Educational Advocates and Consultants, LLC: Lisa Carelli-Lang

Educational Advocates and Consultants, LLC

Special Strong is giving local businesses a platform to share how their services can make a difference for people with special needs. This service provider is Educational Advocates and Consultants, LLC.

About Educational Advocates and Consultants, LLC

EACLLC provides consultation and advocacy services to parents of students with special needs who are not currently identified by their local school district but are struggling in the school setting, identified as needing accommodations through Section 504/ADA, or identified by the ARD committee as a special education student under IDEA. Students might be struggling with behaviors, social skills, physical issues, or academic tasks. The services can include, but are not limited to, initial consultations, records review, attendance at meetings (Section 504, ARD, MDR), and speaking engagements for parents.

An initial consultation will allow me to learn more about the issues your child is facing.  Parents are asked to complete a Client Intake form which addresses your child’s educational background and specific areas you, the parent, would like addressed by consultation and advocacy.

A record review will provide me with access to all records relating to your child including formal and informal evaluations, report cards, progress reports, IEP’s, ARD documents, etc. Based upon this information, I can provide you with suggestions for educational programming in the least restrictive environment with appropriate supports and services.

Additionally, I can create presentations for groups of parents on a variety of Special Education topics including, but not limited to: Specific disabilities, understanding evaluation data, parent rights, District responsibilities, and student programming.

How Educational Advocates and Consultants, LLC Got Its Start

Lisa Carelli-Lang is a non-attorney advocate that has held administrative positions in special education for over 20 years. She is a fierce advocate for children.  Lisa is a member of COPAA (Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates) and has extensive knowledge about matters involving IDEA, Section 504, and ADA. She has serviced as an expert witness in Due Process proceedings.

Ms. Carelli-Lang has provided instruction for special education students in integrated classrooms, Life Skills classrooms, self contained classrooms and Resource Room classes in NYS. She has a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Education from Buffalo State College.  She is certified in Art Education, Elementary Educational and Special Education.  Additionally, Ms. Carelli-Lang has a Professional Diploma from Long Island University CW Post and is certified for School Administrator and Supervisor as well as School District Administrator.  Upon relocating to Texas, Ms. Carelli-Lang attained certification through Texas Education Agency in the areas of Art Education, Core Subjects, Special Education, Pedagogy, and Professional Responsibility and Principles.

In 2018, Lisa completed a week long advocacy training through the PELE  Clinic at William and Mary Law Institute of Special Education Advocacy.

Lisa has attended many ARD meetings and has frequently received positive outcomes for the students and families she has taken as clients. While Lisa prefers to work collaboratively with district personnel, Due Process remains a viable option when all else fails.


What You Should Know About Educational Advocates and Consultants, LLC

All clients must complete New Client paperwork.  This documentation includes an Engagement Agreement and Client Intake Form. Services can not begin without a signed agreement. An electronic copy of educational records (IEP’s, evaluations, report cards, standardized testing, discipline reports etc.) must be provided to the advocate for review.

Parents may want to employ an advocate when they feel overwhelmed with the amount and type of information they are receiving, if they need assistance in correspondence or locating additional supports or if they need help with problem solving when issues are challenging and it becomes difficult to maintain emotions while attending meetings.

The client must understand that an advocate is not an attorney nor do they provide legal advice. Advocates act as consultants to families and give the clients assistance to effectively navigate the Special Education/Section 504 process. Advocates inform clients of their Procedural Safeguards, as identified under IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act).  Advocates can not assure any outcomes from the ARD, Section 504, Mediation or Due Process meetings.

Parents are provided with an electronic copy of the COPAA (Counsel of Parents Advocates and Attorneys) Code of Ethics and are asked to review the information included in this document.

EACLLC is a for profit company. Service fees are not only listed on Educational Advocates and Consultants website, but are included in the body of the Engagement Agreement. Please review services and fees as listed on the website: A detailed bill is provided for services rendered. Payment can be made using: Zelle, personal check, major credit cards (with a 15.00 processing fee) and money orders.

About Special Strong

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