Virtual Personal Training

Live virtual training for families and individuals with mental, physical, and cognitive challenge(s). Special Strong provides live virtual workout sessions from the comfort of your own home!

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Feeling overwhelmed? Let us bring the workout to you! Our expertly designed virtual programs meet your training needs with a flexible schedule.


Using our app, you can track progress and reach your fitness goals faster with the support and encouragement of your dedicated Special Strong trainer.


With our weekly check-in system and tracking, you'll be held accountable by your trainer to ensure your success


Benefits of a Special Strong Trainer

  • Weight Loss

    By exercising and performing resistance training, we can help you lose weight and decrease body fat.

  • Lean Muscle

    Muscle weakness and low muscle tone are common problems that our Special Strong trainers can solve with live virtual personal training.

  • Athletic Training

    If you are in a sport, or are considering starting one, our Special Strong trainers can help you train properly to prevent injuries and increase athleticism.

  • General Fitness

    If you just simply want to feel better and live longer, our Special Strong trainers can help you with a customized fitness plan.

How It Works

Step 1

Submit a form to get started with your free online training session

Step 2

A team member will contact you within 24 hours to learn more about you and schedule your free training session

Step 3

Your certified Special Strong trainer will conduct the free session and make recommendations

Step 4

Get ready to become SPECIAL STRONG!


We don’t require any specific equipment for virtual workouts. However, we will recommend equipment that you can buy online based on your budget.

While many clients have had positive experiences with live virtual training, it isn’t for everyone. That’s why we allow you to try a free virtual session before making any kind of commitment.

We understand that everyone’s needs are different. If the participant requires assistance, we ask that someone else can be involved in the live workout to help the participant perform the exercises.