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About Expressing Life Chiropractic

Here’s something you might not know about me. What I’m about to share changed the course of my life. It’s a BIG reason why I’m committed to paying it forward to other parents in this community.

With the birth of any child, a parent experiences a vast array of emotions; unfiltered excitement, unbridled affection, immense pride and pure joy to name a few.

I am a father of a kiddo that has struggled in life and a chiropractor, more specifically one that helps a ton of kids with neurodevelopment challenges like Sensory Challenges, ADHD, Autism, anxiety and more. Given my experience and the fact that I am in constant communication with some of the leading pediatric specialists in the country, I’ve had countless conversations with Moms and studied not only patterns of behavior and care options, but case histories. I don’t believe there is a singular cause for all of the Sensory Challenges that have seen a meteoric rise over the last couple of decades…but I do see patterns.
Quite possibly one of the most overlooked childhood epidemics facing our kids today is birth trauma. Interventions are in many cases absolutely necessary, but that doesn’t negate or dilute the physical and neurological toll it takes on a child and mother. C-sections save lives, but the medical literature tells us that they put upwards of 60+ pounds of pull force on a baby’s delicate head, brain stem and neck! Over 90% of the countless case histories with Sensory Challenges and neurodevelopmental disorders have some story attached to the pregnancy or birth. While the root causes of these challenges can be ambiguous, it is abundantly clear that a child with ADHD or Autism or SPD is a child whose brain is stuck in the fight or flight mode……the sensory stress mode. It is a clearly defined neurological state with predictable markers and patterns.

How Expressing Life Chiropractic Got Its Start

We, like many of you, got stuck in that idea of simply not knowing there was another option. We followed what the doctors told us to do because we thought they knew best. My ex-wife’s pregnancy was very stressful for her and my son Jacob. She had some health problems, and we followed the “mainstream” recommendations. Jacob’s birth was not any easier. After several hours of mom not dilating, they decided to place pitocin and see if that would cause her to begin to dilate. All that did was increase Jacob’s heart rate and cause more stress on him and mom due to increased in contractions. After several hours, we were told the only thing that could be done was to get an epidural and prepare for a c-section. I had no idea at the time the impact birth trauma would have on Jacob’s nerve system and development. As young parents, we didn’t know how to comfort my son. Mom suffered from post partum depression and really wanted no connection with him. She couldn’t produce enough milk so we were told to stop breastfeeding and start him on formula. We went through every possible formula out there! He would scream from the pain and discomfort. We didn’t know how to help him and the stress just kept piling up…..yet we kept following our pediatrician’s advice. At the age of 2, his pediatrician came in and said, “I think your son has Autism.” I asked him why and he told me that he had just gotten back from a seminar and Jacob had many red flags/markers that they taught in the seminar. I told him I would like to know more before we just slapped him with the label. Jacob was 6-8 months behind in speech, we could never control him. They would call him the tasmanian devil when he would come into the office.

At the age of 4, he went to visit his family in Mexico like he had done many times before. But this time when he came back, he came back with medication that his grandmother had gotten for him after taking him to a doctor there. When he walked into the door, my little Jacob….my son was gone. He was a complete zombie. Disconnected. There was a vacancy in his eyes that terrified me!! I did not want this for my son…At this time, I still did not know what I know now, but I am so glad that I listened to my gut and took him off the meds immediately !

Fast forward a few years and Jacob’s mom and I went through a divorce, a huge (emotional) stress and Jacob began to struggle even more in school. His anxiety was now off the charts, his anger and behavior began to get worse and he ended up missing 50+ days between absences and tardies in 4th grade and that number rose to 60+ in 5th grade. For three years, I would adjust Jacob on the weekends that I would have him, but it was never enough. He would go back and have meltdown after meltdown so much that they created a “cool down” zone outside his classroom that he could leave and go to after being triggered. He was always crying. It was a constant stressful situation for him and he could not function.


What You Should Know If You’re Considering Expressing Life Chiropractic

The last day of 5th grade, I got him, and have had full custody of him ever since. At that moment, we began to adjust him and put him on the protocol that I do for the kiddos and practice members that come into my office. FINALLY!!!! I was able to begin to care for MY SON the way I had done for others. He began to THRIVE and EXPRESS LIFE like never before!!!!!

Fast forward two years, he is finishing up 7th grade with straight A’s and his highest grade in English….maybe not a big deal, but to a kid that has a diagnosis of dyslexia it is phenomenal. He has had ZERO tardies and rarely missed any school in two years. He is CRUSHING LIFE right now. This year alone won three separate awards in school! As a father, I can not express how incredible this miracle truly is. Watching him suffer with anxiety, melt downs, fear, signs of ADHD, and even possibly Autism, he has been able to heal and live the life that he has always wanted, and that I have always wanted.

I know Jacob will change the world because he has changed mine and countless others!!! Everyone that knows him wants to take him home because of the Joy and Happiness he brings to them.

There are so many parents out there that know the pain of not having the pregnancy they planned. They didn’t get the birth they wanted. And maybe didn’t understand everything that happens like us. And for so many reasons out of their control, they have a child that isn’t as healthy and connected as they dreamed for. My mission in life is NOT to keep this secret of how it helped my son but more importantly to share it for others to know the possibilities. My Purpose in life is to help as many children and parents as possible live the life they were destined for, especially kids and families with these challenges and those that have been down a familiar path as mine

Everyone deserves that second chance no matter their age.

Expressing Life Chiropractic Reviews

I want to extend an offer to you today. I want to invite you to come in and take advantage of our New Patient Special. Our practice utilizes the latest state of art technology that taps into the root neurological causes of what is driving these challenges. The scans are perfectly safe and non-invasive for a child of any age. You deserve a dad and a doctor who not only understands but who has lived and gone through it.

“Dr. Turner has helped my daughter make a huge improvement! He works great with kids”
– Brenna M

“We have been taking our kids to Dr Turner and they love it! And we love the results! They sleep better, have less symptoms, and seem to enjoy life more. And all of this makes for a happier Home life. Also, my kids simply love Dr Turner as a person which helps too. He is genuinely a caring person who seems to love his patients and have a gift with serving others. We are so happy to have found him!”
– Kimberly S

“Dr Justin has completely changed my son’s quality of life. I am impressed on how a few months of therapy has tremendously improved my son’s ability to function at home and at school. When we first started therapy it was hard for my son to just do simple tasks like eating without turning his head around in circles and staring at ceiling or just having one day without any meltdowns at school. Now he is able to do that and more grades went up he was able to complete his start testing without any problems. we are only halfway through the journey and still need to work on other things like focus but I’m confident that we will be there in no time. Thank You Dr. Justin”
– Maira E

“I have been in education 28 years and my grand child needed help. My goal was to find some way to help my little person deal with anxiety, fear, and other emotional issues. The meltdowns were daily and there was no possible way my little person could listen to a story or play independently for any length of time. Even when our large family gathered, this grandchild was unable to deal with the commotion. It was so sad and severe. I was looking for help and a solution, and we accomplished this successfully by enrolling with Dr. Turner at Expressing Life Chiropractic. My grandchild is now able to function without daily meltdowns, and can be taken to events without fear of an episode. The anxiety level in groups of people has diminished significantly and playing independently has become a reality. I am thrilled with the progress I have witnessed. I am so very thankful for the non-evasive treatment that has been such a blessing in our life. Thank you, Dr. Turner, for sharing an alternative way to help my loved one with such a powerful solution.”
– Diane W

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