What do I get when I become a Special Strong Affiliate?

  • Legal use of the Special Strong name, logo, and promotional materials
  • Promotion from
  • Online operations manual on how to start and run your business
  • Custom 7-day pass landing page (see example at
  • Ongoing personal and business development support from Special Strong

How do I become a Special Strong Affiliate?

Visit our Become an Affiliate page and follow the application process: submit an essay about why you want to be an affiliate, license a business name, set up a business site, and take pictures of the workspace. Note that you must be a Special Strong Certificate holder (Level 1 minimum) before applying for affiliation. Click here to learn more about our Special Strong Certifications.

If I plan to operate as a nonprofit, do I still have to become an affiliate?

Yes. Once you become an affiliate, you are licensing the Special Strong name and making it legal to use that name. Regardless of the type of organization, you still must become an affiliate to legally use our name.

Are affiliates assigned a specific territory?

Yes, each affiliate will have its own protected 15-mile radius territory.

How much does it cost to become a Special Strong affiliate?

As of February 1, 2020, affiliation with Special Strong costs US $5,000 annually.

Do affiliate fees increase?

Once you become a Special Strong affiliate, your annual renewal fee will always be the same, even if our affiliate fees increase in the future. You can learn more about our fees and requirements on our Become an Affiliate page.

If I am outside of the United States, can I still become a Special Strong affiliate?

Yes. We have affiliates all over the world!

Do I need to be a Special Strong Level 1 certified trainer and a Special Strong group instructor?

No. At a minimum, you must become obtain the Special Strong Level 1 certification, but you don't necessarily need both certifications. If you plan to host group classes (five or more people), you must also become a Special Strong certified group instructor. You can learn more about our course here.

Does Special Strong operate as a franchise organization and will I be considered an affiliate franchisee?

Yes, we do and you will be considered an affiliate franchisee.

Do I need to own a gym?

No, but you can if you want to. You will, however, need one physical location. We do not license mobile affiliates.

If I don't own a gym, where can I train clients?

There are endless possibilities of where you can train clients. Most independently owned gyms will form a partnership with you in exchange for a rent agreement. We provide templates that you can use to help you form a partnership with other gyms.

What are the rules and requirements for purchasing my own URL?

You can purchase and own your own domain, but it is illegal and unlicensed to use "Special Strong" in your domain. Special Strong only allows the URL of the name that you have licensed with us. We will take legal action against licensing violators.

If I become a Special Strong affiliate, am I authorized to teach the Special Strong certification course?

No. Only Strong Education LLC can certify trainers. In order to get certified, a trainer must complete the online training certification. Please visit for more information.


Do I have to be a personal trainer to become an affiliate?

No, you do not.  We do suggest that you become an NCCA accredited personal trainer.  If you are not an NCCA accredited personal trainer, we will consider equivalent fitness and/or education experience.

I've seen a lot of great content on that I want to use for promotional items. How can I legally use your content?

You can always link to anything on, but you cannot host our content on your own site. As an example, you can link to our videos or an article, but you can't display our videos or paste copy from our site on your own website.

We encourage you to get creative with your own T-shirts with your licensed affiliate name and creative slogans. Logos and/or slogans associated with Special Strong or may not be used without prior permission.

As an affiliate, you'll want to present yourself to others by saying that you use Special Strong methods and that you're a part of the extended Special Strong family. You cannot represent yourself in any way as a representative of corporate or Special Strong.

If I am a certified Special Strong trainer but don't want to be an affiliate, how can I use the name legally?

You can call yourself a Special Strong trainer. You may list your Special Strong qualifications on a business card, resume, or website About/Qualifications page. Nothing more.

You cannot use the Special Strong name in any other business or promotional way unless you affiliate with us. Only affiliation gives you the legal right to use the Special Strong name for business and/or promotional purposes.


If I'm not a Special Strong Level 1 Trainer, can I work as a trainer at an affiliate location?

All trainers at a Special Strong affiliate must hold a Special Strong Level 1 Certificate. A trainer who is not a Special Strong trainer must work under the direct supervision of a Special Strong Level 1 trainer until they become a Special Strong Level 1 trainer.

What are some best practices for selecting a gym name?

Go here to view some basic guidelines published by a Legal Zoom freelance writer.


Do I have control over the rates I charge for my services?

Yes. We will suggest a range of rates that you can offer for your services, but it is ultimately up to you what you charge.

What equipment do I need to train special needs clients?

Most gyms already have all the equipment you need. In our certification programs, we give you a list of suggested and budget friendly equipment that you can buy from

How can I get promoted on your website and social media pages?

For consideration, please send content to [email protected].

I would like to operate out of multiple locations. Is that allowed?

Absolutely!  You can train at as many gyms as you want to within your protected territory 

If I'm an affiliate, can I rent space from a gym that another affiliate is renting?

No, you cannot.  The territory that an affiliate owns is protected from the use of any other Special Strong affiliates