Autism-Friendly Workout Clothes

Your child with Autism experiences this world in a much more grounded, tactile way. Take the tag of your shirt tickling the back of your neck, for example. Those without sensory issues don’t even register that this is happening after a while. However, it’s a daily struggle for those with Autism. With sensory-friendly general clothes so hard to find, it can be even harder to find something your child with Autism feels comfortable working out in. Here are some Autism-friendly workout clothes for your loved one:

Seamless Clothing

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Not only do tags cause physical and emotional distress to those with Autism, but even the little seams in clothes can too. Yoga pants are great for those with Autism. Not only are they seamless and soft, but they can also provide a calming compression feeling when being worn. We recommend yoga pants or bicycle shorts rather than sweatpants, which have course lining and ties that can dangle and cause discomfort.

Netless Swimwear

Swimming is one of the best exercises someone had to do – not to mention one of the most fun exercises! Children can play in the water and get the exercise they need without even realizing it. The problem here is that swimwear can be a burden for children with Autism. To combat this issue, try purchasing netless swimwear. The netting can rub against your child’s skin and keep them from enjoying their water play. The right swimsuit can fix this problem in a splash!

Spandex-Free Workout Clothing

Many people with special needs are allergic to spandex in general, but those with Autism can have sensory meltdowns when confronted with this material. The way it rubs against the skin can seem almost painful to those who are sensitive to certain textures. Look for workout clothes that aren’t made with spandex to make your child with Autism a little more comfortable while they workout and play.

Clothes for Transitioning Routines

Sometimes the workout or exercise routine itself is the issue for children with Autism. Having to shift gears from puzzle time, TV time or snack time to physical activity can be disorienting and difficult to process. Comfort your child with clothes that make transitioning from routine to routine a little easier. We mentioned earlier that yoga pants can provide a compression sensation, which is comforting to those with Autism, but you might also try a compression tank top or a weighted vest to put your child at ease.

Some Online Stores We Recommend

It’s tough to find exactly what you’re looking for at physical stores since most things are tailored toward the able-bodied and able-minded. Here are some online stores we recommend for Autism-friendly workout clothes:

Special Strong is dedicated to helping children and adults with special needs meet their fitness goals. We believe that health should be accessible to everyone, and our personal trainers have the skills to make that happen for each of our clients. If you’re ready to take your child’s physical health to the next level, sign up for private training sessions or local group classes with Special Strong.

Choosing Autism-Friendly Workout Clothes: A Thoughtful Guide

When selecting workout clothes for individuals with autism, several considerations can enhance comfort and ensure a positive fitness experience. Fabric choice is crucial, favoring soft, tagless, and breathable materials to minimize sensory discomfort. Opting for seamless designs and avoiding tight or restrictive fits helps accommodate sensory sensitivities, allowing for unrestricted movement.

Sensory-Friendly Features

Look for sensory-friendly features, such as moisture-wicking fabrics to manage perspiration and prevent irritation. Additionally, consider clothing with minimal seams and labels to reduce potential sources of discomfort. Prioritize items with adjustable elements, like drawstrings or elastic waistbands, allowing for a customizable fit based on individual preferences.

Color and Design Considerations

Choose clothes in calming colors or patterns, considering that individuals with autism may have specific visual sensitivities. Simple, straightforward designs without excessive embellishments or intricate patterns can help prevent sensory overload during workouts. Consider involving the individual in the selection process to ensure personal preferences are considered.

Temperature Regulation

Pay attention to temperature-regulating features, especially if workouts occur in varying climates. Breathable fabrics assist in maintaining a comfortable body temperature, while layering options provide flexibility in adapting to changing weather conditions. Consider the appropriateness of long or short sleeves based on individual comfort levels.

By thoughtfully considering these aspects, selecting autism-friendly workout clothes becomes an empowering choice, fostering a positive and comfortable exercise environment for individuals with autism.



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