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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the common questions that we get asked about Special Strong

1.) How much do your services cost?

Our programs are very customized for each person we see. Our mission is to offer affordable programs and packages to accommodate all lifestyles. Please contact us here to set up a consultation for more information.

2.) Do you offer services in the area that I live in?

Currently, Special Strong offers services primarily in the DFW Metroplex. Our 10-year vision is to offer our services in every state of the United States.

3.) Can you start a Special Strong bootcamp in my area?

Starting a Special Strong bootcamp in new locations is a very simple process. Once we have an interest level of 5 or more people, we can make arrangements to start a new bootcamp class. Our mobile instructors are ready when you are! Contact us here if you would like us to start a bootcamp in your area.

4.) Can you do private training at the club I currently use?

Most of the time, the answer is no. Most big-box clubs do not allow private trainers to come in and use the facility. However, we have been able to partner with several smaller clubs, recreation centers, and apartment gyms that allow us to use their facilities. If you are interested in having us come to your club, contact us here.

5.) What does your special needs program look like for private personal training?

The answer is: it depends. None of our clients has the same exact workout. The program that we design is based on a comprehensive assessment that is performed during the first session. After that, we will have a better idea of that the program looks like. In general, our programs work on strength training, core musculature, balance, flexibility, and much more.

6.) My son/daughter has never worked out. Will they be able to complete the full workout?

With thousands of sessions serviced, the only time someone was not able to finish a 45-minute or 55-minute workout was due to a lack of food in their system or they fighting a sickness. With the customized programs that we offer, we approach every client differently. Someone who has never worked out will have a different level of intensity than someone who lives a very active lifestyle. We have even had clients who started our programs who could not even walk across the street without having to stop for breath. However, they were still able to finish the entire workout with our Special Strong trainers!

7.) Do you train the general population as well?

Yes, we do train the general population. Our specialty is the special needs population but all of our trainers have experience working with the general population for weight loss, body re-composition, and strength training.

8.) How do I know if it’s safe to have one of your team members come to my house for training?

All of our team members have undergone comprehensive background checks. Additionally, all of our team members were either word of mouth referrals or personal connections. We are very picky about who we allow on our team and that share the same values we do.

9.) What if I don’t like the team member that I’m working with?

Although this has never happened, if you are not happy with the team member that comes to your house, we offer a 14-day satisfaction guarantee. This would allow you to use a different team member or give you a refund for unused sessions.

10.) What supplements do you recommend?

Our dieticians and nutritionists often recommend different supplements to each client they see. In general, many of our clients take Vitamin D3, Fish Oil and Probiotics. Our clients also take other supplements based on their individual need. We do not receive any type of commission or kickback on the supplements we recommend.

11.) Are you a Christian Company?

We are simply a company who puts God first and is governed by Christian values. We work with clients who are Christians and who are non-Christians. It really doesn’t matter to us what you believe or what religion you are – we just want to serve you! For clients who are comfortable, we often pray with our clients as we start our workouts.