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45 Minute group sessions of up to 50 participants

Down Syndrome Guild

Cornerstone Ranch

Do you work with clients who have special needs?

Special Strong offers affordable corporate bootcamp packages for non-profits, schools, care facilities, therapeutic centers, and other facilities who work with the special needs population. All of our team members are NCCA accredited instructors and specialize in the special needs population.

Here is what you can expect to see in our corporate bootcamp program:

  • We provide all the equipment and come straight to you
  • Customized fitness programs that accommodate up to 50 participants in one session
  • Corporate nutrition and educational classes for parents, staff, and participants
  • Weekly assignments to encourage repetition and lifestyle changes

There are also many benefits to the facility, such as:

  • Higher client retention rate
  • Increased exposure to facility
  • Improved moods, behavior, and engagement with participants
  • Enhanced quality of life for participants

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