3 Best Dayhabs in Dallas

Let’s face it: Resources for those with special needs is embarrassingly limited, especially in Texas. Those of us with loved ones with special needs, with special needs ourselves and with a passion to help the differently-abled – we’ve got to stick together. That’s why the professionals at Special Strong compiled a list of the best day habs in Dallas for you. Check out our list below!

Achievement Center of Texas (ACT) – Garland, TX

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Previously known as “The” Achievement Center of Texas, ACT is both a day habilitation facility and daycare program for children with special needs in Garland. They have daily arts and crafts activities, life skills training, dance classes, volunteer programs for the students and some light vocational training.

Garland residents may apply for a scholarship to cover the cost of tuition. Call the office or fill out the contact form on their website to receive additional information.

Contact Info

2950 North Shiloh Road

Garland, Texas 75044

(972) 414-7700

My Possibilities – Plano, TX

My Possibilities is the closest thing an adult with special needs will get to formal higher education. While technically not a university, this nonprofit organization strives in every way to provide its students with the same resources and training as any able-minded college student. My Possibilities offers vocational training, a chance for each student to try out different professions and, soon, a dorm-like residential area.

My Possibilities recently opened a new campus (the model for which is depicted in the title image) in Plano that can accommodate to even more students, which means that they can allow admission for adults with a broader range of differing abilities.

Contact Info

3601 Mapleshade Lane

Plano, TX 75075


Rays of Light – Dallas, TX

Think of Rays of Light as the Boys and Girls Club for children with special needs. Rather than providing a day habilitation program with traditional office hours, Rays of Light offers late-night respite for parents and summer programs. Children are welcome to come to play on most Fridays from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. and enjoy fun activities like basketball, computer classes, arts and crafts and more! During the summer, children will be able to enjoy an array of water games. Don’t miss out on this special opportunity!

Contact Info

9200 Inwood Road

Dallas, Texas 75220


More Resources for Children and Adults with Special Needs

Dahab programs are a necessary part of caring for someone with special needs. However, what your loved one does during the day is only part of what makes them healthy and happy. It’s important to include activities during other parts of the day and week that are just as well-rounded and beneficial.

A great way to keep your child with special needs active and engaged is to enroll him or her into a personal training program at Special Strong. We’re an organization that promotes fitness and nutrition in children and adults with special needs. We love empowering those who are differently-abled, and we make the process as easy and affordable as possible.

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