Frequently Asked Questions

What type of ongoing support do I get as a Special Strong Franchise Owner?

  • Networking with other successful franchise owners
  • Technology Support
  • Business and strategy planning 
  • Local market development
  • Online training and instructional videos
  • Reoccurring phone calls
  • Virtual meetings

How do I become a passive owner?

We have not designed our model as a passive business.  However, as you grow, it may be possible to passively own the business.  The owner should always continue doing marketing, networking, and hiring.  We encourage our owners to train no more than 20 hours a week in order to dedicate time to building and scaling their business.

Why should I join the Special Strong team?

Often, people want to join our team because they find out that we are the most affordable fitness franchise in the world that doesn't require a brick and mortar gym.  That's certainly a great reason to join, but it shouldn't be your deciding factor.  You should join the Special Strong team because your values line up with ours, and you want a rewarding career where you truly get to make a difference every single day.

How can I get more information on becoming a Special Strong franchise owner?

You can request more information here.

Will I be assigned a specific territory?

Yes, each franchise owner will have their own protected territory based on population and a mileage radius.

If I am outside of the United States, can I still own a Special Strong?

Yes.  We do domestic and international franchising.

Do I need to own a gym?

Our level 1 concept does not require you to own your own gym. Our level 2 concept does include owning your own adapted fitness facility.

If I don't own a gym, where can I train clients?

There are endless possibilities of where you can train clients. Most independently owned gyms will form a partnership with you in exchange for a rent agreement. We provide templates that you can use to help you form a partnership with other gyms.

As a franchise owner, can I rent space from a gym that another franchise owner is renting?

No, you cannot.  The territory that a franchisee owns is protected from the use of any other Special Strong franchisees.

I would like to operate out of multiple locations. Is that allowed?

Absolutely!  You can train at as many gyms as you want to within your protected territory 

What are the requirements to become a Special Strong Franchise Owner?

Please visit our own a Special Strong franchise page to learn more about the requirements of becoming a Special Strong franchise owner.

If I become a Special Strong franchise owner, am I authorized to teach the Special Strong certification course?

No. Only Strong Education LLC can certify trainers. In order to get certified, a trainer must complete the online training certification. Please visit for more information.

Is financing available?

Yes, financing is available through a third party.  SBA Express Loans, personal loans, or lines of credit are all common financing methods.

What type of support do I get if I am a certified special strong trainer but not a franchise owner?

Franchise owners get exclusive access to our online operations manual, proprietary grassroots and digital marketing systems, protected territories, and ongoing business support. We do not offer any support to non-franchise owners.

Do I have to be a personal trainer to own a Special Strong?

If you are training clients, you must be a current NCCA accredited personal trainer to ensure the safety and highest quality of services to our clients.  If you are not an NCCA accredited personal trainer, we can help you become one through one of our approved partners. 

If I am a certified Special Strong trainer but don't want to be a franchise owner, how can I use the name legally?

You can call yourself a Special Strong trainer. You may list your Special Strong qualifications on a business card, resume, or website About/Qualifications page. Nothing more.

You cannot use the Special Strong name in any other business or promotional way unless you franchise with us. Only franchising gives you the legal right to use the Special Strong name for business and/or promotional purposes.

If I'm not a Special Strong Level 1 Trainer, can I work as a trainer at franchise location?

All trainers at a Special Strong location must hold a Special Strong Level 1 Certificate. A trainer who is not a Special Strong trainer must work under the direct supervision of a Special Strong Level 1 trainer until they become a Special Strong Level 1 trainer.


What equipment do I need to train clients?

Most gyms already have all the equipment you need.  Our level 2 concept includes specialized equipment for individuals with a disability, disease, or disorder.