Best Franchise Opportunities in North Carolina to Start in 2022

Discover the key to entrepreneurial success in North Carolina with our guide to the “Best Franchise Opportunities in 2022.” Uncover lucrative business prospects across various industries, from food and retail to service-oriented ventures. Our comprehensive insights highlight franchise opportunities tailored for success in the vibrant North Carolina market. Explore the potential for growth, profitability, and community impact as you navigate the dynamic landscape of franchise ownership. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a first-time business owner, our guide empowers you with valuable information to make informed decisions and embark on a rewarding entrepreneurial journey in the thriving business environment of North Carolina.

Pandemic or not, opening up a business as a form of investment is always a good thing.

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But between franchise opportunities in North Carolina or deciding whether to put up a new business altogether, you may want to know the few advantages franchising offers.


Here we go.

Franchising requires low capital investment.

Starting a new business can be expensive. Aside from all the expenses involved in the operation of your business of choice, you have to consider the cost of buying or renting a commercial space. You must also pay for licenses and other documents to make your business legal and licensed.

With franchising, most of the paperwork is already done for you. You must pay the franchise fee and start your business after a week or three of training.

What sets franchising apart is that you can start a business even with minimum capital. You don’t have to break the bank. In fact, banks are more than happy to give you a business loan especially if you propose a franchise business already established – think along the lines of McDonald’s and another similar franchise brand.


Franchise businesses are already established.

Another good thing about a franchise business is that it becomes a franchise simply because it’s already well-known elsewhere.

This only means you no longer have to worry about advertising your business. Of course, you’re not buying into an all-new business altogether. When people know a certain brand, they’re bound to trust it. That’s how just consumer psychology works. People tend to get services or products from already established businesses since they equate them with trust and quality.

So if you get a franchise business that is already well-known like Special Strong, you don’t have to worry about telling people about your new business. You’d probably end up telling people that you’re new on the block, but word of mouth comes in pretty fast and before long, you’d have a stream of customers ready for you.

You get a proven business method.

What makes franchise businesses successful? A proven business method.

One of the great advantages of franchise opportunities in North Carolina is that aside from not worrying about advertising, you also don’t have to worry about your business method.

One of the most common questions among business owners and entrepreneurs is this:

“How do I run my business?”

Running a business is one thing. Running it so that it becomes successful is another thing. But what makes franchises a good choice is that you benefit from a proven business model or method to ensure the success of your business.

You might need to train for it, but when you have a proven system, you must follow it and get the same results.

So while it’s true that about 20 percent of small businesses in the U.S. fail within the first year, franchises have a success rate of about 90 percent – which is really a lot more encouraging than just the 15 percent for businesses that started from the ground up.

Franchises offer better business support.

Starting your own business can be exhausting. But more than that, it can be a lonely endeavour, too.

The good news? That’s not the case with a franchise business. Yes, you can start a business that allows you to be independent. At the same time, you get a support system from the parent company to ensure that your business will get off the ground even when you have little to no idea on how to get your business running.

But that’s not entirely true. Aside from training and seminars to help you learn the ropes of the business, a franchise business will check in on you from time to time to see how you’re doing with your business. If that’s not the case, they will offer you help to reach out to them in case you find difficulty with running your business. You won’t have that kind of leverage if you’ll open up a business on your own.

Franchise opportunities offer more profitability.

One of the best things about franchises is that you can franchise a known and established brand. Think along the lines of McDonalds. Or Dunkin’ Donuts. Or maybe Starbucks. Yes, these companies can be considered giants in franchise lands. But if a company can offer a franchise, it only means it’s stable and established enough to branch out.

This offers business owners more profitability, especially first-timers since it’s hard enough to ensure business success even on the first year. According to Investopedia, businesses fail in the first year because of these four things:

  • Financing or budget problems
  • Inadequate or poor management
  • Ineffective business planning or strategy
  • Marketing mishaps

Knowing all these, franchising looks like a really good option for a business since it only requires a low capital investment, and offers better business support with a proven business method INCLUDING marketing techniques that work.

All in all, it makes franchising the best option for entrepreneurs who want to make a success of owning their first business with the least risk involved.

Top Franchise Opportunities in North Carolina in 2022

Now that you know the many benefits of franchising, you might be thinking of franchise opportunities in North Carolina that you can start in 2022.

Don’t worry, we got your back. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Special Strong

Do you want to be part of a franchise that makes a difference? Do you want to create an impact and at the same time help people? Are you into fitness? Then we’ve got the perfect franchise option for you!

Special Strong provides adaptive and inclusive fitness to special populations including people with behavioral, cognitive and physical challenges.

Special Strong Gym Franchise Learn More

As a leader in the adaptive and inclusive fitness industry, the Special Strong franchise will enable you to become part of one of the best opportunities to try in North Carolina where you can train children, young adults and adults with all kinds of physical and mental challenges.

As a franchise, Special Strong offers a low-cost option without requiring a brick-and-mortar gym which can be expensive. They also offer healthy profit margins and a turnkey blueprint business model complete with full training and support to ensure your success in the business.

You can learn more about the Special Strong franchise here and see for yourself if you’d be a good fit to join their family.

Into gym franchises? Check out this post.

Kona Ice

Who doesn’t know or love Kona Ice, right?

The shaved ice truck is a popular franchise all across the United States with over 1200 franchisees. You won’t get that much franchisees over the years if it’s not a business guaranteed for success.

But Kona Ice is more than just a fluffy and delicious shaved ice.

With this franchise, you get a state-of-the-art mobile truck that offers one of the best – if not the best – shaved ice, this time in North Carolina.

It’s a healthy snack and a popular brand and you get the benefit of having a corporate team that will help you 24/7 with everything you’d need to run your business successfully.

Not only is Kona a delicious brand, but it also gives back part of its profits to local communities. That’s pretty cool for a franchise opportunity.

Want to know more? Check out the Kona Ice franchise opportunity here.

Jan-Pro Cleaning & Disinfecting

In a time when cleaning and disinfecting things are a must, Jan-Pro Cleaning & Disinfecting is one of the leading franchises for commercial cleaning in the U.S. They’re very much open for a franchise in North Carolina.

With a stellar brand reputation, Jan-Pro will help you realize your dream of owning your own business and still be flexible with your time. The best part? You don’t have to rent an office space because you can work from your home.

You also don’t need a business or cleaning experience to make franchising with Jan-Pro a success. Jan-Pro would not be a brand name if not for its great service. As a franchisee, you benefit from a comprehensive certification program complete with IDs, uniforms, and the needed equipment and supplies to get your business up and running.

The income potential is unlimited because you work at your own pace and a dedicated team of sales professionals already gets you clients. Got no cleaning experience? That’s no problem! Jan-Pro has you covered.

You can learn more about the cleaning franchise brand here and get more information.

Dream Vacations

Most people think that owning your travel agency is hard. Dream Vacations makes it possible for you.

The travel industry is booming right now and you’d do well to grab the opportunity of becoming your own agent.

Like Special Strong and Jan-Pro, Dream Vacations is another low-cost franchise that requires no office. You can do it at the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world.

As a home-based travel franchise, Entrepreneur has recognised Dream Vacations as one of the fastest-growing and top low-cost franchises in 2021.

Why not? The company has a long-term formula for their business success and they help you realize people’s dreams of getting the best of their vacation experience. The travel industry is fairly attractive on its own simply because baby boomers and 38% of millennials in the U.S. alone love to travel. That translates to thousands of travelers every year which means a constant flow of clients for you.

Know more about the Dream Vacations franchise opportunity here.

Franchise Ideas for Small Towns

When considering business opportunities in smaller communities, selecting the right franchise can significantly impact your success. Small towns, with their close-knit populations and specific needs, offer a unique landscape for entrepreneurs. One particularly promising avenue is the fitness industry, specifically a “gym franchise.”

A gym franchise presents a lucrative opportunity for small-town business owners for several reasons. Firstly, it addresses a common need across demographics: the desire for health and wellness. Unlike metropolitan areas that may have an oversaturation of fitness centers, small towns often lack quality facilities. Opening a franchise in North Carolina, can fulfill this gap, offering residents a local solution for their fitness goals without the need to travel to the nearest city.

Furthermore, a gym franchise in a small town can build a strong community around it. These establishments can become more than just a place to workout; they can serve as a social hub where people meet, form friendships, and support each other’s health journeys. This community aspect can be a significant draw for residents, ensuring steady membership growth and retention.

A key consideration in bringing a gym franchise to a small town is choosing a brand that aligns with the town’s values and needs. For example, franchises that offer a variety of programs such as group fitness classes, personal training, and youth activities can appeal to a broader segment of the population. Additionally, a franchise with a strong brand presence and established operational systems can provide the necessary support and marketing strategies to attract and retain members.

Lastly, small towns often benefit from lower real estate costs, making it financially feasible to secure a location for the gym. Coupled with the brand recognition and structured support system a franchise provides, entrepreneurs can maximize their investment while making a positive impact on their community’s health and well-being.

Best Cities to Start a Franchise Business in North Carolina

If you’re looking to start a business in North Carolina, then you’re in luck. The state is not only home to some of the leading cities that are business-friendly, North Carolina also ranks high with top cities with well-educated and talented pool of workers. You’d also benefit from the state’s low unemployment rates.

If you’re looking for the best cities to start a franchise business in North Carolina, here they are:

  1. Raleigh, NC

On top of the list of the best cities in North Carolina to open up franchise opportunities is Raleigh. The city has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state and it has access to a talented and educated pool of workers. It is also the state capital, making it a desirable destination for entrepreneurs wishing to expand their businesses.

  1. Charlotte, NC

Dubbed the “Queen City” of North Carolina, Charlotte is by far the largest city with the most vibrant business culture – even new businesses like a franchise. Plenty of colleges in the city mean easy access to a talented and well-educated pool of workers and a competitive business market. Even as a large city, the cost of living in Charlotte is relatively affordable making it a good place to start a business.


  1. Asheville, NC

As one of the most attractive cities in North Carolina, Asheville’s reputation as a popular tourist destination made it a top city to open a franchise. The city has just enough balance of nature for relaxation and a rich culture that draws people who become loyal clientele for big and small businesses.

  1. Durham, NC

Durham may not be as bustling as the other big cities in North Carolina, but it’s always been a popular place among tourists thanks to the infamous Duke University.

Over the years, the city has been transformed thanks to the boom of innovation and medicine. Now, Durham is home to several tech titans and the city has a top score for tax affordability including labor fees and office spaces.

  1. Chapel Hill, NC

Compared to other cities, Chapel Hill might come off as a “simple” college town to some. But as part of the Research Triangle, the city’s school system is one of the best in the state. In fact, Chapel Hill’s population is relatively wealthy and can afford to keep businesses open.  Also, the city is well-known for its high-quality healthcare services, making it an ideal place to start a fitness franchise like Special Strong.

  1. Hendersonville, NC

Hendersonville has one of the best business climates in North Carolina thanks to its supportive business community. The country offers support for small businesses and startups and caters to over 2,300 businesses with an average of $914,000 in revenue.

  1. Aberdeen, NC

Population-wise, Aberdeen may not be as big as other cities with only 6000+ residents. The city is home to just 540 businesses. However, each business gets an average revenue of $1.5 million annually, which speaks volumes to the city’s overall business culture and climate.

  1. Conover, NC

Like Aberdeen, Conover has only 900 businesses on its roster but makes a whopping average revenue of $1.9 million per firm. It’s unsurprising given that Conover’s major industry focuses on manufacturing and service-based businesses. The Manufacturing Solutions Center, a research and development testing laboratory, further enhances the city’s appeal. This facility contributes to the city’s innovation and attractiveness for businesses.

  1. Hickory, NC

Hickory is well-known for its rich history in furniture manufacturing. But that’s not why the city is home to over 5,400+ businesses. In three consecutive years from 2017 to 2019, Forbes ranked Hickory No.1 with the lowest business costs making it not just an affordable place to live, but an affordable place to open up a business or start a franchise.

  1. Morrisville, NC

Morrisville is the ideal location for anyone who wants to open a successful business. As part of the Research Triangle of North Carolina, Morrisville has access to some of the best talent pools in the state. Morrisville hosts esteemed tech giants, including Cisco, IBM, and SAS Institute. Given the presence of such prominent organisations, it’s no surprise that the average revenue for enterprises is $4.6 million. These industry leaders undoubtedly influence the city’s thriving business landscape.

Starting your own franchise business would be a good financial investment in 2022. You can set up your business early and spend the year making your newly found business a success. Embarking on a franchise venture provides comprehensive support for business success. In contrast, granting the invaluable advantage of increased quality time with family and loved ones.

Special Strong provides adaptive fitness for children, adolescents, and adults with mental, physical and cognitive challenges. Start your own Special Strong gym franchise today and create a lasting impact on your community.