How Much to Own a Gym Franchise for Steady Profit?

How Much to Own a Gym Franchise for Steady Profit

Owning a gym franchise is an exciting business, from promoting the health and fitness of your gym members to providing special ways to support the community’s overall well-being. Getting started with, or even doing some restructuring around your gym franchise’s business model to achieve the best possible profit can be difficult. Here’s how much to own a gym franchise for steady profit from the experts at Special Strong.

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How to Make a Profit as a Gym Franchise Owner

Making a profit as a gym franchise owner might be your main goal, but to reach it, it’s important to know who is on the other side of it. You guessed it; we are talking about your clientele. It’s one thing to get new clients or visitors in the door – which is great if you do! – but keeping them there as loyal patrons is key.

Memberships can sometimes be tricky to maintain because they either involve contracts, which can scare people, or be on a month-to-month fee basis, which is not always seen as stable. But don’t let that scare you! There is so much that you can offer as a gym franchisee to not only bring in new profit but to keep a steady profit among those who have already committed to your services.


How to Bring in New Clientele to Increase Profit

Simple but true, when people are shopping around for gym memberships or health clubs, they are drawn to places that they know are going to cater to their personal fitness and health needs. Many people look for things such as:


Trustworthy Contract

Contracts are important to have, but it’s unlikely that an overly strict one would be very appealing to potential clients. Be inviting and reasonable, but firm on your policies, and remember that tricks won’t get you far.


Budget-Friendly Payments

Offer several plans to choose from, and you will have many satisfied customers.


Great References and Reviews

Google, Yelp, Facebook, and other online reviews can help you build your reputation in the community.


Gym Culture

People thrive well in particular environments, and they’ll usually know immediately if they feel a good vibe. Offer a tour of the facility during the consultation for more guidance in the decision-making process.



No one likes a dirty machine! Gyms are notorious for being full of germs, which makes it that more important to have a clean space at all times.


Quality, User-Friendly Machines

This expectation is very important to meet; a machine that is difficult to use can be quite discouraging and frustrating for anyone. Complicated machines can even cause anxiety that is serious enough to keep people away from the gym.



These make fitness fun – and the scheduling aspect provides accountability for gym-goers to regularly use their membership.


Personal Trainers

One-on-one motivation is always a great thing to offer.


Gym Reciprocity

It’s nice to be exclusive, but it’s convenient to offer the same great benefits of a membership at another franchise location, in addition to yours.


Where to Find New Clientele

It’s important to know where to find potential clients. Running ads on social media is a great way to reach the audience you are looking for. Word of mouth still proves to be a trusted source to bring in new clients as well. While team members can encourage existing gym members to tell their friends and family about their membership perks, great service speaks for itself. (Referral programs never hurt anyone though, right?)


How to Keep Gym Customers Happy 

At the end of the day, a happy customer is a loyal customer. This is true for all business models – gym franchises being no exception. But in order to keep your customers happy, it is important to keep your promises to them and make sure you are constantly maintaining their requests as members. The following suggestions might earn you some more points in the steady profit game:


Additional Member Specials

It’s always nice to get rewarded just because. Consider offering members discounts on their monthly payments from time to time. If your location has a cafe, why not offer smoothie specials a few times a week?


Referral Programs

A win-win for you and your loyal clients. Offering anything from a free month of membership to discounted classes is all you need to motivate your current clientele to get their friends and family to sign up for memberships of their own. Bring-a-buddy programs are another great thing to consider.


Unique Offers

Not all gyms have the exact same amenities. Some even offer massage chairs! If you can keep your gym separate from your competition with special amenities or programs, we definitely recommend doing so.


Which Special Programs Support Steady Profit?

So which programs should you invest in? When you are looking into how much to own within a gym franchise for steady profit, it’s helpful to know which programs benefit members and/or which are the most appealing. 

Inclusivity can be a major driving factor, so having specific personal training models, such as the CBSE training model, which is proven to help those with autism, down syndrome, and many other disabilities is something to consider.

Choosing a program like Special Strong, which uses the CBSE training model, can make a difference in the decision making process for new clients, and boosts your reputation among the community in general. 


Understand Your Gym-Goers

Investing in your members is the most important thing to grasp when you need to know how much to own in a gym franchise for steady profit. Know what it is that they are looking for – there is so much to consider, from budget-friendly payments to specially trained personal trainers

Understanding your members’ unique needs will set you aside from the competition, help you maintain a great reputation in the community, and most importantly, keep a steady profit for your gym franchise.


Special Strong provides adaptive fitness for children, adolescents, and adults with mental, physical and cognitive challenges. We also provide online adaptive fitness certification courses for trainers, service providers, and other professionals. Start your own Special Strong today with an affordable fitness franchise and create a lasting impact on your community.


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