How to Get an Adaptive Athlete Trainer’s Certification

Adaptive Athlete Certification

Adaptive training courses are offered to trainers, coaches, and medical professionals who work with persons with disabilities. These certifications contribute to improving adaptive athletes’ health and wellness nationwide.

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The increase in demand for highly skilled professionals who can provide this specific type of expertise has risen dramatically. Because of this, it’s become easier to get a certification for trainers and adaptive athletes. If you’re interested, read on to learn more.

Are you qualified to take these courses?

As long as you are atleast 18 years of age, you can enroll in any course. Generally, a valid CPR/AED certification will only be required if you plan to use your adaptive athlete certification to work with others. 

4 Benefits of Getting an Adaptive Athlete Certification

1. Get Quality Training

As an athlete, you must be on a constant search for where to get quality training with high-quality adaptive sports equipment. Organizations that can sponsor your training and competitions region-wide or nationwide will welcome you with your certification.

2. Career Growth

Once you are certified, you will be offered more adaptive sport jobs that can help you further your sports, fitness, and athletics career. 

3. Insurance Benefits

If you want to have a career as a trainer or an instructor, getting certified can get you benefits like having your employer cover your insurance. Additionally, your company may cover your client’s medical expenses if they get injured during training. 

4. Inspire Others

Many people find fulfillment and purpose in helping adaptive individuals improve the quality of their life. Generally, you’ll be able to pass your experience to younger individuals who seek guidance and inspiration as they start their journey to become adaptive athlete trainers like yourself. 

How to Get an Adaptive Athlete Trainer Certification

You’re already one step ahead the moment you decide to become certified. Generally, it’s a process that shouldn’t take you that long. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting adaptive athlete fitness certification

Step 1: Sign Up With a Highly Recognized Institution

The website contains courses, lesson formats, trainers, and schedules. In fact, your decision to get formal training will help you gain more confidence in passing the exam and increases your chance of getting certified. 

Step 2: Choose a Program

Inquire about the courses and what they highlight. For athletes, courses highlight how to handle barriers to participation and the roles of the trainers in supporting them in participation.

Step 3: Attend Seminars

Courses usually take 10-20 hours in total. Their formats may vary depending on your program. Some courses can be divided into 4-hour sessions. Of course, you can choose those that fit your schedule.  

Step 4: Study Smart

The courses are customized so that you can be motivated to study and ace the adaptive fitness certification exam. Indeed, good preparation is to study smart every day.  

Create a Study Schedule

The goal in making a schedule is to be able to study every day. Therefore, condition your mind and body to study even when you are not motivated or in the mood. Additionally, schedule your BREAKS. This will prevent you from getting burnt out. 

Invest in your Study Area

Your environment is a huge factor in your capacity to take in all the information you need to pass that examination. Therefore, make sure your space is conducive to studying, helps you to focus, and keeps you on your momentum. Additionally, avoid noisy and cluttered areas as this will only get you distracted and frustrated with yourself later on.

Know your Study Technique

Study techniques vary for every individual. Basically, one technique may work for the other but may not work for you. So, find the one that perfectly suits your pace.

Take Down Notes

Studying smart is knowing which details to put in your notes and reviewers. The best thing about making these notes is that they’re easy to go back to from time to time. Additionally, it refreshes your memory and eventually makes it easier to remember information. 

Refer to Different Sources

Do not limit yourself to single study material. Do your research. In fact, the internet is endless, and so much information is available. Indeed, widening your knowledge will help you ace the exam! 

Step 5: Prepare for the Examination

After doing everything listed above, you should know that you are prepared for the examination. Being anxious and nervous is normal. However, avoid cramming anything on the day before the exam to clear your head. Get proper sleep and eat a healthy breakfast. Of course, this is an exam that you’ve prepared well for. 

Step 6: Get an Adaptive Athlete Certification for Trainers

This certification will help you navigate so many opportunities out there for you. Surely, you made the right decision in choosing this journey. Overcome your doubts and fears.

How to Choose a Certified Program

It’s still certainly up to you to choose the right program to get certified. However, how do you know if you chose the right program? These are some tips that you may find useful in choosing one.

Invest in an Accredited Program

Your best pick is affiliating with highly-recognized institutions. Generally, these will assure you a quality education. If you want those that aren’t known, maybe they are just about to get accredited, so it’s still better to research their affiliations. 

Do a Background Check

You are more likely to sign up with those that have been in the training industry for a long time. Therefore, check reviews from their students and clients. Their word is reliable as they’ve done.

Choose What Suits Your Current Lifestyle

If you currently work between jobs and want to get certified, your best option is an online program. Check which ones have a flexible format and can fit your schedule. Not only that but also consider if you can afford it. Additionally, you may ask if they offer flexible payment options as well.

Choose What Can Give You More

Consider if they offer more than just learning materials and webinars. If they can get you more resources and even include you in their network, you are getting more than what you’re paying for. Generally, it only means they are committed to giving you every kind of support they can even after you’re certified.

Adaptive Courses Offered

These inclusive and empowering programs offer several specialized courses for would-be adaptive athlete trainers. Let’s explore some soon-to-be attainable roles you might find exciting and fulfilling as you embark on your journey to becoming an adaptive athlete trainer.

Adaptive Special Needs Kickboxing Instructor

Kickboxing is a popular combat sport that involves a wide range of physical movements and high-intensity workouts. As an adaptive special needs kickboxing instructor, you can have the opportunity to not only teach the sport but also inspire individuals and uplift their spirits. This course is designed to equip you with the necessary skills to train adaptive athletes in kickboxing effectively.

Guided by an experienced adaptive kickboxing instructor, you’ll dive into the unique world of adaptive kickboxing, learning movements at both the beginner and intermediate levels. You’ll master the art of tailoring these methods to meet the specific needs and capacities of each individual athlete. To support the learning process and give you a clear visual understanding, comprehensive video demonstrations of movements, techniques, and drills will be provided.

Adaptive Special Needs Kettlebell Instructor

Kettlebell exercises are known to enhance body awareness, coordination, and balance. As an adaptive special needs kettlebell instructor, you’ll be proficient in introducing these aspects of physical fitness into the routines of other adaptive athletes.

Completing this training course will empower you to instruct basic adaptive kettlebell exercises, ideal for beginners and those still exploring their athletic capabilities. A significant focus of this course is learning how to modify existing exercise programs by incorporating kettlebell movements. This allows for comprehensible, achievable, and enjoyable workouts designed specifically for adaptive athletes—the cornerstone of a successful adaptive athletic program.

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As a trusted and skilled trainer, you will make a significant impact in the lives of many adaptive athletes with these courses.

What is included in every bundle? 

Aside from a high chance of passing the examination, the courses come with affordable payment terms and may also come with these inclusions. 

For the highest level of certification, you can take the Adaptive Special Needs Master Trainer Bundle with these included:

  • 8 courses
  • Downloadable tools and templates
  • Certification diploma
  • CEUs/CECs
  • Adapted video library
  • Brain integration techniques
  • Live training videos
  • Sample plans
  • Virtual training curriculum
  • Comprehensive nutrition coaching
  • Life skills training techniques

Meanwhile, if you want to help people with mental and physical challenges as a career, get certified with the Adaptive Special Needs Fitness Trainer Bundle. It includes:

  • 4 courses
  • Downloadable tools and templates
  • certification diploma
  • CEUs/CECs
  • Adapted video library
  • Brain integration techniques
  • Live training videos and sample plans
  • Virtual training curriculum

The Adaptive Special Needs Specialty Trainer bundle provides courses to get employers. Generally, this bundle comes with:

  • Downloadable tools and templates
  • Certification diploma

Who are we affiliated with?

After getting certified, you may need CEUs to maintain your adaptive athlete certification. Here are the organizations that approve the company’s CEU service. 

NASM Fitness Provider

The National Academy of Sports Medicine educates sports performance and sports medicine. They have been in the industry for more than 30 years and are the standard in certification. Additionally, you can acquire 1.4 CEUs through their training. 

AFAA Fitness Provider

Formerly known as the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, they have already issued over 350,000 certifications for trainers and instructors in different countries. Therefore, this makes them one of the most trusted fitness educators in the industry. 

Canfitpro Provider

Being one of Canada’s largest fitness education providers, they deliver accessibility and quality education to their 84,000 members. 

Adaptive Athlete Trainer’s Certification and Competitive Salaries

In the dynamic landscape of sports and fitness, the demand for Adaptive Athlete Trainers has surged, underscoring the significance of specialized certifications in this domain. Achieving a certification as an Adaptive Athlete Trainer not only signifies expertise in tailoring fitness programs for individuals with diverse abilities but also opens avenues to lucrative career opportunities. As the industry recognizes the importance of inclusive fitness, certified trainers find themselves at the forefront, commanding competitive salaries. Embracing diversity and fostering accessibility, Adaptive Athlete Trainers contribute to a more inclusive athletic community while enjoying the financial rewards that come with their unique skill set. Whether in adaptive sports programs, rehabilitation centers, or private training settings, a certified Adaptive Athlete Trainer can anticipate a rewarding career path with salaries reflective of their expertise and commitment to inclusivity in fitness.

Adaptive Athlete Certification for Trainers

Your certification gives you an edge and qualifies you to be one of the health and fitness professionals who work passionately with the adaptive population. So, be proud of yourself for getting this far. Obtain an adaptive athlete certification with Certify Strong by signing up today and saving 10% on your enrolment.

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