. Kimberly empowers students to overcome daily hurdles with confidence. Her holistic approach underpins the academy’s philosophy, transcending beyond mere academic instruction. She focuses on the development of crucial life skills. This comprehensive method ensures that individuals are prepared for various life aspects, promoting overall growth and independence.

Under Kimberly’s leadership, firstly, the academy commits to a comprehensive development model that inherently includes enhanced communication strategies, social skill development, self-regulation techniques, and fostering a sense of independence. Consequently, the objective becomes clear: to meticulously equip individuals with autism with the necessary tools for thriving across all facets of life – whether in school, within the familial setting, or across their broader community interactions.

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Furthermore, the Life Skills Autism Academy, steered with dedication by Kimberly Gorham, emerges as a beacon of hope and empowerment. Subsequently, within this nurturing environment, both families and individuals on the autism spectrum embark on a personalized journey characterized by growth, skill enhancement, and profound self-discovery. Importantly, it’s a place where individual potential is carefully nurtured, where achievements, big and small, are fervently celebrated, and where every student is passionately encouraged to soar towards a brighter, more independent future.

Tell Us What You Do

Life Skills Autism Academy is a highly-specialized, center-based treatment program designed to provide the best developmental experience possible for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

The academy’s status as leading experts in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) allows their highly-trained clinicians to excel. They develop individualized, one-on-one programs tailored to each child. These programs focus on breaking down routine tasks into manageable steps for children. Through this method, children with autism experience improvements in communication ability, daily living skills, and social behaviors. Such progress is crucial for their success in school, at home, and within their community.

Life Skills Autism Academy has rooted their entire program in evidence that early intensive intervention leads to the greatest potential reached by children on the autism spectrum. For this reason, Life Skills Autism Academy asks families to make a commitment to the program and therapy.

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Research shows that children receiving intensive early treatment services often see improved long-term outcomes. However, the journey towards these services begins with a diagnosis. Surprisingly, some studies have found that the effects of early interventions can be profound. In certain instances, a child with autism who starts therapy in infancy might not show signs of the disorder by age 3. This was presented in the “Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 9/14”. Such findings illuminate the significance of early therapeutic engagement. They offer a hopeful direction for families navigating an autism diagnosis for their child.

Upon diagnosis, Life Skills Autism Academy forms a dedicated team for each child, consisting of Board-Certified Behavior Analysts, Behavior Technicians, and Client Service Managers. Each team is tailored to the child’s unique abilities and challenges. Together, they collaborate to develop and implement programs. These programs are designed to assist the child in successfully performing everyday tasks. Tasks can range from brushing their teeth to sitting through a meal.

Tell Us Your Story and How You Got Started with Life Skills Autism Academy

Life Skills Autism Academy is a Centria Healthcare Company. Centria Healthcare was founded in 2009 as a provider of Pediatric Nursing and Catastrophic Injury Care. One of Centria’s early pediatric patients required ABA Therapy. Centria rose to the occasion, with the beginning of the Autism Services branch of Centria Healthcare in 2010. Centria Autism has become a leading provider of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy to children with autism in the country.

After just five years, Centria Autism grew to be the largest ABA Therapy provider in Michigan. Centria Healthcare has since expanded its services to Arizona, California, Indiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas and Washington.

Today, Centria life skills autism academy employs nearly 3,500 full and part-time passionate professionals. Centria Healthcare will continue to improve their efforts through community outreach, continued education and employment growth, Centria strives to serve more children living with Autism.

The standard-setting care provided by Centria Autism is validated by industry accreditation from The Joint Commission (JCAHO) and the Behavior Health Centers of Excellence (BHCOE). (Centria Healthcare is BHCOE accredited in Michigan, New Mexico and Texas. These states were awarded a 1-year accreditation by the BHCOE.)

Our mission is to help every child living with autism to develop, pursue and achieve their own goals and dreams through high-quality ABA Therapy and support. Furthermore, through community outreach, continued education and employment growth, Centria strives to serve more children living with Autism.

If Someone Was Considering Your Autism Skills Services, What Would You Want Them to Know?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy is an evidence-based therapy in which behavior modifications are consistently applied and rewarded to make a meaningful change in overall behavior.

During ABA Therapy, skills are broken down into small, easy-to-learn steps. Positive reinforcement is a key strategy in motivating the child during the process. Meanwhile, data about the child’s progress is collected at each step. Furthermore, this information is crucial for modifying their personalized treatment plan as needed. ABA Therapy stands out as the most effective treatment available for children with ASD. It is the only approach that has been shown to result in significant, enduring improvements. Over 1,000 peer-reviewed, scientific articles on autism have documented the successes of ABA Therapy. Both the National Institute of Health and the Association for Science in Autism Treatment have endorsed the method. Furthermore, the U.S. Surgeon General has also recommended ABA Therapy for children with autism.

Put simply, ABA Therapy breaks everyday processes and situations into small, easy-to-understand steps. Those steps are learned, repeated and rewarded until they become an unaided behavior. During therapy, your child will be engaged in fun, developmentally appropriate learning activities with a behavior technician under the supervision of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

Life Skills Academy’s Therapists are trained to provide an individualized program for your child based on his/her specific needs. This one-on-one approach lets your child and therapist build an incredible connection, helping them to reach their maximum potential.

Empowering Lives: Life Skills Autism Academy with Kimberly Gorham”

Welcome to the Life Skills Autism Academy, where transformative learning meets compassionate guidance under the leadership of Kimberly Gorham. Firstly, as a dedicated professional in the field of autism education, Kimberly brings a wealth of expertise to the academy, creating a nurturing environment for individuals on the spectrum.

Furthermore, at Life Skills Autism Academy, our focus extends beyond conventional education. Significantly, Kimberly Gorham emphasizes a holistic approach, instilling essential life skills that empower individuals with autism to thrive in various aspects of daily living. From communication and social interactions to self-regulation and independence, our academy is dedicated to fostering a supportive community where every individual can reach their full potential.

Lastly, join us on a journey of empowerment, where Life Skills Autism Academy becomes a cornerstone for personal growth, skill development, and a brighter future for individuals with autism.

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