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Unlike other franchises, Special Strong's initial investment is significantly lower due to not having to buy a location or gym equipment. In addition, we have financing available through third parties in the form of loans or lines of credit. We do require certain financial qualifications in order to be approved as a Special Strong franchisee.

Financial Requirements

  • $10,000 liquidity, $100,000 net worth with a credit score of 620+

Initial First Year Investment: $42,200 - $52,300*

Fee Requirements

  • Royalty Fee – 6% of Gross Sales or $1,000 per month, whichever is greater
  • Advertising Fee – 4% of Gross Sales
  • Brand Fee – 2% of Gross Sales
  • All initial investment costs provided are in U.S. dollars.

Again, we outline all of the details in our franchise disclosure document which you can receive by filling out this quick form

Other Requirements

Education Requirements

  • To train clients, you must be a current NCCA accredited personal trainer. If you are not a current NCCA accredited personal trainer, we can help you become one through one of our approved partners
  • To manage a Special Strong, we require a minimum of a high school diploma plus relevant professional experience

Proof of Insurance
U.S. franchise owners will be required to submit proof of insurance. Insurance can be purchased from a variety of companies. We recommend K&K insurance to our Special Strong franchise owners.
You are required to send us a certificate of insurance (COI) with the following information:

  • Comprehensive general liability of $1,000,000 per occurrence/$2,000,000 aggregate.
  • Professional liability coverage of $1,000,000.00


What type of ongoing support do I get as a Special Strong Franchise Owner?

  • Networking with other successful franchise owners
  • Technology Support
  • Business and strategy planning 
  • Local market development
  • Online training and instructional videos
  • Reoccurring phone calls
  • Virtual meetings

Do I have to be a personal trainer to own a Special Strong?

If you are training clients, you must be a current NCCA accredited personal trainer to ensure the safety and highest quality of services to our clients.  If you are not an NCCA accredited personal trainer, we can help you become one through one of our approved partners. 

If I don't own a gym, where can I train clients?

There are endless possibilities of where you can train clients. Most independently owned gyms will form a partnership with you in exchange for a rent agreement. We provide templates that you can use to help you form a partnership with other gyms.

Why should I join the Special Strong team?

Often, people want to join our team because they find out that we are the most affordable fitness franchise in the world that doesn't require a brick and mortar gym.  That's certainly a great reason to join, but it shouldn't be your deciding factor.  You should join the Special Strong team because your values line up with ours, and you want a rewarding career where you truly get to make a difference every single day.