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activities for special needs moms in plano

Time is scarce when caring for kids with special needs. Self-care gives moms the energy and headspace to handle the challenges they face on a daily basis.

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Most often moms put their needs last, behind the needs of their kids. It’s easy for their needs to get pushed back, especially when all their strength is needed for advocating for their kids, for patience and sometimes just for holding back tears in tough situations.

Here are some activities for special needs moms in Plano, TX:

Try Acupuncture

The old methods advocated by Chinese medicine has emerged in modern American culture, for the better. It’s one source of regular treatment that reduces stress and heals body ailments. Our favorite local place is Modern Acupuncture in Plano, which we reviewed this year. Going once a week or every two weeks can really improve your sense of wellbeing.

Book a Hair Appointment

When you need to build up your confidence and feel your best, there are many Beauty Salons and Hair Stylists who can work their magic on you. Even setting a regular appointment in the calendar helps! 

Get a Manicure

A mani or pedi could help you feel like a million dollars! If you have childcare available, check out the best Nail Salons in the area and choose one close to you. No childcare? We have great news! You can have a nail tech come to your home while the kids sleep or play by themselves. We love Cherry App. Download the app and book your appointment in just a few taps!

Hit the Gym or Try Yoga

Whether you are a cardio girl or looking more for meditative, slow-moving yoga, these local places have the best classes. There are options for you at all times of the day or day of the week.

(Note from Special Strong: Your kiddo can be getting a workout at the same time you do! There are personal training sessions and group classes available.)

Go on a Date

Reconnecting with your partner is essential to giving you that sense of self. It also offers a little time to relax and reset yourself. We have 100 Date Night ideas for you to try!


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