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Make a Difference With a Rewarding Gym Franchise

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to invest in your future with a Special Strong gym franchise—one of the best franchise opportunities in the country providing expert adaptive fitness training for children, adolescents, and adults with mental and physical challenges.

Low Cost Franchise

We do not require a brick-and-mortar gym franchise, which means faster financial growth for your low cost franchise.

Competitive Earnings

Our healthy profit margins and low franchise fees make us one of the best franchise opportunities available in the fitness industry.

Turnkey Blueprint

Special Strong's breakthrough turnkey business model and propriety technology stack set you up for lasting success and prosperity.

Full Training and Support

You’ll always have access to our Special Strong University and expert support team, including online training and weekly coaching, to ensure your success.

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Best Franchise: Ground Floor Opportunity

The alternative healthcare industry is exploding throughout the country, which secures meaningful careers and financial success for our franchisees. Owning a Special Strong gym franchise is more affordable than you think! We require a much lower investment compared to the average gym franchise start-up, and we don’t require a brick-and-mortar gym, which makes us one of the best low cost franchises. You’ll be able to create the lifestyle of your dreams, enjoy a flexible schedule, and greatly improve lives in your community. It's no wonder why we are considered one of the best franchises to own in the USA

From 2000 to 2014, the prevalence of autism in the US increased from 1 in 150 to 1 in 59

Nearly 20% of all Americans have a physical, sensory or intellectual disability

Over 3.5 million people are living with an autism spectrum disorder

Over 400,000 people are living with Down syndrome

Fitness Franchise Corporate Vision Award 500

Fitness Franchise Blueprint for Success

After creating a scalable business model in several markets, we have the experience needed to help our fitness franchise owners build a sustainable, financially prosperous, and thriving business.

Level 1

Our low-cost, home-based and mobile fitness franchise that requires no real estate purchases 

Train clients at affiliate gym locations or in-home

Low fees and overhead costs

Scalable and recurring subscription model

No real estate purchases required

Limited competition

Level 2

Own your own brick-and-mortar adapted gym franchise that caters to all demographics

Scalable brick-and-mortar concept

Specialized state-of-the-art equipment

Adapted features to accommodate all needs

Family-centric facility

Compact and standard size models

Get Started with a Low Cost Franchise Investment

When you succeed, so do we. That’s why when you become a Special Strong fitness franchise owner, you’ll have our full support every step of the way. We provide everything you need to give you the best franchise opportunities. You’ll receive ongoing expert coaching, webinars, and weekly gym franchise calls. You’ll also get a complete suite of branded and customizable advanced marketing tools.

Level 1 Franchise

$53,750 – $64,700*

Total Investment for 1 Territory

One Time Franchise Fee
(Per Territory)

$28,000 – $35,000

Start-Up Costs & Grand Opening

$8,500 – $14,700

Operating Capital for First 90 Days

$12,000 – $15,000

Gym Franchise FAQs

We could list many reasons, but these are our top three:


1.) Our Why

Often, people want to join our team because they find out that we are one of the most affordable franchises that doesn't require a brick-and-mortar gym. That's certainly a great reason to join, but it shouldn't be your deciding factor.  Ultimately, you should join our fitness franchise if you have a passion to see people with mental, physical, and cognitive challenges live more abundant lives.  If that excites you, you should consider joining our affordable franchise and become a part of the most innovative gym franchise concept.  If you don’t get excited about helping individuals with mental and physical challenges, you should look for a different franchise opportunity.


2.) Our Values & Culture

Our values and our culture drive everything we do at Special Strong.  Many companies talk about their values or display them on their website, but they never implement them into what they do.  We, on the other hand, believe that the best franchise opportunities are determined by the leadership, values, and culture of the organization.  Since day one, our leadership team has put our values on display, and the result has been happy customers and happy team members.  When we consider someone to be a part of our gym franchise, we ensure their values align with ours.  Our values are represented by the acronym “STRONG”: Stewardship, Transparency, Relationship-Focused, Ownership, No Judgment, and Generosity.  We believe that these are the primary characteristics that set us apart as a franchise.


3.) Our Support System

Our extensive support system is another reason we are considered one of the best franchise opportunities in the US.  From our state-of-the-art operations manual to Special Strong University, our support system is unmatched in the industry.  Within Special Strong University, our gym franchise owners will receive over 40 hours of in-person, practical training to learn how to train clients and start a successful gym franchise business.  After the initial training, we offer ongoing support and coaching to ensure your success.  Our motto at Special Strong is “our success is your success.”

Since we provide all of the training that you need to become a successful franchise owner through Special Strong University, no prior experience is required to own a Special Strong gym franchise. 

Once you start looking into gym franchise opportunities, you’ll quickly realize that there are many different franchising opportunities. In 2019, there were 773,603 gym franchise establishments in the United States.  That's a significant number that deserves a lot of attention if you are considering different franchise opportunities.  Here are 7 common reasons to consider franchise opportunities.


1.) Established Brand Recognition

One of the most significant benefits of owning a gym franchise is established brand recognition. Instead of starting from scratch, you can expect to run the gym with a time-tested and viable business model. Rookie mistakes that are expensive and time-consuming can be prevented.

In addition, whether you obtain a franchise of a local, national, or international gym, rest assured that the customers are already familiar with the brand. Strong brand recognition is beneficial to your business because it helps to develop a stable customer base. These clients already know what to expect from your gym.


2.) Ongoing Training and Support

The best franchise opportunities provide ongoing assistance and support. Even if you have no prior business experience, you should be able to operate the business with ease. Gym franchises such as Special Strong give you access to training programs and unlimited assistance. These programs are designed to help you get the most out of new developments in the franchise industry.


3.) Financing Options

Sometimes, the big hurdle to starting a business is the finances. However, lenders prioritize franchisees, especially from a reputable brand. They consider the reputation of the franchisor and lend money to their potential franchise owners. If your gym franchise offers financing options, it will be easier for you to start your franchise business.


4.) Expert Marketing and Advertising

The largest chunk of a business’ budget is allocated to marketing and advertising. Luckily, there's no need to hire a marketer to acquire a gym franchise. The franchisor has years of experience and will help you to target customers and create more effective advertisements. Since they've been doing this for a long time, the resources and materials are less expensive compared to sourcing it out on your own. You can save a lot of money by franchising a gym.


5.) Special Discounts

This rings true, especially if your franchisor is a well-respected business owner in the industry. Once you franchise a gym from a reputable brand, you can enjoy special discounts from suppliers. Franchisors are also always developing new products and services that their franchisees can benefit from. You don't need to find your own sources, as the franchisor will utilize their own. Some will even let you access an easy-to-use business management software. Their mass purchasing power and established reputation will benefit your business in the long run.


6.) Lower Risks

Investing your hard-earned money in a business can be intimidating. The risks of loss and failures when starting an independent, small business are high. Numerous studies have proven that the success rates for a franchise business are higher than an independent business. Starting your business from scratch requires high investment and operating costs, and might not be able to yield excellent results for at least the first six months. You have to keep an independent business floating with your own money before you see financial growth. But when you franchise a business, you don’t need to worry about any of these risks, as they have already been ironed out for you. The brand is already established, so enticing and retaining customers is much easier.


7.) Hassle-Free Resale

If at some point you’d decide to resell your business, your franchisor can help you find buyers in a shorter time. They have connections and other potential franchisees who will be willing to buy your business. The management transfer will be much easier, compared to owning an independent business and selling it when the time comes. Rest assured that the franchisor can help and guide you every step of the way, even when you decide it’s time to move on.

These are the most popular financing choices:


1.) SBA (7)a Loans

SBA (7)a loans are the most popular choice when it comes to funding any type of gym franchise. The SBA gives the government’s guarantee to loans made by commercial lenders. Since the SBA is backed by the government, interest rates and fees are typically much lower on SBA (7)a loans compared to traditional loans. A franchise must be listed in the SBA Franchise Directory in order to be a part of their lending program. The Special Strong franchise is listed in the SBA Franchise Directory


2.) 401k Business Financing (ROBS 401k)

If you have a 401(k)/IRA, that means you’ve invested your money in one or more companies. With ROBS, you can use eligible retirement accounts as capital to start or buy a fitness franchise like Special Strong. If you’re younger than 59 and a half, the funds are tax-deferred and penalty-free.


3.) Unsecured Line of Credit

When it comes to fitness franchise opportunities or other franchise opportunities, an unsecured line of credit could be a financing option. The credit lines are issued as business credit cards, on which cash advances or credit purchases are allowed. There are no loan payments and you only pay when you access the credit line.

If you are unsure of the best option for you, our lending team can provide you with a free consultation to help you make an informed decision.

There are many incredible franchise opportunities available. When it comes to identifying the best franchises, you have to research trustworthy franchisors.

We are considered one of the best franchise partners for these reasons:


1.) Low Investment

As a novice who desires to open a gym franchise for the first time, you are perhaps worried about the initial investment. It is normal for beginners to be afraid of the risk that their investment might not turn a profit.

The required investment for our fitness franchise is significantly lower than that of other gym franchises. This investment serves the purpose of helping our franchisees to have financial success and to fulfil their goals. Additionally, we do not require a brick-and-mortar gym. Hence, we are a considered a low-cost franchise.

You can choose from two different levels of Special Strong fitness franchises:

Level 1

This low-cost, home-based, and mobile fitness franchise requires no real estate purchase. It enables training clients at affiliate gym locations or in-home.

This is suitable for people who are looking for a home-based business that requires less overhead and has less risk.

Other benefits include:

  1. Low fees and overhead costs
  2. Scalable and recurring subscription model
  3. No real estate purchases required
  4. Limited competition

Level 2

In comparison to level 1, level 2 is for those who have more discretionary capital and want to own their own real estate. If you have enough initial capital, then level 2 is for you.

Unlike level 1, level 2 contains your own brick-and-mortar adapted gym franchise that caters to all demographics.

Additionally, it has:

  1. Scalable brick-and-mortar concept
  2. Specialized state-of-the-art equipment
  3. Adapted features to accommodate all needs
  4. Family-centric facility
  5. Compact and standard size models

In summary, Special Strong is one of the lowest investments in the gym franchise industry. Most gym franchises only have one concept that requires you to make a large initial investment. We have a low-investment franchise concept (level 1), which allows someone who may not have a lot of initial capital to start an affordable franchise. We also have a higher investment gym franchise (level 2) which allows someone with access to more initial capital to own real estate and start their own gym franchise. This flexibility makes our franchise opportunities much more accessible.


2.) Growing Industry

Not only does Special Strong care about our franchisees, but we also care about our clients. There is a growing demand for servicing the needs of those impacted by special needs and other disabilities, making us one the best franchise opportunities.

When it comes to picking the best franchise, you want to pick a franchise in a growing market; otherwise, it may not be a sustainable model. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC.gov), 61 million adults in the United States live with a disability. Sadly, this number continues to increase year over year. This is one of the reasons that makes Special Strong one of the best franchises to start. There is a growing problem that needs a solution; and you can be a part of that solution!


3.) Growth Plan

In owning a business, you need to start from scratch in order to build your way up. We accommodate our franchisees by helping them advance from level 1 to level 2. Special Strong helps you to start from scratch and advance your career.

To conclude, if you are looking into fitness franchise opportunities, you have to find a franchise that fits your needs and grows along with you. With our level 1 concept, it is our desire to have every fitness franchise owner have multiple territories. We also want our level 1 franchise owners to graduate to owning their own level 2 gym franchise, which can also have multiple territories. Having the ability to grow within an organization that offers an affordable, scalable franchise makes us one of the best franchise opportunities to invest in.

There are many affordable franchises in the franchise industry, and Special Strong is considered one of the best affordable franchises. Here are 9 ways we compare to other gym franchises:

1.) Franchise Fees

One of the biggest hurdles in acquiring a franchise is the hefty price tag that comes along with being affiliated to its name. This is also true when it comes to gym franchises. The average initial franchise fee for a traditional gym franchise ranges from $100,000-$150,000. Most people that are looking for affordable franchises want to pay a franchise fee of $75,000 or less. Special Strong is one of the most affordable franchises in the industry, starting at a low franchise fee between $28,000 - $35,000. Additionally, we offer discounts to military veterans and to gym franchise owners looking to own multiple territories.

2.) Start-Up Costs

The most expensive part of a gym franchise is the start-up costs. On average, starting a mid-size gym can cost $100,000-$300,000. Special Strong’s initial start-up costs are under $50,000. In the fitness franchise industry, there are very few affordable franchises in the fitness industry under $50,000 that can provide the same service as Special Strong. Usually, start-up costs with this value only offer the minimum but Special Strong has a competitive suite of features that can measure up well with other gym franchises.

3.) Operating Expenses

After you’ve paid your fees and start-up costs, you have to consider your operating expenses. Special Strong has significantly lower gym franchise operating costs than most traditional gyms because of our level 1 concept, which doesn’t require brick-and-mortar locations or real estate. Instead, we function on a home-based and mobile fitness franchise that offers more profitability, especially in new gym franchises. At a lower cost, we can train our clients at affiliate gym locations or in-home. Lastly, we also don’t require commercial equipment or vehicle purchases, making us one of the most affordable franchises in the fitness industry.

4.) Higher Returns

Customers and clients often prefer familiar brands than small businesses. Even if name-brand products seem more expensive, as long as it’s their “trusted brand,” they would rather shop there than a new territory. This is also true when it comes to getting a gym franchise. A reputable gym franchise such as Special Strong could yield higher returns for you in the long run. The Special Strong franchise brand is already established, and our clients know what to expect.

5.) Marketing Tools

Aside from bearing the name of a familiar gym franchise, there are additional perks to linking with an established brand. In the case of Special Strong, we provide a sustainable business model that allows our clients to earn higher profits and additional support to continue the stream of business. One of these perks is gaining access to our complete suite of branded and customizable advanced marketing tools.

Advertising uses quite a bit of money in a business budget. If you want to keep your expenses to a minimum, you can try to advertise on your own. However, marketing and advertising can be tricky, especially if you don’t have any background experience. Thankfully, Special Strong has a set of tested and proven marketing tools that can guarantee the inflow of business in your gym. Typically, most affordable franchises do not offer these types of perks, especially those with a low entry point.

6.) Access to Training

Since Special Strong is an established brand with years of experience, we also offer training support. This can be in the form of expert coaching, webinars, and weekly gym franchise calls. This will be especially helpful in keeping your gym franchise up to date with the current health and fitness trends. If you already have a stable flow of customers, sooner or later, they’ll also start to look for something more.

With trends that come and go, it’s vital to keep up with what’s new so that you can cater to your customer’s needs. Being able to acquire the right information without having to spend thousands of dollars on consulting and seminars would be beneficial for your business. 

7.) Scalable Business Model

If your franchise is doing well, you also have the opportunity to scale it up with Special Strong’s scalable business model. In our level 1 concept, you could leverage the option to not purchase real estate. This provides several windows for you to earn more profit with the low franchise fees, lower overhead costs, and lower operating expenses. If your business is already running smoothly, you can opt to expand by upgrading to our level 2 concept. The stark difference would be owning your own brick-and-mortar adapted gym franchise and using specialized state-of-the-art equipment. This also includes additional features such as having a more family-centric facility that could cater to all demographics—expanding your market further.

8.) Recurring Subscription Model

Contrary to other popular fitness franchises where clients have to pay in bulk, Special Strong has a recurring subscription model for their clients. This allows franchisees to practice financial forecasting and encourages clients to stay longer.

9.) Financing Options

Although the risks of loss are lower in starting a gym franchise rather than your own, there might be hiccups along the way to consider. Fortunately, there are several financing options if needed. There is a higher probability that your loan will be approved since the lender prioritizes reputable franchises.

Aside from this, you can also capitalize on the special discounts you can get from suppliers. A gym franchise has some of the most expensive equipment needed in running a business and you’ll need all the discounts you can get to lower the costs.

If at some point you need to let go of the business, reselling a gym franchise is easier and faster. Since Special Strong is already an established name, getting buyers and potential franchisees could be done through our web of connections. We can also guide you in the process so that transferring ownership could be done smoothly.

If you do a simple search for "fitness franchises," you'll see hundreds of franchise opportunities for the fitness industry.  While the fitness industry generally is well developed and highly competitive, we believe that the market for personal training services tailored for people with mental, physical, and/or cognitive challenges is in its early stages and growing.  Here are some stats on our fitness franchise for people with challenges.

  • The CDC reported that one in every 54 children in the United States has autism spectrum disorder. Of this percentage, boys are four times most likely to develop the disorder than girls. People with autism suffer from intellectual disabilities on top of their physical challenges.
  • While genetics are one of the primary causes for autism disorder, experts suggest that early diagnosis and proper adaptive fitness training can improve the quality of life for individuals who experience it. These things also help to lengthen their lifespan.
  • According to the CDC, approximately 26% of adults living in the United States are suffering from some type of disability. The largest percentage of these disabilities usually affects their mobility.

With these figures in mind, how can fitness help these different populations? Fitness franchises are trending in the industry because they offer these three benefits:

1.) Reduced Risk of Chronic Disease

According to the CDC, 38.2% of the disability population are obese, 11.5% are suffering from heart disease, and 16.3% have diabetes. Special populations such as individuals with autism and other disabilities are more vulnerable to chronic diseases because of their compromised immune systems and atrophied muscles. Proper adaptive fitness training can help reduce the risks of such diseases. Training them will not only improve mobility, but can also improve heart health and overall well-being.

Furthermore, one in every three disabled adults does not have access to a healthcare provider. This means they are at greater risk of further complications. Hitting the gym instead of seeing a healthcare provider is a less expensive option and also an excellent preventative measure. Because of this, the number of expected clients looking for adaptive fitness in a fitness franchise is growing. More and more people recognize the importance of health and are now willing to invest in their wellness.

2.) Boosted Self-Confidence

Physical and mental challenges can make it hard for an individual to socialize with other people. Expert adaptive training can help to boost self-confidence. It helps to decrease feelings of depression and anxiety. It also provides inclusive and welcoming socialization in the gym. Special Strong has witnessed several breakthrough stories of individuals who were able to overcome their difficulties and blossom into a person who believes in themselves.

3.) Greater Independence and Mobility

Achieving certain levels of independence can be very challenging for individuals with a disability. Those living with a disability are now more determined to train and gain greater independence. Some are even living on their own and working a job. An adaptive gym offers the best franchise opportunities with the growing number of individuals impacted by a mental, physical, or cognitive challenge. Since only 45 countries have imposed an anti-discrimination law to protect people with disabilities, you can expect a surge of clients wanting to avoid such discrimination by bettering themselves.

These are just some of the reasons the adaptive fitness industry is growing. The fitness industry is on fire in recent years, and experts predict there is no downfall as the number of American gym-goers continues to increase.

Even during a pandemic, the fitness industry is still thriving. The coronavirus pandemic has transformed and shaped the face of fitness today. More and more people are joining virtual classes and group workouts. They still benefit from the social interaction that a physical gym can offer. It is also beneficial for those who need a flexible schedule, as they can watch pre-recorded classes any time they want. Fitness gym owners can still operate their business through the platform, compared to other businesses that have been shut down due to the lockdown and the pandemic.

According to ihrsa.org, 2019 is indeed a year of abundance for the fitness industry with a whopping revenue of$95 billion. It is estimated that the number of gym members will reach up to 230 million by the year 2030. Getting fit and healthy is not just a passing trend—it is a lifestyle. More and more people are embracing fitness technology inside and outside of the club. It's no longer a surprise to see an increase in wellness, recovery, and training services almost anywhere. Hotels and commercial establishments have at least one fitness gym or club. Even tourists on vacation take the time to use a gym to burn off some calories. Not to mention that the increased accessibility and inclusivity for all members make it easier and motivating to enter a fitness gym. Before, people were conscious to even take a step inside; but now, it is rare to find an empty gym.

There is no limit to the benefits of a fitness franchise—both for the business owner and the client. There is no better time to invest in a gym franchise, considering the growing numbers of clients and the awareness of health and fitness.

You can request more information here.

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Make a Difference with Our Fitness Franchise

There is a reward when you are making a difference in the lives of others. Owning a Special Strong fitness franchise allows you to experience the rewards of living a fulfilled life and an opportunity to have a better work/life balance.