Make a Difference With a Profitable Gym Franchise

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to invest in your future with a Special Strong gym franchise, one of the only businesses in the country providing expert adaptive fitness training for children, adolescents, and adults with mental and physical challenges.

Low Cost Franchise

We’re one of the lowest cost gym franchises that do not require a brick and mortar gym, which means faster financial growth for your low cost franchise.

Competitive Earnings

Our healthy profit margins and low franchise fees make us one of the highest-earning gym franchise opportunities available in the fitness industry.

Turnkey Blueprint

Special Strong's breakthrough turnkey business model and propriety technology stack set you up for lasting success and prosperity.

Full Training and Support

You’ll always have access to our Special Strong University and expert support team to ensure your success, including online training and weekly coaching.

special needs training

Get in on the Ground Floor of a Rapidly Growing Industry

The alternative healthcare industry is exploding throughout the country, which means a meaningful career and financial success for our franchisees. Owning a Special Strong gym franchise is more affordable than you think! We require a much lower investment compared to the average gym franchise start-up, which makes us one of the best low cost franchises that doesn’t require a brick-and-mortar gym. And unlike other fitness franchises, 90% of your earnings go straight into your pocket. You’ll be able to create the lifestyle of your dreams, enjoy a flexible schedule, and greatly improve the lives in your community for the better.

From 2000 to 2014, the prevalence of autism in the US increased from 1 in 150 to 1 in 59

Nearly 20% of all Americans have a physical, sensory or intellectual disability

3.5M+ Are living with an autism spectrum disorder

400,000+ are living with Down syndrome

Fitness Franchise Blueprint For Success

After creating a scalable business model in several markets, we know how to help our fitness franchise owners build a financially prosperous and thriving business for the long-term.

Level 1

Start with our level 1 low cost franchise concept at other clubs and qualify for our level 2 concept

Considered an essential business

Low fees and overhead costs

Scalable and reccuring revenue model

No equipment purchases required

Limited competition

Level 2

Own your own brick and mortar adapted gym franchise that caters to all demographics

Scalable brick and mortar concept

Specialized state of the art equipment

Adapted features to accommodate all needs

Family centric facility

4,000 - 8,000 sq ft models

Get Started With a Low Cost Franchise Investment

When you succeed, so do we. That’s why when you become a Special Strong fitness franchise owner, you’ll have our full support every step of the way. We provide everything you need for success. You’ll receive ongoing expert coaching, webinars, and weekly gym franchise calls. You’ll also get a complete suite of branded and customizable advanced marketing tools.

Low start-up cost

$37,850 to $53,300

for one territory

Much lower initial investment compared to the average gym startup cost of $250,000 - $500,000.

Starting with our Level 1 concept you don't need to own a gym or office or buy expensive equipment.

Low overhead costs and faster profitability get you closer to our Level 2 concept of owning a gym franchise.


Legally, no franchise can make those types of claims. However, once you request more information, we can show you how other fitness franchise locations have performed and help you create financial projections with our estimation tool.  With a low entry scalable business model like ours, the earning potential is much greater than other business opportunities. 

Yes, financing is available through a third party, such as the SBA.  We are an approved SBA Express Loan lender.

Our level 1 fitness franchise concept does not require you to own your own gym. Our level 2 gym franchise concept does include owning your own adapted fitness facility.

Often, people want to join our team because they find out that we are the most affordable fitness franchise in the world that doesn't require a brick and mortar gym.  That's certainly a great reason to join, but it shouldn't be your deciding factor.  You should join the Special Strong team because your values line up with ours, and you want a rewarding career where you truly get to make a difference every single day.

You can request more information here.


Make a Difference with Our Fitness Franchise

There is a reward when you are making a difference in others. Owning a Special Strong fitness franchise allows you to experience the rewards of living a fulfilled life and an opportunity to have a better work/life balance.