Dominique Cares – Deborah Spencer

Dominique Cares – Deborah Spencer

Tell Us What You Do

We built Dominique Cares to help provide hope, support, resources, and services to individuals with a range of conditions. These include autism, Down’s Syndrome, cerebral palsy, ADHD, mental illnesses and anyone else with a disability along with their families. Along with this, our mission is to bring awareness and acceptance to the community.  We do this by working with many non-profits, local businesses, educational organizations, community leaders, and local, state, and federal agencies.

There may be times when we are unable to provide direct assistance. Thankfully, we are part of a network of individuals and organizations who may be able to provide the needed assistance. We have a commitment to:

  • Increase awareness
  • Increase acceptance
  • Fuel actions that will truly make a difference to those impacted
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When we work together, we are better, and we are determined to make life better for someone else. Our main goal is to make lives better for those living with many of these conditions and their families.

Tell Us Your Story and Why You Got Started with Dominique Cares

1996 saw the arrival of our second child, Dominique Spencer. By the time she was 4 years old, Dominique received a diagnosis of Autism and Intellectual Development Disorder (IDD). This dual diagnosis was responsible for major changes in our family’s life, including the founding of Domonique Cares.

To be sure, it has been challenging for our family. It has stretched us to the limit many times and caused us many painful and sleepless nights. But as a family, we chose to embrace the challenges ahead of us. During this time my husband Ira Spencer was still on active duty in the U.S. Navy.  At the same time, I was working in management for a major auto insurance carrier. We also have a son who was 11 years old at the time who was very active.

Our family was and still is determined to do whatever it takes to provide Dominique with the most suitable environment. One that would maximize her development and overall quality of life. There were times when this was a lonely, hopeless, often overwhelming, and frustrating journey for all of us.

What We Found That Led Us to Create Dominique Cares

What we found is that access to the necessary services can be very challenging. For a lot of families, this is something that should be easy rather than difficult. I believe that no one should ever have to go along this difficult pathway on their own. This led us to establish Dominique Cares. Our goal was and is to help families continue to live their lives once a child has received a diagnosis.

So many of these families continue to suffer in silence. We want them to know that there is a support system in place that can provide them with the necessary essentials. Ones that can help to reduce stress levels and assist with financial hardships. We also help find assistance that can provide families with much-needed equipment to help them attain a healthier supportive environment.

If Someone was Considering Your Services, What Would You Want Them to Know?


We chose to create Dominique Cares to provide aid, education, empowerment, and support to individuals. We also help families who are affected by all forms of disability. Our mission and vision are to raise awareness and acceptance within the community. This affects everyone in the family. It is our firm belief that we have a responsibility to enhance the lives of others. We address these concerns by sponsoring educational workshops, community events, and family support services.

It is our hope that you find a service that will allow us to connect with you, your family, your community, or staff. Thank you again for visiting our site.

Access to resources and services is so critical to the plight of those with disabilities and their families. Equally important is emotional and spiritual support and a community. Some of the challenges faced by many families seem insurmountable and it takes a village to make life happen. These families need services, programs, and support, we have a responsibility to ensure these resources are available.

We Are Committed to Doing Our Part

At Dominique Cares, we are committed to doing our part and encouraging others to join the movement. We also strongly believe in the power of partnership and teamwork. We believe that parents, caregivers, and professionals deserve the right training and information. They should also receive information about the many resources at their disposal. Regardless of their social and financial status, ethnicity, or religion.

We make the process very simple, simply fill out and submit an intake form and we will contact you for a phone interview. Once we receive your intake form, we will notify you about the available services and support.

We break our services down into three distinct categories: Community Outreach, Parent Training & Individual & Family Support Services. While our services are available to everyone, our primary focus is on serving single-parent households and underserved communities.

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