Best Franchises To Own In Texas In 2021

In today’s society, franchising is one of the most viable business opportunities to pursue because of its high profitability. There are a lot of factors that would convince individuals to try franchising, especially if you consider the best franchises to own in texas. 


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Although less popular like the big cities of New York and Los Angeles, Texas and Texas is actually great business areas for aspiring entrepreneurs. Even if this someone has no background in business, there are already a lot of franchise opportunities in Texas in Texas. And although the current trend is starting a business from scratch, franchising still is the safest road to take for beginning business owners. 


Although, what’s good about franchising is that return on investment can be counted on despite the lack of risk-taking. 


For those who still have their qualms about franchising, just look at KFC, McDonald’s, Marriott International, and Anytime Fitness. Most of the branches you see all around you are already franchises. But because their branding has already been established, there will always be a loyal following that brings in revenue. 


Now, let’s find out what are the best franchise opportunities in Texas and everything else you need to know about franchising. 


What to Gain From Franchising

Individuals from all walks of life have tried their hand at franchising because of many reasons. The factors stated below are just some of the greatest benefits to reap from franchising. 


Acclaimed Brand

As mentioned earlier, franchise brands have already made a name for themselves in the industry. This is why going into franchising is an easier key to succeeding in the business world. Franchising an acclaimed brand with a prominent reputation would be a great start, regardless of the scope of its recognition. 


Another benefit of franchising an already respected brand is that business owners do not have to work as hard in order to build their market. If customers are already familiar with one’s products and services, they will avail from the business and remain a loyal consumer of it. Also, people are always in the search of their favorite brand, so wherever they may go, they will always look for another of its branches. 


In addition, if the franchise a business owner pursues is already well-known and followed in a certain area, it can get several patrons even before its opening. Since today’s society is also hooked on social media, the news of the opening a new branch of a popular franchise may be the talk of the town. 


Instated Workflow

One of the greatest benefits of pursuing franchising is that your branding also comes with an instated, smooth workflow. For individuals who are yet to get the hang of handling and managing a business, it is best if they try their hand at franchising first. 


It is helpful to know that companies usually let their franchisees undergo training prior to the opening of their branch. By conducting this training, the franchisees learn how the brand’s business system works and they get to understand its flow. Since the franchisees have already learned the workflow, there would be no need to begin from nothing. As long as everything is already set, the business could start working. 


Franchisees can also depend on getting efficiency and ease in their business because the workflow is already moving in smooth directions. Since the instated workflow has also been tried and tested by the brand, it is sure to work for franchisees as well. 


Continued Help from the Management 

Another good thing to note about starting a franchise is that franchisees are not left alone after the training process. As a carrier of the respected brand name, the management does its best to guide and support the franchise every step of the way. This support includes inviting franchisees to attend training to better the system of their business. 


In addition to these opportunities, the management also provides technical support. In case of any issues in operations of the franchise, the management swoops in to help the franchisees. But beyond the management, the franchisees also have access to other accredited service providers. 


Affordable Capital Need and Minimal Risk of Failure

Individuals usually shy away from starting up a business because of the amount of funds they need to conjure for their capital. After all, business is a gamble, and considering the risks, there are no guarantees of return as a beginner in the industry. Thus, people set back their goals until it finally becomes a forgotten dream.


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Fortunately, franchising offers individuals with a chance to start a business that does not require high capital or present a big risk of failure. Since the brand is already established, franchisees no longer have to invest in brainstorming, market research, and other common start-up expenses. Instead, they just have to spend an affordable amount of capital which can be easily loaned from banks. This is because banks are more inclined to approve loans for franchises because of their identifiable success rate. 


Knowing all of these, it’s a good idea to start looking into the best franchise opportunities in Texas. 


Increased Buying Power

Since the brand name of a franchise is already established, suppliers are then inclined to be easier to negotiate with. An increased buying power is seen between the franchise and suppliers because the parent company usually supports the franchise in these negotiations. 


Franchisees can now utilize this increased buying power to get great deals at the suppliers. This then increases the return of investment for the franchisees, which is a good start to high profitability. 


Is Texas Good for Franchising? 

Contrary to popular belief, Texas is actually one of the best starting points to open a franchise in the U.S. This because of the following reasons: 


Doing Business Made Easier 

One of America’s pride in the business field is Texas. However, the reasons behind this idea are not well-known. In truth, Texas is a good place to start a business because of the state’s supportive tax policies. The state is also more lenient on gaining capital. 


Texas is also a haven for those who are constantly stressed out by taxes. This is due to its low tax burden, as the state does not mandate a personal income tax. Compared to other states, Texas’s business tax is low because it does not have the same policies as others. 


Banks are also plentiful in Texas, so capital would not be a problem. In addition, there is also an abundance of investors. These investors are also on the lookout for new businesses they can venture into, especially franchises with high rates of return of investment. 


Finally, Texas also has a great infrastructure that makes the transportation of goods and services easier. Texas also has several mediums of entry and exit of products like airports, highways, and ports. Thus, the products and services of franchises can be made accessible to local and foreign communities. 


Highly Competent Labor Force 

No business could succeed without its strong lab force. As a primary component of any business, it is highly essential for franchisees to find people who are competent and skilled in maintaining the functionality and profitability of a business. Luckily, Texas offers a variety of skilled professionals that can make up a strong workforce. 


Texas has an amazing range of labor population in the country. Statistics prove this by showing how low the unemployment rate in Texas is throughout the years. This is owed to the fact that Texas has several high-quality educational institutions that shape individuals to become well-rounded members of society. 


Several Franchising Opportunities

Since Texas is a state that is always on the go, there are a lot of franchising options for aspiring franchisees to choose from. The difficult thing that future franchise owners have to deal with is choosing which is the right brand for them. Although, it is helpful to note that the majority of the working brands in Texas are renowned and greatly profitable. So, the rate of failure in choosing a brand is relatively low. And since a lot of options are readily available, any potential franchisee can find the right brand that suits their ideals and values. 


Cities in High Demand for Franchising in Texas

Texas has been named as one of the places that offers the “best business ecosystem” in the United States. Of the 10 largest cities found in the U.S., Texas houses 3 out of those 10 namely Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.

Here are a few more reasons why these cities are the best places to put up a franchise business and 7 more cities you should consider even if you’re just starting.


1. Dallas, TX

Dubbed as Texas’ “financial hub,” Dallas has plenty of incentives to offer franchise businesses including tax exemptions. What’s more, the city ranked 10th in Forbes ‘Best Places for Business’ category and has lower unemployment rates compared to the rest of the country.


2. Austin, TX

If you’re not yet aware, Austin is home to multinational companies like Apple, Amazon and Oracle. The city itself is an economic powerhouse with its prime location and competitive markets – two things that businesses and franchises can take advantage of.


3. Houston, TX

The city of Houston is the perfect place if you want to start a franchise without breaking the bank. It offers a below average cost of living for new businesses and is the headquarter of 22 Fortune 500 companies like ConocoPhillips, Occidental Petroleum, Calpine and Sysco to name a few.


4. San Antonio, TX

Compared to Austin and Houston, San Antonio’s vibe may be that of a small town but the city has a great selection of skilled talents. More than that, it’s a prime location for startups like a franchise and business expansions thanks to its accessibility on both the west and the east coasts.


5. Frisco, TX

Frisco has one of the lowest poverty rates in Texas. As a place to start up a business like a franchise, Frisco ranks to be the 2nd wealthiest city in southwest Texas. The city is also strategically placed for economic growth with immediate access to a large market and industries in neighboring counties like Dallas and Forth Worth.


6. Forth Worth, TX

Forth Worth’s growing populations makes it an ideal place to start up a business. While it may not be the business power that Dallas is at the moment, it’s rapid population growth also means more consumers for every businesses.


7. Plano, TX

Of all the suburb in Texas, Plano is perhaps the greenest. It’s also the most prosperous with people having a high quality of life. This city is smaller compared to other cities so you get the benefit of shorter commute times. More than that, Plano has a labor force of more than 4 million skilled people which is the perfect place to support businesses – even startup franchises like Special Strong.


8. Midland, TX

Located in West Texas, Midland’s lucrative oil and gas industry has made it one of the best places to do business in Texas. Midland is home to other industries like ranching, agriculture and even aerospace. But it’s mixed development of industrial and green spaces also makes it a perfect place even for small businesses.


9. Irving, TX

Irving TX is home to more than 8000+ companies – five of which belong to Fortune 500 corporations. Seventy percent of the city’s taxes come from businesses alone which only proves that it’s a good place for businesses.


10. Arlington, TX

Last but not the least is the suburb of Arlington. Known as the “Entertainment Capital” of North Texas, Arlington is business-friendly since it has one of the fastest growing economies in the U.S. Its moniker of being the entertainment capital also ensures that Arlington has a steady stream of consumers for a diverse number of businesses found in the city.


Best Franchises to Own in Texas

One of the best investments in the business industry is owning a franchise. This is because it is a low-risk investment with a high assurance of profitability. Franchisees just have to keep in mind that they have to choose the right franchise. Another thing to remember is that all parts of a franchising agreement must be thoroughly read and understood.


It is best to do your research and understand what are the best franchise options for you. Since there are many best franchises to own in Texas, it might be best to scout your options and determine what would work best for you in Texas too! 


Special Strong

The vision of improving physical fitness and mental health is what keeps Special Strong franchise going. This is the goal that turned their vision into a reality back in 2016. Now, they continue to provide all kinds of people with accessible and easy-to-follow wellness. 


Since the business focuses on improving the lives of others and leaving a positive influence, Special Strong should be a strong contender among your franchise options. In addition, it is also an affordable franchise because having a gym won’t be a primary concern for you anymore. If you are just starting out, financial growth must be a priority. If you are just at that stage, then Special Strong is one of the best opportunities out there for you. 


Currently, Special Strong franchises continue to earn well. Its competitive revenues prove just how good of an investment the business is. Upon franchising it, the company would provide you with a turnkey blueprint that would serve as your business model. The hassle of starting from scratch would no longer be a problem because they give all the detailed plans you will need in starting. 


Along with the business model, Special Strong also allows you to attend full training sessions while providing you with support. All the knowledge and skills you need for maintaining the franchise would be taught to you. This is also because Special Strong continues to seek growth through expansion in the United States. 


Since the goal is to make fitness accessible and doable for everyone, Special Strong also aims to open a franchise in Texas. Knowing its background, Special Strong is one of the best franchises to own in Texas. For more details and inquiries, you could easily reach out to Special Strong through their website! 


Your CBD Store

Another low-cost franchise option in Texas is Your CBD Store. The business provides all-natural, hemp-based products formulated with cannabinoids. The primary goal of herbal supplements they produce is to boost the health of individuals. 


Beyond being a health supplement for humans, Your CBD Store also offers tinctures for your furry loved ones. Your pets can easily find their peace and become less stressed by intaking these quick remedies. Although, it’s important to note that consulting a veterinarian is still a must before letting your pets enjoy Your CBD Store’s tincture. 


As of today, Your CBD Store has 500 stores spread across the 41 states of the United States of America. Choosing to franchise this business would provide you with education and experience apart from the products and partnerships included. For all these reasons, it is one of the best franchise opportunities in Texas. 


All your inquiries about the company and even franchising Your CBD Store itself can be catered to on their website. 


Commercial Capital Training Group

If you want an affordable franchise, consider Commercial Capital Training Group. This is one of the best franchises to own in Texas, as it grew while small businesses emerged during the pandemic. 


This training group provides funding and loans to help small businesses start their business. Alongside this, it also trains small business owners on how to handle their finances and assisting them. Commercial Capital Training Group also helps business owners suggesting alternative solutions. The training group cares for the growth and monetary gain from their small businesses.


You may be granted around 50 types of commercial loans when you franchise Commercial Capital Training Group. Depending on the type and size of the transaction, you may earn 1% to 15% of the total amount of the loan.


Earning from commissions is also another benefit of franchising Commercial Capital Training Group. As long as you close a deal with a client monthly, you will receive different kinds of rewards from the company. The more you close big deals or small deals, the commissions will be even higher.


Know how the Commercial Capital Training Group serves as one of the best franchises to own in Texas by visiting their website.


Sylvan Learning Franchise

Since the best franchises to own in texas spiked recently, Sylvan Learning Franchise is a new franchising company. Just like Special Strong, this business started in 2017, and it offers affordable franchises to make supplemental education more accessible to people.


Once you franchised Sylvan, the company will provide you with Sylvan’s business model. Its business model considers the prospective local owners who may franchise. This business model created unique systems and standard operating procedures (SOP), along with the resources and tools necessary.


The company also created Sylvan University that you can easily access lessons and training through an online platform. You will receive certificates as a director or teacher once you completed the course and lessons. Sylvan 101 is one of the courses offered and one of the most important classes. This course discusses the importance of franchising and other aspects of the business.


Sylvan provides an all-in flat royalty of 16%. This makes this company different from other businesses. This offer gives franchisers the chance to save money stemming from various fees while being competitive in the market. This instance is beneficial for both the company and business owner as it maintains good performance for the long term. 


Sylvan Learning Franchise is one of the ideal franchise opportunities in Texas. Visit their website to know more about their goals and offers.


California Tortilla

To those who are interested in running a restaurant franchise, California Tortilla is a good way to start. California Tortilla is a Mexican re-imagined restaurant that sells California-style Mexican food to its customers. They are one of the best franchises to own in texas because they live up to its mission of an “I can’t wait to come back” experience for customers. 


This restaurant provides only the freshest ingredients for their food. California Tortilla’s ingredients are directly sourced from local farms. Hence, it ensures that the supply chain up to the delivery of products is of good quality. They also use only raw materials, so they taste authentic. The Mexican cuisines, salsas, sauces, and queso are chef-inspired, and these foods are made upon order of its customers.


Investing in food business franchises like California Tortilla provides a one-of-a-kind experience for you and your customers. This business promises to use only premium quality products and provide superb customer service. This promise is seen everywhere, and its financial success is proof. Another justification that California Tortilla is doing well in the food industry is its foundation in 1995. Over time, they already have 42 franchise units in the country. 


Should you decide to franchise this business, you need to have an initial payment of $378,400 and a 5% royalty fee.



In 1990, PuroClean began its operations in its headquarters in Tamarac, Texas. After a year, its owners decided to venture into franchising. PuroClean provides several cleaning services for both residential and commercial establishments. At the same time, they maintain their reputation as one of the cheapest and best franchises to own in texas. 


The total franchise cost amounts to $83,805, with an Initial Franchising Fee of $55,000. This company’s royalty fee can go from 3% up to 10% of their cumulative gross receipts. The inclusions to the franchise cost are the following:

  • Vehicle
  • Equipment and Supplies Package
  • Computer System
  • Insurance Premium
  • Office Supplies
  • Utility Deposits and Fees
  • Internet Connection
  • Uniform costs
  • Training
  • Laser Printer
  • Insurance Industry Claims Estimating Software
  • Camera

Franchising Terms

PuroClean Academy: PuroClean Academy provides both physical and virtual training. The physical workshop spans three (3) weeks. During face-to-face training, the franchisee will learn the basics of fire damage, mold and biohazard remediation, and carpet and upholstery cleaning. Online programs are also available to provide support in all business areas.


Conditions of the Franchise: The franchisee must supervise daily operations at least 8 hours every day. In a week, the franchisee must run and oversee the business for a total of 40 hours. Should the franchisee have more than one franchise, the franchisee must assign an operations manager for the other franchise. 


Franchise Period and Renewal: The franchise is valid for a maximum of only twenty (20) years. After that, franchisees may apply for an up to 20-year extension provided they have met the requirements.


Pet Supplies Plus

Pet Supplies Plus sells pet supplies and offers grooming services to house pets. It started its operations in 1987 and ventured into franchising in 1990. Now, they’ve expanded to more than 240 franchise units. They’ve also created an online portal where customers can avail of their products and services within a day or two. The company also hosts adoption events to assist animals in finding their new home.


This business is perfect for people who are passionate about both animals and profit. Pet Supplies Plus also provides training and continuous support to its franchisees. They guide new franchisees in marketing, merchandising, and even advertising. As such, even new business owners can get the groove of franchising this business quickly. 


Entrepreneur magazine has recognized Pet Supplies Plus as a top pet franchise. For those interested, at least $440,600 is needed to franchise this business. The royalty fee can then range from 2% to 3%. Pet Supplies Plus has now sealed its brand as one of the best franchises to own in texas in 2021.


Elements Massage

Elements Massage provides a high-quality massage service that results in loyal clients. They started operating in 2000 and ventured into franchising in 2006. From then, the number of franchise units has risen to 243, making it one of the best franchises to own in Texas.


The business focuses on its self-care routine and massage services. They refrain from branching out to other services to maintain the integrity and effectiveness in the massage industry. The company has a large variety of clientele, including millennials who understand the importance of massage and self-care.


The business has been operating for some time, which can assure the security of the franchise. Elements Massage has a track record of profitability. The company’s revenue has been continuously growing in the past years, with an increasing number of franchise units.


Management also provides training and continuous support to its franchisees. They provide training and workshops through webinars, one-on-one video calls, and newsletters. New franchise owners are supported through and through to ensure the growth of the new franchise. Initial investment costs an estimated $225,350 with a royalty of about 6%. 


Elements Massage is now one of the best massage businesses and one of the best franchises to own in Texas.


Pinch a Penny

Established in 1975, Pinch a Penny has become America’s largest franchised retail supply of pool and service company. If you’re looking for the best franchises to own in texas, this company should be on your radar. 


Just one year after they opened their first store, they already started issuing franchises. Pinch a Penny features a wide variety of products and services including chemicals, patio furniture, and even toys and floats. They have everything you need in operating and enjoying a swimming pool or a spa. 


All of their stores are also staffed with experts consisting of Certified Pool Operators who are trained regularly. They have one of the best continuing education programs to make sure that they give the best service to their customers. 


With over 255 stores nationwide, Pinch a Penny is one of the best franchises to own in Texas. What’s more, you don’t need to have a background with pool chemicals or maintenance to own Pinch a Penny. As long as you have the drive to deliver quality products and services to the community, you can do it. You also don’t have to worry about managing your franchise because they also provide training to get you on top of everything. 


An initial investment of  $289,375 to $411,200 is needed to open a Pinch a Penny franchise. This will cover expenses such as property, vehicles, supplies, products, legal costs, and insurance. Additionally, you also need to pay a regular fee of 4% for advertising and 6% for royalty.


Oxi Fresh

With almost 400 franchises across North America, Oxi Fresh is one of the most promising franchise opportunities in Texas. Although its headquarters is located in Lakewood, Colorado, its brand is well-known in Texas.


Oxi Fresh offers products and services in carpet cleaning and upholstery. They are known for being the “World’s Greenest Carpet Cleaner” committed to bringing excellent service while being environmentally friendly. They also have cleaning services for hardwood floor and ancillary services. 


To own an Oxi Fresh franchise, you’ll be needing $39,900 for the initial franchise fee. You also need to pay for their royalty fee which costs $1,185 for the first 3 months. Overall, the estimated total cost is $45,565 and $7,550 for startups. This covers the working capital, legal and accounting fees, insurance deposit, office equipment and supplies, uniform costs, advertising, and job fee. 


If you don’t want to be directly involved with the franchise, you can opt to assign an Operations Manager who will oversee the day-to-day operations. Initially, the length of the franchise is up to seven (7) years only. However, you can always renew it for another seven years as long as you meet the requirements. Considering the package that they offer, Oxi Fresh is one of the best franchises to own in Texas.


Final Thoughts

There’s always a risk in doing business. However, these risks can be managed if you know how to play your cards right. Investing in a franchise is one of the less risky business moves you can do. If you don’t want to start from scratch, finding the right franchise can be more rewarding for you in the end. 


Although there are already an established set of rules and procedures in a franchise, you can still spice things up on your own. How you manage your business still depends on how you can implement the most effective and efficient strategies. In doing so, you’ll be needing all the guidance and support you can have. Thankfully, this is included in owning a franchise. 


At the end of the day, what’s important is how strongly you believe in your business. Make sure to invest in a franchise that you believe in. Living up to its vision and mission is part of the job. Find an intersection with a business that fits both your interest and passion and you’ll make it happen. 


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