Start a Special Needs Gym
Special Strong Franchise

Own a Special Strong Francise

We’re opening up possibilities for people who can’t afford a gym but want to start their own niche business.

Universal concept that works with existing clubs

We tested our model with over 30 different clubs with a 100% success rate.

Build a team and own your own territory

Hire other trainers and put them through our online certification program to work in your protected 15-mile radius territory.

Make Your Own Schedule

Build the lifestyle you want. You control your own schedule and can choose to the hours you want to work.

We Have a Healthy Culture

We put God first. Our culture is defined by our STRONG values: Selflessness, Transparency, Relationship Focused, Ownership, No Judgement, God's Company

Making a Difference Serving a Growing Niche Audience

The special needs industry is constantly growing, which means success for our franchisees. It also gives us a meaningful purpose to change the lives in our communities for the better.

Source: https://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/autism/data.html 1

1 in 6 children

in the United States had a developmental disability in 2006-2008, ranging from mild disabilities (such as speech and language impairments) to serious developmental disabilities (such as intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, and autism).1

1 in 59 children

has been identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) according to estimates from CDC’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network.1

119.4% increase

in prevalence of autism in U.S. children from 2000 (1 in 150) to 2010 (1 in 68).1

We Give You the Blueprint to Get Started

After testing our model in several markets, we know how to help our franchise owners win. You set the bar for what “winning” means to you, and we’ll help you get there.

Low-Cost Investment

Special Strong offers very affordable start-up fees with no gym equipment required

Simple Process

Through our virtual learning platform, we teach you everything you need to know to be a prosperous Special Strong owner.

Proven Track Record

Within the first year of testing in the DFW Market, Special Strong generated $150,000 in revenue

360 Support

After you initial on-site visit, we offer online training and virtual coaching to ensure your success.

Our Franchise Owners Are Changing Lives Every Day

After testing our model in several markets, we know how to help our franchisees win. You set the bar for what “winning” means to you, and we’ll help you get there.

Get Started with a Low-Cost Investment

$250,000 - $500,000 Average gym startup cost

$25,000 - $50,000 Special Strong startup cost

Your Success is Our Success

Negotiation Support

We teach you how to negotiate with other gyms to get the best possible rental rates.

Low Royalty Fees

We want you to be successful and profitable, so we charge a low percentage based monthly royalty.

Low Overhead Costs

No equipment purchases necessary.

Marketing Support

We’ll teach you our proven marketing techniques and how to optimize your digital presence.