CBSE Adaptive Fitness

We offer science-based private and group training programs that are designed to meet the unique challenges of children, adolescents, and adults with mental, physical, and cognitive challenges.

Personal Training

Special Strong Adaptive Fitness Gym Franchise

Special Strong provides the most effective and trusted private training for individuals with mental or physical challenges that provides many life-enhancing benefits. After performing our 12-point evaluation, we design customized adaptive fitness programs that are tailored for the needs of each client, which provide lasting life-changing results. Private sessions are offered in 30- or 50-minute intervals. For your convenience, our Special Strong certified trainers are available for private and semi-private training in-home and on-site at the gym.

Group Classes

Adaptive group fitness classes

We’re so proud to have created the most affordable, adapted fitness training programs that promote optimal health and well-being. Our Special Strong certified trainers lead engaging group classes that provide individuals with the opportunity to interact with others, develop new friendships, improve their socialization skills, and get into the best health and shape of their life. Group classes are 45 minutes, and led by our Special Strong certified group class instructors. Designed for children, adolescents and adults at any fitness level.

Virtual Personal Training

Special Strong provides live virtual personal training for families and individuals with mental, physical, and cognitive challenge. You’ll find that our certified team is fun, engaging, and educated to help you based on your individual needs. In addition to live virtual training, you’ll get custom workouts for the gym right from your mobile device. Receive expert training that suits your schedule with live virtual personal training anywhere, anytime.

Our Compassionate Trainers


Our caring Special Strong certified trainers represent the best in the industry. All of our trainers are NCCA accredited, have clean background checks and extensive experience working with mental and physical challenges. They’re highly skilled in working with people of all ages who have autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, spina bifida, multiple sclerosis, and more. Trainers are experts at effective communication, including how to build rapport, minimize emotional triggers, and improve socialization with others. They also incorporate integrated brain training that focuses on science-based exercises that promote neurogenesis, allowing the formation of new neurological pathways to take place in the brain. Special Strong certified trainers provide full emotional support while teaching adapted exercises for individuals and groups in the safest, most supportive environment.


Life-Changing Benefits

Weight Loss

Sensory Friendly

Increase of Lean Muscle Tissue

Behavior & Mood Improvement

Improved Confidence & Self-Esteem

Increased Strength & Stamina

Improved Social & Behavior Skills


Muscular Endurance & Strength

Balance and Coordination

And much more

What Our Clients Are Saying

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