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Coyote Music Studio stands as a unique hub for music education and therapy, providing a transformative experience for individuals of all ages and abilities. Furthermore, founded with a passion for harnessing the power of music to enhance lives, Coyote Music Studio goes beyond conventional music instruction. In fact, the studio offers a holistic approach that integrates therapeutic elements into the learning process. In addition, through a team of dedicated and experienced music educators, the studio tailors its programs to meet the diverse needs of its students. As a result, Coyote Music Studio fosters a supportive and inclusive environment for all student

At Coyote Music Studio, the fusion of music education and therapy is a dynamic force for personal growth and healing. Recognizing the universal language of music, the studio employs evidence-based techniques to address cognitive, emotional, and physical challenges. The tailored programs not only nurture musical proficiency but also serve as a medium for self-expression and emotional well-being. Whether it’s an individual seeking traditional music lessons or someone benefitting from the therapeutic aspects of music, Coyote Music Studio is committed to providing a space where everyone can unlock their potential and find joy through the transformative power of music. Moreover, the studio’s innovative approach redefines the boundaries of music education, making it an invaluable resource for those seeking a harmonious blend of skill development, personal growth, and therapeutic support.

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Coyote Music Studio in Denton, Texas specializes in Early Childhood Music Education and Music Therapy for all ages as well as lessons in flute, recorder, piano, ukulele, and acoustic guitar. Owner, Tonya Blum is a Board-Certified Music Therapist and EC-12th Grade Music Educator. Following this, Tonya gained 12 years of experience in public schools prior to opening her studio.

At Coyote Music Studio, Classes Include

  • Family Music Hour for infants: – 5 years and their parents/caregivers. A class for families to have fun with other families and learn fun songs and musical games to play at home.
  • Musical First Steps: for infants/toddlers and their parents/caregivers using First Steps in Music by the Feierabend Association. Fun songs and musical games intended to increase communication, motor, and social skills.
  • Preschool Polyphonics: – a performance group for ages 3-5
  • It’s Elementary: Sing, Dance, and Play: – a general music class for elementary homeschoolers. Students sing, dance, and play instruments every day.
  • Keyboard Games: ages 4-6: A pre-piano class for young children to learn music through songs, games, and chants at the piano.
  • Intro to Instruments: ages 7+: 6 weeks each of piano, ukulele, acoustic guitar, and recorder.
  • Kid’s Show Choir: a performance choir at Coyote Music Studio for ages 6-12

All Classes at Coyote Music Studio

All classes at Coyote Music Studio are open to children of all abilities. Students may participate or take breaks as needed and parents/caregivers are welcome to participate! Parents/caregivers must participate in the infant and toddlers’ classes. At the same time, they are also welcome in Preschool Polyphonics, Family Music Hour, and It’s Elementary: Sing, Dance, and Play (homeschool music).

Join Ms. Tonya on Saturday mornings, 8am-Noon, through the summer at the Denton Community Market. Here she offers the Instrument Petting Zoo and Musical Storytime. Moreover, all ages are welcome to play all the instruments, though young children will need assistance. Music Storytime with Ms. Tonya begins at 10:30.

Tell Us Your Story and Why You Started Coyote Music Studio

Coyote Music Studio began when I left public school to return to music therapy. I wanted to blend my two professions – music therapy and music education. My desire was to do this by offering classes that are open to children of all abilities. Our emphasis would be on communication, motor, social, and academic skills in addition to musical skills and knowledge.

I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Music-Flute from Henderson State University in Arkansas, studying under Shelley Martin. Following this, I received my Master of Arts in Music Therapy from Texas Woman’s University. While there, I continued studying flute under Dr. Pam Youngblood and began learning guitar and autoharp as part of the program. Consequently, I  had the privilege of studying music therapy under several excellent professors. First is the incredible Joseph Pinson, (also known locally by his stage name “Mr. Joe”), second is Dr. Nancy Hadsell, and finally Dr. Nicki Cohen. In addition to this, I also feel very privileged to have been one of Marta Sue Setliff’s interns at the Denton State Supported Living Center. This is back when it was known as the Denton State School.

Music Therapy Practice in North Texas

Prior to opening Coyote Music Studio, I practiced music therapy and taught elementary music in various public schools in North Texas. Consequently, opening the studio was a way to blend my 2 professions as well as centralize my work in the Denton area. People come from all over the world to study music therapy in Denton. Unfortunately, very few certified music therapists stay to practice here. As well, there were few opportunities for families of infants and toddlers to participate in music activities. Similarly, there were no group music classes for homeschoolers. I had a chance to bring all these to Denton and built my studio around a single idea. This was that I could provide Early Childhood Music Education and Music Therapy for all ages.

Importance of Music Therapy

Music therapy stands out as a transformative approach in the support and development of individuals with special needs. This therapeutic practice, offered by places like Cayote Music Studio, integrates music into the therapeutic process to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals. It encapsulates the profound impact that music can have, not just as a form of entertainment, but as a vehicle for healing, learning, and expression for people of all ages, especially those with special needs.

At its core, music therapy for special needs employs the universal language of music to facilitate positive changes in behavioral and developmental areas. This therapy is built on the understanding that music can bypass the traditional communication barriers faced by individuals with special needs. By engaging in music therapy sessions, participants can improve their motor skills, social skills, communication, and emotional expression in a nurturing and encouraging environment such as that provided by Cayote Music Studio.

The role of music classes for children, particularly those with special needs, cannot be overlooked. These classes offer more than just an introduction to musical concepts and instruments; they provide a sensory-rich environment conducive to learning and growth. Music classes for children, especially in settings tailored to accommodate their unique requirements, serve as a gentle and enjoyable way to stimulate cognitive development, fine-tune motor skills, and foster an inclusive community spirit.

Moreover, music therapy and music classes provide a platform for children with special needs to express themselves in ways they may not be able to through words alone. This form of expression can be profoundly liberating, offering insights into their emotions, thoughts, and experiences. Therapists and educators are trained to recognize and nurture this form of expression, facilitating a deeper understanding and connection with each child.


How do I enroll in a class, camp, lesson, or music therapy?

  • You can call or email, but all students must enroll through My Music Staff. This is the studio’s platform for scheduling, payments, and student info. You can save time by enrolling here:
  • Drop-ins are welcome to any posted class at Coyote Music Studio without enrollment.
  • Music Therapy clients must schedule an Initial Evaluation prior to beginning services.

Can I bring my other child to watch the class?

  • Try the Family Music Hour – It’s for infants – 5 years and their parents/caregivers so everyone can have fun with music!
  • For Classes held at Green Space Arts Collective – If you choose not to participate, please watch quietly from the bench or through the window from the lobby. Participation of parents/caregivers is only a must in the Infant and Toddler classes. Participation in Preschool, Family Music, and Homeschool Music classes is optional but always welcome.
  • For Private/group lessons and music therapy sessions held at Coyote Music Studio – Family members may watch silently in the studio during lessons. They can also sit at our picnic tables in the gardens, or even drop off for the lesson and return for pick-up. The studio is small, and our lessons are short. If you would like to know how to help at home, we’ll discuss it at the end of the lesson.

Do you offer discounts?

  • Sibling Discount: 10% off for every child after the 1st enrolled
  • Packages: 15% off packages of 12 or more classes/lessons
  • You cannot combine discounts

What is your homeschool music class like?

It’s Elementary – Sing, Dance, and Play is a general music class for elementary homeschoolers. During this class, they get to sing, dance, and play instruments every week.

Do you take insurance for music therapy?

I will contract with you CLASS/YES waiver provider. Some HSAs allow you to use your payment card for music therapy services. Contact Tonya for more information.

Do you teach adults?

Yes! I’ll teach music to anyone that wants to learn! My main instrument is flute and I teach all levels from beginners to college majors. I also teach beginners in piano, ukulele, and acoustic/folk guitar.

How young do you start private lessons?

I teach private lessons as young as 5 on piano, ukulele, and acoustic guitar. 5 and 6-year olds require a trial lesson. Though some students this young do well in private lessons, they may prefer the Keyboard Games class. This is more developmentally appropriate than private lessons.

I teach flute to students 9 and older. Younger students who wish to learn flute will begin on pennywhistle or recorder.

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